Dwellers, Hekari are NSL leaders

first_imgHekari remains unbeaten in the Southern Conference with 15 points after round one of the competition eight points clear of its nearest rivals.Trailing Hekari are PKA Rapatona FC and Erema Gulf FC sharing seven points followed by Gigira Laitepo on five points and sharing four points are Huawei PS United FC and FC Port Moresby.Dwellers are on 11 points after winning only three out of five games in the Northern Conference.Welgris Morobe United FC are a point adrift of Dwellers on 10 points followed by Madang FC on eight points, Admiralty FC on seven, Besta PNG United FC on six and struggling Goroka Gosiha FC yet to put a mark on the score board.The competition will break for the festive season and will return for round two in January.NSL competitions sub-committee chairman Joseph Ealedona has thanked all franchise clubs for their participation in the new competition format.Ealedona said earlier that the competition has gone well and urged all franchise clubs to rest well and come back for round two before the NSL heads into the National League format.This is where the top two teams from each of the two conferences will play in Home and Away format to find the League Champions and the top four placings for the finals.last_img read more


first_imgUNITED (4-2-3-1)DE GEA,DARMIAN, JONES, SMALLING, ROJO,SCHNEIDERLIN, SCHWEINSTEIGER,MATA, HERRERA, ROONEY,MARTIALCITY (4-1-3-2)STERLING, BONY,DE BRUYNE, TOURÈ, NAVAS,FERNANDINHO,SAGNA, MANGALA, OTAMENDI, ZABALETA,HARTOn Wednesday, both teams were in Champions League action. Manchester City got a good 2-1 win over Sevilla, while Manchester United won a point from a 1-1 draw in Russia against CSKA Moscow.The first Manchester derby of the season sees third visit first in the Barclays Premier League. The great rivals have met 168 times in all competitions, with City needing one more victory for 50 against their neighbours. United have won 69.In the league, in 152 clashes, United hold the upper hand with 60 wins to City’s 43 and 49 drawn. While in the Premier League, in 36 encounters, United have won 19, drawn six and lost 11.At Old Trafford, United have won 10 and drawn four of their 18 Premier League games with their rivals, losing only four. But three of those have been in the last four, with City scoring 13 goals in their last four league trips to United.last_img read more



High winds close roads, douse power

first_img“It’s been busy,” said Bill Thorpe, who owns a Mojave roofing company. “We’ve been getting a bunch of calls.” Thorpe said he had to cancel a job in Bakersfield because of the highway closures. “I decided to stay here and answer the phones and hit it (Friday),” Thorpe said. Winds are expected to be calmer today, with high temperatures reaching the mid-70s, officials said. But on Thursday, Southern California Edison reported that 1,700 customers had lost power in Littlerock and Quartz Hill. “We haven’t identified the cause, but we know it’s wind related,” Edison spokeswoman Alis Clausen said. Southern Kern Unified School District officials said high winds damaged school roofs in Rosamond, while bus drivers found themselves dodging flying debris. “There are times when you can’t even see the roads,” Superintendent Rod Van Norman said. “One of our bus drivers said they almost got hit by a 4-by-8-foot sheet of plywood that flew across one of the streets.” Meanwhile, winds blew over a billboard at Sierra Highway and AvenueN in Palmdale and uprooted trees in Palmdale residents’ yards and public rights of way, said Leon Swain, the city’s director of public works. Lancaster officials said more than a dozen trees were torn up in their city. A wind-fanned fire burned 25acres near Pearblossom and Sierra highways and threatened several homes on Carson Mesa Rosa. Firefighters summoned 20 engines, six camp crews and two water-dumping helicopters to help fight the blaze, which took 90minutes to extinguish. Strong winds also prompted traffic advisories, with drivers of big rigs and RVs being advised against traveling the 14Freeway between the Antelope and Santa Clarita valleys. Low-visibility advisories were issued for parts of Highway138 in the Pearblossom area. The high winds were the result of a cold front pushing through the area with the jet stream directly overhead. The cold air behind the front pulled down some of the energy from the jet stream, said Ryan Kittell, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. Staff Writers Karen Maeshiro and Gideon Rubin contributed to this report. james.skeen@dailynews (661) 267-5743160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! MOJAVE – Strong winds gusting as high as 100mph blew through the Antelope Valley on Thursday, uprooting trees, damaging roofs, knocking out power and forcing highway closures. An 85-mile-long stretch of Highway58 from Bakersfield to Boron was closed because of gale-force winds, forcing southbound and eastbound traffic to head into Lancaster from Mojave. “It’s really bad here,” said James Welling, whose office abuts Highway58. “We’ve got vehicles parked in every spot – trucks, RVs. They’re parked anywhere they can park.” At the Mojave Airport, one gust was reported at 93knots, roughly 107mph. By midafternoon, the winds had eased, but they were still reported about 50mph. Other parts of the Antelope Valley had gusts up to 65mph. last_img read more

Warriors postgame video: Klay Thompson says team let their guard down

first_imgGolden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson wasn’t happy after the Warriors blew a 31-point lead in a 135-131 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers.In his postgame news conference, he said the Warriors let their guard down and stopped being the aggressors after it looked like a rout. Golden State was unable to regain momentum after that, missing key shots including an open look from the top of the key. Thompson also touched on the loss of starting center DeMarcus Cousins to injury. He wished him a …last_img read more

Mark Canha has plenty of power in reserve for Oakland Athletics

first_imgANAHEIM — Khris Davis remained out of the starting lineup for the second consecutive night because of a left hand contusion, but the A’s had reliable replacement in Mark Canha.Canha filled Davis’ designated hitter role for the second straight game on Saturday against the Los Angeles Angels while also moving into his No. 4 spot in the batting for the third game of their four-game series at Angel Stadium.Heading into Saturday’s game, Canha had hit six of his 11 home runs in the 12 games he …last_img read more

Breathtaking Cretaceous Fossil Mammal Preserves Soft Tissue

first_imgA mammal fossil from Spain perfectly preserves fur and internal organs, but is said to be 125 million years old.Believe it or not: “Breathtaking fossil of tiny mammal preserves fur and internal organs,” Sid Perkins writes in Science Magazine. You can almost hear the gasps in his coverage:Most of our knowledge of very ancient life comes from fossilized remains of hard tissues—bones, shells, and teeth. Now, the exquisitely preserved fossil of a tiny mammal from the time of the dinosaurs reveals a variety of soft tissues, including skin, fur, and spines; even remnants of its external ear were fossilized. The find pushes back the earliest record of mammalian internal organs and well-preserved fur by more than 60 million years, and shows that ancient fur and spines formed just as they do in today’s mammals.“Finding complete fossils like this raises the bar for the rest of us,” says Richard Cifelli, a vertebrate paleontologist at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, who was not involved with the new study. “My breath is taken away.”The fossil was announced in Nature a day before official publication: Martin et al., “A Cretaceous eutriconodont and integument evolution in early mammals.” But is the tissue original material, or just mineralized soft-tissue impressions? It appears from the paper that some of the fossil contains the real stuff, but other statements are not clear:Soft tissues in the thorax and abdomen (alveolar lungs and liver) suggest the presence of a muscular diaphragm. The eutriconodont has molariform tooth replacement, ossified Meckel’s cartilage of the middle ear….The new Spanish gobiconodontid (Eutriconodonta, Mammalia) combines a complete and articulated skeleton, with extraordinary preservation of skin, hair, keratinous dermal scutes, and remnants of visceral organs…The Las Hoyas Konservat-Lagerstätte occurs in finely laminated limestones deriving from a freshwater wetland. Fossils are usually preserved fully articulated, including soft tissues such as mineralized muscle and skin. Potential mechanisms for exquisite preservation are microbial mats, anoxia, and rapid burial by sediments.Under the section on “Integumentary and soft-tissue structures” there is detail about hair and fur, and mention of “fossilized soft tissues,” that may or may not refer to mineral replacement. The color, however, which is clearly evident in the photos, seems to indicate preservation of original biological material:The specimen also shows a unique preservation of several organs. In the area of the scalp, the left outer ear (external pinna) is perfectly preserved (Fig. 2a and Extended Data Fig. 7). Within the thoracic ribcage of Spinolestes, a patch of fossilized soft tissues contains tubular structures with a branching pattern (Extended Data Fig. 9). From the position and distribution in the rib cage, this most probably represents fossilized lung tissue, and the branching structures probably represent the bronchioles of the lung. Posteriorly to the lung tissue, a large oval area of reddish-brown soft-tissue (Extended Data Fig. 9a) is interpreted as residues of the liver according to its anatomical position and colour. Liver tissue is rich in iron, and provides a reddish colour, as has been reported for the theropod Scipionyx from the late Early Cretaceous (Albian) of Italy.One of the photo captions points to “compound hair follicles (FO), epidermal cells (keratinocytes), and pores (P).” The BBC News has a photo of the fossil slab and artist reconstructions of the mammal.In Science, Sid Perkins uses the word “preserved” but does it mean preserved as rock, or preserved as original biological material?The fossil also includes internal organs. Within the ribcage, there are patches of soft tissue that contain tubular structures in a branching pattern, which the team interprets as preserved lung tissue. Farther down in the abdomen is a large oval region of reddish brown material—likely the remnants of the creature’s liver, Luo says. The sharp boundary between the two suggests that Spinolestes had a strong muscular diaphragm, which in turn hints at the ability to rapidly breathe and fuel an active lifestyle.There is no mention of protein or collagen, but keratin (the protein in hair) is mentioned numerous times. It’s also possible that original material was lost during handling of the fossil:Upon discovery, the rock containing the specimen was split into two slabs, each containing original bone, fossilized soft tissues, and natural moulds of bones. One slab (MCCMLH30000A) was transferred to a matrix of epoxy resin to expose undisturbed bone surface hidden in the rock and to obtain casts of the natural moulds of bone impressions. After embedding in epoxy resin, the limestone matrix was removed by a formic acid bath that dissolved the calcium carbonate but not the hydroxyapatite of bone and the phosphatized soft tissue.According to The Guardian, one of the paleontologists who studied the fossil, Thomas Martin (U of Bonn), has a theory about how the soft tissues were preserved:Martin believes the creature was so well preserved because bacterial films grew over the animal within hours of its death. These biofilms can form a protective coating, preserving the soft tissues long enough for them to fossilise over much longer periods of time.Without mass spectroscopy of the dark parts, it may be impossible to know if original material from the mammal is present. One thing is clear from the sources: this mammal had modern mammal features for a creature in the early Cretaceous. Perkins writes,“Diaphragm, liver, lungs; it’s amazing to see all that detail,” Cifelli says. Plus, he notes, Spinolestes has all the hair categories seen in modern mammals “and that’s not a small thing.” Only fossils unearthed in recent years provided evidence that ancient mammals had fur that looked like that seen in modern relatives.The Editor’s Summary makes it clear this mammal shared modern characteristics:The triconodonts are a type of extinct early mammal, so named for their characteristic three-cusped molars. The extraordinarily well-preserved 125-million-year-old triconodont fossil reported here pushes back the earliest record of mammalian soft-tissue preservation by over 60 million years. Named Spinolestes xenarthrosus, the fossil from Las Hoyas, Spain, exhibits typical mammalian features including fur, an external ear, and skin structures including — on its back — tiny spines resembling those of hedgehogs and spiny mice. Under the skin there is evidence for a liver and alveolar lungs, suggesting the presence of a muscular diaphragm.To be so well preserved, this mammal had to be buried rapidly. If it’s 125 million years old as claimed, it had to remain undisturbed for all that time despite geological upheavals, bioturbation and other dynamic processes.This fossil mammal comes from the same area as the fossil bird that flew over the heads of dinosaurs (see 10/07/15), which also displayed exquisite soft tissue and shared many traits of modern birds, such as agile flying ability. It appears that the Lower Cretaceous limestones of Las Hoyas, Spain are poised to reveal many more such breathtaking fossils.Update 10/15/15: Live Science made some comments worth repeating.The fossilized remains of a furry critter that once roamed the Earth alongside dinosaurs suggests that mammals have been growing hair the same way for at least 125 million years.The new discovery of Spinolestes pushes the fossil record further back by some 65 million years, into the Mesozoic era, proving that mammals have been hairy creatures for a really, really long time.You may think that, over the course of 125 million years, the process by which mammalian hair grows would have changed somehow, but that’s not the case, Luo said. The bones of Spinolestes, which was about the size of a small rat, are proof that ancient mammals grew hair the same way as modern mammals do.The fossilized remains of the fur ball also held evidence of the animal’s soft tissues. Iron-rich residues associated with the creature’s kidney were preserved, as were microscopic bronchiole structures of the lung and an open body cavity that may have once held a muscular diaphragm used for respiration. These fossilized structures represent the earliest known record of mammal organs, the researchers said.Spinolestes is the first-ever mammal fossil found at Las Hoyas Quarry in Spain. The researchers from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid who discovered the ancient mammal have been digging up vertebrate fossils at the site since 1985. They have previously discovered prehistoric crocodiles, birds, fish and dinosaurs.Horsing Around?Another beautifully-preserved mammal fossil was found in Germany’s Messel Pit: a miniature female horse with an embryo still in its uterus. This fossil also has soft tissue, PhysOrg says, but the article claims it was preserved by bacteria. The horse, like the Cretaceous fossils, shows advanced mammal traits and must have been buried quickly:Applying SEM, the authors discovered a bacterial lawn replacing the soft tissues, as is common with other specimens found in that area. The observable details correspond largely with living mares, which lead the authors to posit that the reproductive system was already highly developed during the Paleocene, and possibly even earlier.Follow-up questions not addressed include: Why would a “bacterial lawn” form unless original tissue were present? Why wasn’t the bacteria itself mineralized, if this specimen fossilized millions of years ago?Rapid burial – modern traits – does that sound like evolution? We eagerly wait confirmation that original biological material is present in these fossils, as it has been reported in dinosaurs (6/10/15). Even without it, what has been revealed so far fits abrupt appearance of modern-looking animals, recent creation, and a flood. 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‘Look after children over festive season’

first_img20 December 2012As festive season celebrations get into full swing around South Africa, the Justice and Constitutional Development Department has called on parents to take care of their children and not neglect them during the festivities.“While the focus is correctly on safety driving measures and reducing fatalities on the roads during the festive season, the nation should not lose sight of those wailing voices of children abandoned by their parents and family members,” the department’s Mthunzi Mhaga said in a statement on Wednesday.“The welfare of our children should also be considered as we once again, together with our associates, friends and family blissfully glide through the traditional giving spirit of the festive season,” he said.There is a compelling need for collective action to encourage parents to support their children at all times.”Under the South African Constitution every child has a right to family/parental care, basic nutrition, shelter, health care and social services.‘Championing the maintenance of children’There should be more people championing the maintenance of children for the country’s prosperity, the department said.It has identified child maintenance as one of its key service delivery priorities in an effort to deal with the abuse of children as a result of parental and family withdrawal of social support.“A maintenance turnaround strategy aimed at enhancing the quality of services at these offices has been developed and piloted with greater success in areas with high volume of applications,” the department said.“The strategy will minimise the time spent on queues, strengthen the investigation process used in tracing maintenance defaulters, and improve the payment system to ensure that rightful beneficiaries are paid in time.“The strategy will also change the experience of applicants at the maintenance offices and see the appointment of capable maintenance investigators to ensure that those who neglect their responsibility to support their children are brought to book,” it said.Guided by the Maintenance Act – which brought much desired efficiency, reduced loopholes in the system and introduced several tighter mechanisms to enforce payments – the strategy will improve the lives of the beneficiaries and contribute towards the fight against poverty.“These improvements in the system should encourage parents and family members to apply for maintenance at their nearest magistrate courts so that all children are able to attend to school dressed and nourished for the benefit of the country,” Mhaga said.“There is nothing wrong in savouring the merriment of this Santa moment while anticipating a prosperous future, but let’s also remember to invite children into the jamboree and include them in our plans for tomorrow.”Source: SANews.gov.zalast_img read more

How Pinterest Is Slowly Learning How To Make Money

first_imglauren orsini Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Pinterest has never been in a hurry to convert investor dollars into financial gains—and given that it’s raised close to three-quarters of a billion dollars over the past five years, it hasn’t needed to be. But the visual social pinboard is finally getting serious about making money. Last winter, it hired former San Francisco Chronicle president Joanne Bradford, who today serves as head of commercial and content partnerships at Pinterest.Joanne Bradford, photo courtesy of Pinterest.Now that Bradford’s been at Pinterest for six months, the site’s commercial strategy is becoming clearer. This month, her team unveiled the latest stage of “promoted pins,” which are essentially advertiser-sponsored versions of the image-based bookmarks—known as “pins”—that Pinterest users put up and share on the site.“The Pinterest mission is to help people discover things,” Bradford told me in a recent interview. “Promoted pins help people discover, and help brands be discovered.”Second Time’s A CharmPinterest’s promoted-pins strategy has been extremely cautious. When the company first announced promoted pins last September, shortly before hiring Bradford, the sponsored pins blended right into the woodwork of the site. A promoted pin for a camping lantern would be almost indistinguishable from the regular rustic images that come up on a search for “hiking.” See also: Pinterest Rolls Out ‘Promoted Pins’ Ads—But No AdvertisersThe origin of that incrementalist approach to advertising traces back to an early Pinterest misstep in February 2012. Back then, the site was so small it didn’t have a PR department. So when Pinterest did some quiet experimentation with automatic affiliate linking—that is, by adding tracking code to pins that linked to e-commerce sites, a technique that could be used to generate revenue—it didn’t disclose what it was up to.Then pinners such as technology blogger Josh Davis discovered the automatic affiliate links and criticized the site for allegedly profiting off of user’s pins without telling anyone. The whole affair blew up into a mini-scandal, prompting Pinterest co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann to call Davis and explain the testing process.See also: Pinterest’s Second Attempt At Making Money Actually Sounds SmartEver since, Pinterest has been extremely wary about maintaining the trust of its pinners. You can see how that’s played out with promoted pins, which Bradford described as an idea shaped by surveying lots of users. It’s not just about making sure users are aware of how Pinterest makes money, but that it’s making money in a way that won’t squick out users the way affiliate links did.“Promoted pins [are] the result of much testing,” she said. “You can only find the pins in searches and category feeds right now, where they’re most relevant and [least intrusive.] It’s the result of a lot of pinner and marketer feedback.” Slow And SteadyIn September, promoted pins highlighted images for testing purposes. Beginning this May, promoted pins from an initial set of 12 advertisers will begin appearing in Pinterest categories and search results. From ABC Family to Walt Disney, they’re brands you’ve already heard of, which is probably why Pinterest selected them. Bradford noted that 93 out of the world’s top 100 brands have accounts on Pinterest, and there’s lots of advertiser demand for promoted pins. See also: Pinterest Raises A $200 Million Warchest To Do Battle With Google“Brands find Pinterest to be a rich canvas to tell their stories,” she said. “We’re very flexible. Search and display ads are a little bit confined in how you can tell your story to consumers.”Even though promoted pins will only show up in particular parts of the site, opening the floodgates to all brands without alienating users might be tricky. Even Facebook and Twitter haven’t find a way to promote companies that doesn’t jar users out of their browsing experiences. So, as usual, Pinterest is currently opting for transparency and testing.Bradford’s current plan is to help those advertisers learn how to best use Pinterest. Ideally, brands will then providing the kind of pins users like to see, making their promoted pins look less like ads and more like everyday shared images.“Partnerships [with brands] aren’t just, ‘Go get ad dollars.’ That’s not how we think about it here,” Bradford says. “We’re really about teaching partners how to be their best on Pinterest and connect consumers in a very authentic way.” Related Posts center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#advertising#Joanne Bradford#Monetization#Pinterest#Promoted Pins#visual web 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Using the Channel Mixer for a Better Black-and-White

first_imgCranking the green and dropping the red and blue brings the background way up for a super bloomy look: Cranking up the red channel and dropping the other two brightens up the skintones, increases contrast, and even brings down the exposure on that sign in the background: Much moodier now that the mysterious man’s face is in shadow. If you raise the blue and drop the green, it does a great job of darkening the background between the two men and removing some of that distraction: One example where using the channel mixer in After Effects is particularly useful is with close-up shots of talent. Notice how with the default black-and-white the lips don’t really have tonal definition.By lowering the red and blue channels and raising the green, the contrast in the skintones is raised and you start to see good definition, especially with the lips:The channel mixer in After Effects is a great tool for better flexibility with your black-and-white looks. Get finer control over skintones through the red channel and the ability to re-light shots.center_img Use the channel mixer to create great monochromatic looks that are much more dynamic than a plain desaturation!When working on a black and white color grade in your video editing projects, typically the only tools people reach for are desaturation and contrast. However, there’s a better way to get your black and white look, and to have a lot more flexibility in the final outcome.In this post we’ll share how to use the monochrome channel mixer in Adobe After Effects to give your video a custom black and white treatment.The channel mixer is an effect that mixes the amount of red, green, and blue in each individual RGB channel. It can be a little hard to work with in color, but there’s a “monochrome” checkbox at the bottom, and the black and white controls are a lot easier to use. When you’re in monochrome mode, only the red channel controls work, but you can control the brightness of each channel. With this you can basically re-light the shot. It’s easier to see with an example, so we’ll work with this shot:Here’s the basic black and white look; not bad, but a little bland: Here’s a look at what we can do with a little channel tweaking. Since most of the color in our skin is in the red channel, look what happens when we lower that channel, then raise the others to compensate for exposure:last_img read more