Red Deer man charged with murder of two Onion Lake Cree Nation

first_img(Violet Heathen pictured on the left and Jeanette Chief pictured on the right. RCMP handout)APTN National NewsA 59-year-old man from Red Deer, Alta., was charged with two counts of first degree murder in connection to the slaying of two women from Onion Lake Cree Nation in Saskatchewan, the RCMP said Thursday.Gordon Alfred Rogers was arrested in Edmonton Tuesday and charged Wednesday with the murders of Jeanette Chief, 48, and Violet Heathen, 49, the RCMP said.RCMP investigators from Alberta’s historical homicide unit and Saskatchewan’s historical case unit identified Rogers as a person of interest on both files after finding a common link in both killings which happened about two years apart.Detectives determined that Rogers new Heathen for several years, but he was not previously known to Chief.The RCMP did not reveal the nature of Rogers’ relationship with Heathen.Rogers is scheduled to make his first appearance before provincial court on April 5 at 10 a.m. in Lloydminster, Alta.Chief was last seen in Lloydminster, a municipality straddling the Alberta-Saskatchewan border, around midnight on June 2, 2007. Her body was found on June 6 that same year in a rural area outside of Lloydminster and her death was determined to be a homicide.Heathen’s body was found near Kitscoty, Alta., on Nov. 7, 2009. She had been last seen in Lloydminster on May 15, 2009.The RCMP released no other information about read more

Chelsea Fans Vandalize Coffee Shop Owned by an Arab

Casablanca – A shocking video of Chelsea fans vandalizing a coffee shop went viral on Facebook.The video shows the mob around the wreckage of the coffee shop that was destroyed while boisterously singing their team’s song in unison. An Arab-looking young man, believed to be the owner, is locked up inside the circle formed by the mob, seemingly trying to break loose.According to the Independent, the video, which was released last weekend, took place in Munich in 2012 ahead of the Champions League final. A Chelsea fan then pushes the Arab violently to the ground toward the center, where the debris lays in a huge pile. The man stands up and walks back to his aggressor with a hand gesture as if warning him, but the attacker and other individuals punch him in the face.The thirty-second video ends with another fan with a bottle of alcohol in hand trying to calm the angry gang down, saying, “don’t do this, men!”The video has received numerous comments from Arab viewers. The comments range between utter denunciation of this act of vandalism to accusing the mob of Islamophobia.A commenter states, “In England one cannot suffer injustice even by the Queen. When things cool down, the police will arrest them one after the other and they will pay huge fines for their declared racism.”Another equally ‘Liked’ comment by a male user says, “We, Arabs, have to endure this racism everywhere we go!” read more

Iran Seeks to Improve Relations with Saudi Arabia

Casablanca – Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani met with the sultan of Oman on Wednesday to discuss the possibility of a dialogue with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council member states.At a time when an anti-Iran coalition is being formed between the U.S., Israel and Gulf countries, Hassan Rouhani called for an “unconditional” dialogue with Iran’s regional enemy Saudi Arabia as well as other GCC countries.According to the Turkish news agency, Anadolu, the Iranian president delivered this message to the sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said al-Said, while visiting Oman’s capital, Muscat. This step by Iran stands at odds with the long-standing enmity between Iran and Saudi Arabia based on their battle for influence in the region and the state of indirect war between them in Yemen and Syria.Economic World, an Iranian news agency, reported that “Rouhani’s visit sent important messages in the light of the ongoing instability in the region.” They added that Rouhani passed an “important” message to the Omani sultan — that Iran is ready for a direct and “unconditional” dialogue with Saudi Arabia and the GCC member states.Rouhani said prior to his visit that he seeks to discuss pressing issues in the Middle East in addition to the latest developments in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. He also praised the “prominent Omani role in stopping bloodshed.”As soon as Donald Trump took office in the U.S. last month, U.S.-Iranian relations deteriorated. Earlier this month, Trump’s executive order barring entry to nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries included Iranians. Iran responded by threatening to bar U.S. nationals from entering its soil.Even before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the U.S. on Feb. 14, news sources all over the world began talking about an anti-Iran coalition that could bring together the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. read more

UN honours three humanist poets – Tagore Neruda and Césaire

13 September 2011The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today launched a programme honouring Rabindrânâth Tagore, Pablo Neruda and Aimé Césaire, three poets who, each in his own way, carried high the standard of humanist values. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today launched a programme honouring Rabindrânâth Tagore, Pablo Neruda and Aimé Césaire, three poets who, each in his own way, carried high the standard of humanist values. Beyond their different geographic, social and political contexts, Tagore, a Bengali poet at the time that India was under British rule, Chile’s Neruda and Césaire – from the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe – showed a commitment to speaking for the voiceless. “By challenging relations based on domination and submission – whether they concern colonialism, fascism or racism – their message attains a universal dimension,” UNESCO said at a forum opened by Director-General Irina Bokova at its headquarters in Paris. Launched in the wake of the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures of 2010, the programme aims to promote translations, publications, and creations connected to the three writers, facilitating the dissemination and adaptation of their message. A tribute to Tagore was organized with Bangladesh’s and India’s permanent delegations to UNESCO as part of the 150th anniversary of his birth, with song, dance and poetry readings. A UNESCO work – Rabindrânâth Tagore, Pablo Neruda, Aimé Césaire for a reconciled universal – pays tribute to this universal oeuvre. Published in English, French and Spanish, the illustrated book examines the legacy of the three authors and their messages from a comparative perspective. read more

Kosovo new criminal codes come into force in UNadministered province

“To those who try to assert violence over the ‘rule of law,’ this should come as a reminder that the laws and institutions we are establishing in Kosovo are irreversible,” said Harri Holkeri, Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Special Representative. “This is a significant day for Kosovo. The entry into force of the two Codes constitutes a crucial milestone for the inhabitants of Kosovo and for UNMIK’s efforts to establish the rule of law in Kosovo,” Mr. Holkeri added, referring to the UN Interim Administration Mission in the province, where violence between ethnic Albanians and Serbs last month killed 19 people and injured hundreds more. “We have a clear and definite agenda for Kosovo, and that is to take it forward on the path of democratic self-governance through legal and constitutional means in cooperation with Kosovo’s Provisional Institutions,” he declared in Pristina, the capital. The two codes, the Provisional Criminal Code and the Provisional Criminal Procedure Code, bring the law in Kosovo into greater conformity with regional and European standards and ensure consistency with modern principles of international law, in particular international human rights law. International conventions relating to terrorism, organized crime and corruption are reflected in the texts, which also deal with trafficking in persons among other offences. “The enforcement of these new Codes now provides us with a wider range of criminal offences to prosecute and a greater range of punishments to go with it,” Mr. Holkeri said. “This undoubtedly enhances the ability of the justice system to deter and punish offenders.” read more

Harvest season provides meagre respite to South Sudans ongoing hunger crisis

“The harvest season has not brought much relief to the millions of people in South Sudan who don’t have enough food. The country’s greenbelt has been ravaged by fighting, and finding a peaceful solution to this man-made tragedy should be the top priority or the situation will get even worse next year,” said Serge Tissot, South Sudan Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in a press release jointly issued by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Food Programme (WFP). According to the updated Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) released Monday by the Government of South Sudan, UN agencies and other humanitarian partners, the number of people experiencing severe food insecurity across the country for the October-December period is likely to increase by 1.4 million from a year earlier to 4.8 million, although the number represents a drop from six million in June. The report also projects the food security situation will deteriorate at the start of 2018, and the “hungry season” will arrive three months earlier than usual, when households will likely run out of food before the next harvest.“A massive humanitarian response helped stop famine in parts of the country this year. But even in the current harvest period, millions of people need sustained assistance to survive,” said Adnan Khan, WFP Representative in South Sudan. “It is chilling to see that in a worst-case scenario, similar conditions could appear in multiple places in the lean season in 2018.” Critical levels of malnutritionMalnutrition has also worsened compared to the same period last year, with surveys showing malnutrition rates in most communities well above the WHO’s emergency threshold of 15 per cent, and with more than 30 per cent of the population malnourished in several counties. More than 1.1 million children under the age of five are forecast to be malnourished in 2018, including nearly 300,000 severely malnourished and at a heightened risk of death. “Too many children are going hungry in South Sudan. More than one in five of those struggling to feed themselves is a child under five years of age,” said Mahimbo Mdoe, UNICEF’s Representative in South Sudan. “This has created a malnutrition crisis that is putting many lives at risk.” Soaring food pricesCoupled with a failing economy, insecurity continues to hamper food production and disrupt markets, leading to extremely high food prices. Large sacks of staples such as sorghum, maize, and wheat flour have increased in price by up to 281 per cent compared to last year, and were as high as 560 per cent during May, the peak of the lean season. In Juba, a 100kg bag of sorghum costs 11,285 South Sudanese Pounds (SSP), compared to 4 314 SSP a year ago, and is vastly beyond what most families can afford. Despite enormous logistical and security challenges, FAO has provided fishing, crop- and vegetable-growing kits to more than 4.2 million people, many in difficult to reach or conflict-affected areas. FAO has also vaccinated more than 4.8 million livestock.UNICEF, together with its partners, has treated more than 160,000 children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM) so far this year. UNICEF has also provided over 750,000 people with safe drinking water and a further 230,000 people with access to sanitation facilities. WFP and its partners have has assisted 4.6 million people so far in 2017 with cash or food, including nutrition support for children under the age of five years. Emergency mobile teams usually travelling by helicopter on over 135 missions to areas isolated by conflict have supported 1.8 million people this year. read more

Ohio State football ransacks Camp Randall Stadiums house of horrors

MADISON, Wis. – They came, they saw and, yes, they conquered for all of Camp Randall Stadium to see. The dream of a perfect season – Ohio State’s first since 2002 – is still alive after the Buckeyes stonewalled Wisconsin in overtime, 21-14, in Madison, Wis., Saturday. But not without a scare. Wisconsin senior running back Montee Ball, who tied the NCAA record for career-rushing touchdowns, did all he could to ensure that his final exit from Camp Randall was a victorious one. He and the Badgers came awfully close, nearly dashing No. 4 OSU’s hopes of running the table in a year guaranteed to end Nov. 24 against Michigan. NCAA sanctions stemming from 2010’s “Tattoo-Gate” scandal have forfeited the Buckeyes’ prospects at a Big Ten Championship or bowl game. In their place, the vision of a 12-0 campaign became the only tangible spoil to glean from a championship-caliber year with nothing to actually show for it. Against Wisconsin, an undefeated season – a mission that’s seemed possible since a 63-38 statement win against Nebraska – might’ve never been so mired. That, though, is hardly a novel concept – Camp Randall’s long been a graveyard of past summits at perfection for the Buckeyes. In 2010, then-No. 1 and undefeated Buckeyes were rolled, 31-18, in Madison against an inspired Badgers team. Seven years earlier, in 2003, Wisconsin shattered the Buckeyes’ 19-game win streak and toppled the defending national champions, 17-10. This time? Things were different – even against a gritty Wisconsin team determined to salvage its last home tilt of the season. Under the direction of first-year coach Urban Meyer, OSU ransacked Camp Randall’s house of horrors. And redshirt sophomore cornerback Bradley Roby said all of Madison got to see. “You just go into someone else’s home, in front of their fans, their moms, their girlfriends, sisters, and we just wanna dominate them,” he said. “I mean, what’s better than that? Going into someone’s house and taking everything they own and they can’t do nothing about it.” To the victors go the spoils, right? It’s a mentality, Roby said, that Meyer preaches. “I mean we pride ourselves on that gladiator mentality,” he said. It seemed to be evident Saturday some 500 miles away from Columbus. While it might be “crazy,” Roby said the Buckeyes play better in foreign venues than in the familiar confines of Ohio Stadium. “I feel like you see that when we play away games. We play way better than we do at home,” he said. “I mean, that’s just the mode this team is on right now, that’s just our thing this year.” Sophomore linebacker Ryan Shazier said the Buckeyes thrive in places like Camp Randall. “I love playing at Ohio Stadium but I feel that we do almost even better when we’re away and playing in big atmospheres and gladiator-type environments,” said Shazier, who recorded 12 tackles and a forced fumble against the Badgers. And while OSU’s overtime triumph against the Badgers isn’t exactly the Greeks conquering Troy, its resume suggests that Roby and Shazier’s notion has some realness to it. In 2011, a year that saw OSU finish 6-7, the Buckeyes lost four of five road contests to the likes of Miami, Nebraska, Purdue and Michigan. This season, OSU secured wins away from home against Michigan State, Indiana, Penn State and now Wisconsin. The difference? It could be a number of things but, Meyer is arguably the variable that’s turned OSU from road kill into road warriors. “We have a saying, and I just shared it with them,” Meyer said. “A team that refuses to be beat, won’t be beat.” At least so far, that’s been the case for Meyer and the 11-0 Buckeyes. OSU will take its last shot at perfection against Michigan Saturday at noon at the Horseshoe. read more

MPs call for chess to be redefined as a mindsport and made

first_imgThe Lords Vs Commons chess match in Westminster's River Room The question has been tested in the courts after the English Bridge Union, the body which oversees the popular card game, launched a judicial review in an attempt to overturn Sport England’s ruling. Leeds West MP Rachel ReevesCredit:London Chess Classic/Lennart Ootes The group has been calling on the government to redefine the cerebral game, claiming that because chess is deemed merely a mental activity – and not a sport – hundreds of UK clubs and tournaments are being strangled by a requirement to pay VAT.But in a letter presented to the All Party Political Group on chess it was revealed a request by health minister David Mowat MP to have chess recognised as a sport and made VAT exempt was unceremoniously turned down. The EBU eventually lost after Mr Justice Mostyn said sport has to have a “physical component” but are seeking leave to appeal that ruling and a court date is set for January.In August the Telegraph revealed how the world’s biggest chess competition, The Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge, was locked in a long-running dispute with HMRC over VAT charges.The competition, which has launched the careers of several professional players and sees 45,000 children in 1,200 schools take part each year, faced being wound up after its organiser, International Master Mike Basman, was bankrupted at the High Court in London over a £300,000 tax bill.It was eventually saved in October when a group headed by the former England international Sarah Longson stepped in.Wednesday’s Lords Vs Commons match in the Palace of Westminster saw the lower house exert its dominance over the chamber with Mr Mowat and Labour’s former UK u14 girls champion Rachel Reeves among the victors.The players were joined by several of the world’s top players, including in-form US star Wesley So, who are in the UK for the prestigious London Chess Classic tournament at Kensington Olympia. However FIDE’s latest attempt to get chess included in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo was rejected in August.The changing fortunes of England’s chess teamThe UK has a strong history in the game. The world’s oldest tournament takes place on British shores at Hastings in Sussex and London boasts the world’s oldest chess venue, Simpson’s-in-the-Strand.In its 1980s heyday the England team, boasting grandmasters like a young Nigel Short, Tony Miles and Jon Speelman, finished runners-up to the mighty Soviet Union three times in the game’s top team competition, the Chess Olympiad.However, British players are struggling on the world stage with currently just one grandmaster flying the flag in the top 20, Cornishman Michael Adams.The next highest is Short, who fought for the world championship title against Garry Kasparov 25 years ago, at 63 in the world.Neither can be considered spring chickens: Adams is still a force at 45 and Short, a veteran of the 80s teams, is 51.Behind them there are several talents including grandmasters David Howell, Luke McShane and Gawain Jones but none have so far threatened the world’s top 10.England did manage a creditable ninth place in the last Olympiad, held in Baku, Azerbaijan, in September, but the conveyor belt appears to be drying up. Reclining in a smoking room armchair during the golden age of Parliament, perhaps with a glass tumbler in hand, Gladstonians and Parnellites were often found settling their differences over a cigar and a spot of chess.But now, a century and a half on and with the House of Commons chess circle long since defunct, the classic adversarial game has returned to the Palace of Westminster – and brought with it a battle of its own making.Convening this week to resurrect the annual Lords Vs Commons match, a cross-party group set up to promote the game was told a ministerial row is brewing over the future of chess in England that is not, it must be said, exactly black or white. Mr Mowat wrote to minister for sport Tracey Crouch arguing it is unfair that coaching, participation and tournament entries attract the 20 per cent levy while other more physical activities do not. GM and chess commentator Maurice AshleyCredit:London Chess Classic/Lennart Ootes “It is worth reminding ourselves why the International Olympic Committee and over 100 countries recognise chess as a sport.”It is simply discriminatory. If we are not a physical sport, then ergo we must be a mindsport.”Currently Sport England, the body that handles government and Lottery funding, recognises around 100 sports but refuses to include chess or other “mindsports” such as bridge or the ancient Chinese game go. Malcolm Pein, chief executive of the Chess in Schools and Communities charity and organiser of the London Chess Classic tournament, told the group: “The trouble is we are nowhere. Maurice Ashley, the US-based grandmaster and commentator, was also at the event. Delighted to have been part of the @HouseofCommons chess team which beat @UKHouseofLords 3-1— David Mowat MP (@mowat4ws) December 14, 2016 When asked afterwards what his reaction was, Mr Mowat refused to comment saying simply: “I’m very keen that chess is recognised fully in the UK.”The chess fans in Westminster however remain undetered. They have now decided to change tack and call on Miss Crouch to create a new definition of “mindsport” to give chess the VAT exemption sports like football and rugby enjoy. In response, Miss Crouch wrote back saying flatly that a classification of chess as a sport would not comply with the Council of Europe’s Sports Charter (1972) because it is not “physical”.She said: “Although the sports councils are currently reviewing elements of the recognition process, they do not intend to move away from the Council of Europe’s definition of a sport. “As chess is not a physical activity, it is not under consideration for recognition as a sport.”This is not how the APPG see it. “If chess is not physical how on earth do they think we moves the pieces,” quipped Dominic Lawson, the journalist who is also president of the English Chess Federation. GM and chess commentator Maurice Ashley Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves Speaking about the decline in British chess, he said: “It is somewhat surprising that it is not happening given the work of the charity Chess in Schools & Communities.”I think that what you need is to make that connection between the schools programme and the professional level. Schools programmes can be wildly successful, the same thing happened in the States, you have a wildly successful schools programme but you are not producing any players from that group.”The strong players in the States that are coming up are actually home-schooled who are not involved in the public school system at all.”Chess is funny, it’s almost like the luck of the draw in some places. You think of Norway and Magnus – they didn’t produce Magnus, Magnus was just born and there goes Norway.”Professional sport, unless it has a whole structure that goes with is from elementary school, middle school, to high school and university, that farm system is what makes sports successful. I think the Russians had it, but unless that’s the structure in your country it doesn’t work.”On the international level FIDE, the game’s governing body, is recognised as member of the IOC, and its president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has been talking up the chances of chess being included in the Olympics for nearly 20 years. American grandmaster Wesley So taking on England’s Luke McShaneCredit:London Chess Classic/Lennart Ootes American grandmaster Wesley So taking on England's Luke McShane “We are not defined as either a sport or an art so we can attract no funding and we have to pay VAT.”He added: “Chess and other strategy games are a positive alternative to ‘shoot ‘em up’ games where adrenaline may be high but the intellectual content is often low.””Chess is the world’s most enduring game, 1500 years old, which challenges the finest minds in the world. It is not recognised as a sport in the UK and receives no public funding. The Lords Vs Commons chess match in Westminster’s River RoomCredit:London Chess Classic/Lennart Ootes Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily Front Page newsletter and new audio briefings.last_img read more

Stop blaming others for misfortune says Archbishop of York in Christmas message

first_imgUganda-born Dr Sentamu famously cut up his clerical collar live on the Andrew Marr Show in 2007 in protest at Mugabe’s actions. He returned to the show last month to reinstate it following Mugabe’s resignation. “I am wearing it in my hope and my prayer that Zimbabwe will move in a wonderful way,” he said.”He [Mnangagwa] said something Mugabe would never have said – that he is hoping and the Government will ensure that in 2018 the General election will be credible, free and fair. So I’m hoping that will happen.” “In this great country I want to hope that people will have a more positive view about each other, because it is a great, great nation, and if we had a more positive view about each other, and not always pulling people down, but building them up.”He also said he was hopefully for the future of Zimbabwe following the resignation of long-term leader Robert Mugabe last month and the ascension of Emmerson Mnangagwa to the role of president. I want to hope that people will have a more positive view about each other, because it is a great, great nationDr John Sentamu Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily Front Page newsletter and new audio briefings. People should stop “blaming” others for misfortune, the Archbishop of York has said in his Christmas message. Dr John Sentamu said he has been advising people he has visited in food banks and schools to “really look each other in the eye and see a brother and a sister.”You are more likely to be more caring, more supporting, and not always blaming blaming blaming,” he told Jeremy Vine on his BBC show.Asked about the impact of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, the Archbishop said: “Sometimes we take decisions which have consequences not just for ourselves but for other people. “I think there’s been a lot of frustrated hope in a lot of people. That’s why people voted for Brexit, that’s why people went for Trump but unfortunately frustrated hope cannot simply be a reaction to something that’s not happening. last_img read more

Hundreds of women are being conned into freezing their eggs at an

The HFEA report shows a five-fold rise in take up of egg freezing since 2010.Women opting for the procedure – which typically costs around £4000, plus storage costs of around £300 per year for a decade – have an average age of 38, the data shows.Of the 1,310 cases in 2016, 880 involved women over the age of 35 – including more than 250 aged between 40 and 49.Across all age groups, just 18 per cent of cases ended up with a live birth, the watchog warned, as it called on clinics to be more open with older women about the dwindling chance of success.“The figures in this report suggest that some clinics are providing egg freezing treatments to women over the age of 40. In cases over the age of 35, we know there is a steep decline in fertility and this has an impact on both natural conception and IVF success rates.“Our job is to ensure that the law is upheld and that patients can be assured of a standard of care when they go to any clinic in the UK. Part of that role is to ensure that clinics are ethically responsible when they advise patients of their treatment options. Where women over the age of 40 are freezing their eggs, the likelihood of a pregnancy from these eggs would be very slim, and we would caution against this being a sensible option for this group of women,” the report warns.Sally Cheshire, HFEA chairman urged clinics to act more responsibility.She said: “Clinics have an ethical responsibility to be clear that egg freezing below the age of 35 offers women their best chance of creating their much longed for family.” Women are being conned into freezing their eggs at an age when there is almost no chance of success, research on British clinics suggests.IVF centres were last night urged to act more ethically, after watchdogs found hundreds of women undergoing the expensive procedure in their 40s, when it was unlikely to work.The report by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) found clinics – which typically charge around £7,000 for egg freezing – had even authorised the procedure for those approaching 50.The watchdog warned of a “steep decline” in fertilty after the age of 35, and said there was a “very slim” chance of success for those in their 40s.–– ADVERTISEMENT –– Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily Front Page newsletter and new audio briefings. read more

Martin who Callinan isnt mentioned in opening of annual garda report

first_imgFORMER GARDA COMMISSIONER Martin Callinan doesn’t get a mention in the opening of the gardaí’s annual report for 2013, despite overseeing all of the measures implemented last year.In her foreword, the acting Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan doesn’t touch on the circumstances in which she recently took on the role – the resignation of Martin Callinan.Callinan resigned from the force earlier this year in the wake of controversy surrounding his handling of a number of issues within the force.Central to this was referring to the actions of two garda whisteblowers as “disgusting”.O’Sullivan has taken up the job on an interim basis, but doesn’t give a nod to her predecessor in the report.Read the full report here [PDF] >In her foreword, she pays tribute Detective Adrian Donohoe, who was murdered at the start of last year.The detective was shot in a credit union in Dundalk, and was the first garda to die in the line of duty since 1996.More than 400,000 hours of CCTV footage was reviewed in an attempt to catch the perpetrators.“Adrian epitomised all that An Garda Síochána stands for and tragically died in service of his community,” she wrote.The investigation in relation to Adrian’s murder remains live and our determination to bring the people who carried out this cowardly act to justice remains steadfast.O’Sullivan also touches upon the increasingly strained budget of the force.Reports have suggested that a supplementary budget of up €70 million will be required later this year.She said that ‘a range of measures designed to increase efficiencies and cut costs’ were introduced in 2013, and noted that there was a reduction in most types of crime in that year.“Although policing may not always be delivered in the form it has been previously, we will maintain our commitment to deliver a service that meets the expectations of the citizens we serve,” she wrote.O’Sullivan concludes that gardaí will continue to ‘do everything’ to maintain the trust of local communities.Opinion: What does it actually take to establish an ‘independent’ policing authority? >last_img read more

Hépatite A B C tout savoir sur les hépatites

first_imgHépatite : A, B, C, tout savoir sur les hépatitesL’hépatite est une inflammation du foie. On distingue les hépatites virales (A, B, C, D, E) des hépatites non virales (alcoolique, médicamenteuse, auto-immune).Définition : qu’est ce qu’une hépatite ?L’hépatite désigne une inflammation du foie, le plus souvent d’origine virale. On parle d’hépatite aiguë lors de la contamination puis d’hépatite chronique lorsque la maladie persiste au-delà de six mois après l’infection.En fonction de sa cause, l’hépatite peut être plus ou moins grave. Parmi les complications les plus sévères, on retrouve notamment l’hépatite fulminante (insuffisance majeure du foie), la fibrose, la cirrhose ou le cancer du foie. Types d’hépatites On distingue deux grandes familles d’hépatites : les hépatites virales et les hépatites non virales. – Hépatites virales :Comme son nom l’indique, l’hépatite virale est une infection causée par un virus. Dès que celui-ci atteint le foie, il infecte les cellules du foie appelées hépatocytes et s’y multiplie. Les hépatites virales se divisent en plusieurs formes, en fonction du virus responsable de l’infection et de son mode de transmission. Hépatite A : C’est la moins grave des hépatites virales. En effet, elle n’évolue pas vers la forme chronique et n’entraîne généralement pas de complications. Le virus de l’hépatite A (VHA) se transmet principalement par l’ingestion d’eau et d’aliments contaminés par les selles d’une personne infectée. Elle est fréquente dans les pays aux mauvaises conditions sanitaires. Hépatite B : C’est la plus fréquente des types d’hépatites. Le virus de l’hépatite B (VHB) se propage majoritairement par voie sanguine ou sexuelle. Très contagieux, il est entre 50 et 100 fois plus infectieux que le virus du sida. Hépatite C : La contamination se fait principalement par voie sanguine. Dans plus de la moitié des cas, l’hépatite C évolue en hépatite chronique dont 20% entraînent une cirrhose et plus rarement un cancer du foie. Le virus de l’hépatite C (VHC) est un des plus résistants. Hépatite D : Elle ne peut survenir chez les personnes déjà infectés par le VHB. En effet, le virus de l’hépatite D en a besoin pour pouvoir se multiplier. Il partage également le même mode de transmission. Hépatite E : Comme l’hépatite A, elle est le plus souvent bénigne et n’évolue pas vers une hépatite chronique. Sa contamination se fait par voie orale. – Hépatites non virales :Les hépatites non virales sont le plus souvent d’origine toxique. Elles font suite à l’ingestion de substance nocive pour le foie. Hépatite alcoolique : Il s’agit d’une hépatite causée par une trop forte consommation d’alcool. La toxicité de l’alcool attaque les cellules du foie. C’est ce qui cause l’inflammation. La forme majeure de la maladie est rare mais son évolution peut avoir des conséquences sérieuses.À lire aussiNouveau plan national de lutte contre les hépatites Hépatite médicamenteuse : L’abus de certains médicaments possédant une toxicité hépatique (comme le paracétamol) peut conduire à une détérioration de l’état du foie. Hépatite auto-immune : Son origine est inconnue. Elle est caractérisée par la présence d’auto-anticorps. On en distingue deux types. L’hépatite auto-immune de type 1 s’accompagne d’anticorps anti-actine et anti-nucléaire tandis que l’hépatite auto-immune de type 2 est caractérisée par des anticorps anti-LKM (liver kidney microsomes). Elles peuvent évoluer vers une cirrhose. Symptômes de l’hépatiteIl est impossible de déterminer le type d’hépatite en se basant sur les symptômes constatés. En effet, quelque soit son origine, l’hépatite est le plus souvent asymptomatique. Il existe néanmoins des signes cliniques non spécifiques à la maladie comme de la fièvre, une grande fatigue, la perte d’appétit, des nausées, des vomissements, une coloration foncée des urines, des douleurs abdominales ou un ictère (jaunisse).Le 23 novembre 2015 à 12:22 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

EGM sales see RGB Internationals 3Q18 figures soar

first_img RGB expecting strong 2019 despite second quarter revenue, profit decline The 3Q18 numbers also pushed RGB’s nine month revenue total in 2018 to MYR209.7 million, up 131% compared with the same period in 2017.Conversely, the company’s Technical Support and Management division saw profit fall by 13% for the quarter to MYR6.7 million “due to lower hold factors in certain outlets, higher depreciation on new machines for upgrading and expansion and increase of headcount in certain regions.”Discussing the results, RGB said, “The Group continues to capitalize on the strong performance of new and existing products under its portfolio in the SSM division, to increase the number of concession machines through the existing and new concessions, to carry out further improvement in the performance of concession machines in the TSM division, to promote the provision of engineering expertise to all licensed operators across the region and exploring into new markets outside Asia.“Barring unforeseen circumstances, the group expects to achieve a better performance this year.” Electronic gaming machine supplier RGB International Bhd has announced a 41% year-on-year increase in revenue to MYR86.5 million and 27% growth in profit to MYR15.3 million in the three months to 30 September 2018.The positive results were due primarily to RGB’s Sales and Marketing (SSM) division, which saw revenue rise 46% to MYR56.2 million and profit by 47% to MYR7.3 million “due to increase in the number of products sold in this quarter.” RGB added that a bulk sale to an unspecified IR in Indochina boosted its quarterly performance. Load More South Korea’s foreigner-only casinos see revenues grow in August RelatedPosts Aristocrat wins battle over intellectual property rights with US$3 million settlementlast_img read more

Liquor ban benefitted society Nitish Kumar

first_imgBihar CM Nitish Kumar unfurled the national flag at the Gandhi Maidan in Patna on the occasion of the 73rd Independence Day . Kumar, in his speech, particularly lauded the liquor ban imposed by his government three years ago as a path-breaking initiative which benefitted the society immensely. “We enforced liquor ban on the demand of women which benefitted the society as people were taken away from the bottle and engaged in productive work. Over four crore people from the state joined in the movement supporting the liquor ban,” he said. Also Read – Financial emergency: Cong blames BJP for economic slowdown in country Advertise With Us “Some educated people say that drinking liquor is a fundamental right. I strongly object this and there is data to back the claim that liquor is evil for society. The World Health Organization published a report which stated that 30 lakh people died due to drinking liquor in 2016 which is around 5 per cent of the total deaths reported in the year.”last_img read more

Protests as Trump visits site of antiSemitic attack

first_imgPeople protesting against US President Donald Trump gather near the Tree of Life Congregation on 30 October in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photo: AFPUS president Donald Trump visited Tuesday the Pittsburgh synagogue where 11 people were gunned down at the weekend in an anti-Semitic attack, as more than 1,500 protesters gathered nearby to make it clear the US president was unwelcome.Carrying signs that read “President Hate, Leave Our State!” and “Trump, Renounce White Nationalism Now,” the protesters gathered near the Tree of Life synagogue where the carnage unfolded Saturday.Trump — accompanied by his wife Melania, arrived in the late afternoon, and placed a white flower and a small stone on each star erected in memory of the dead at a makeshift memorial outside the Tree of Life.Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, who are Jewish, followed at a short distance, also pausing at each star.The first couple then entered the synagogue and lit candles in honour of each of those killed, the occasion punctuated by the still audible cries of protesters outside.The controversial visit came after mourners crowded into nearby synagogues and joined street processions at the first funerals for some of the victims of the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in modern US history.The service for brothers Cecil and David Rosenthal, both in their 50s, was the first in honor of those killed in what was an apparent hate crime.Services for 66-year-old doctor Jerry Rabinowitz and 71-year-old Daniel Stein followed in Pittsburgh, where scores of residents protested Trump’s visit.The president’s trip to Pennsylvania came amid a mounting row over whether his fierce rhetoric at campaign rallies and on Twitter has helped stoke extremism ahead of next week’s midterm elections.”It’s just enraging that this type of hate crime could occur here and that the leadership of our country does not denounce anti-Semitism and does not denounce white nationalism and does not denounce neo-Nazism,” mourner Joanna Izenson told AFP.Suspect Robert Bowers is facing more than two dozen charges related to the bloodshed at the Tree of Life, which is located in the city’s traditionally Jewish Squirrel Hill neighbourhood.The 46-six-year-old reportedly told police after his capture, “I just want to kill Jews,” having claimed on social media that Jews were helping transport caravans of refugees from Central America into the United States, calling the migrants “invaders.”The caravans are a favourite target of the president, and he has called a group of several thousand impoverished mainly Honduran migrants currently attempting to walk north to the United States “an invasion.”Beautiful tributeFriends and strangers alike packed the Rodef Shalom temple, a 25-minute walk from the Tree of Life, for the Rosenthals’ funeral, which took place under tight security.After the service, mourners spilled out onto the street, some of them sobbing and clasping each other.The brothers’ caskets were placed in two hearses and driven away, with a sheriff’s car leading the procession.”It was tragic, it was sad — it was a beautiful tribute to two wonderful, loving, innocent men,” said Paul Taylor, a Catholic priest who attended the service, which he said was “standing room only.”Another mourner, a retired teacher who only gave her first name Nancy, said: “I was finally able to cry.”Nearby, dozens of mourners walked behind the hearse carrying the remains of Rabinowitz in Squirrel Hill, according to footage posted on social media.Meanwhile, protesters gathered near the Tree of Life synagogue to vent their anger.”President Trump, you are not welcome in Pittsburgh until you fully renounce white nationalism.”Jeffrey Myers, a rabbi who was present when the attack started, told CNN: “The president of the United States is always welcome.”But protesters disagreed.”I think it’s more divisive than uniting,” 57-year-old librarian Nonie Heystek said of Trump’s visit.Christian rabbiThe Pittsburgh shooting spree came in the same week that authorities arrested an ardent Trump supporter from Florida on suspicion of mailing more than a dozen homemade bombs to opponents and critics of the president.The incidents have led to accusations that Trump has fanned violence through almost daily tweets and speeches lambasting illegal immigrants, political opponents and journalists in divisive language.Trump has struck back in typical fashion, arguing that critical journalists were in fact the ones feeding extremism across the country.Trump’s Pittsburgh visit is not the only element of the administration’s response to the massacre that has been a source of controversy.On Monday, vice president Mike Pence attended a campaign rally in Michigan at which a so-called “Christian rabbi” was invited to speak on behalf of the area’s Jewish community.Instead of opening with prayers for the 11 victims of the Tree of Life shooting, Loren Jacobs praised Jesus Christ and then offered prayers for four Republican candidates.Jews expressed outrage over social media, describing Jacobs’ appearance as an “insulting political stunt” and blasting Pence as a “Christian supremacist.”last_img read more

UPDATE Irma Causes 4th South Carolina Death

first_imgThe Latest on Irma (all times local):1:50 p.m.Authorities say Irma has caused a fourth death in South Carolina when a city worker drove off the road during heavy rains.Columbia City Manager Teresa Wilson says 48-year-old Arthur Strudwick died after a single-vehicle crash Monday night.Columbia police said they believe weather was a factor. Police said it appears Strudwick lost control of his pickup truck and went off the road, striking a tree, during windy and rainy conditions.Wilson says Strudwick was pronounced dead at a hospital. The worker for the forestry division of the city’s Public Works Department had been on his way to help with a downed tree when he crashed.Three other deaths in South Carolina have been attributed to the storm. Share Many Caribbean islands were hardest-hit by #Irma, accounting for the majority of storm-related deaths— ABC News (@ABC) September 11, 2017___1:40 p.m.An American Airlines flight was the first to arrive at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Tuesday morning after the airport was shut down for three days during Hurricane Irma and its aftermath.The busy South Florida airport usually handles about 800 flights a day, but was handling about half as many Tuesday.Airport spokesman Greg Meyer said the airport was ramping up its capacity.About 2,800 flights have been cancelled since Thursday, including 356 on Tuesday.Both runways were operational and were not damaged. But out of an abundance of caution the airport was only using the south runway because of standing water between the taxi and the runway on the north runway.Airport staff, including TSA and vendors, arrived around 4 a.m. Many workers were diverted to customer service positions to help stranded passengers, including those who were stuck on cruise ships at sea.___1:15 p.m.People on the Georgia coast are facing their second round of expensive storm repairs in less than a year thanks to Tropical Storm Irma.When Irma arrived Monday, Joey Spalding of Tybee Island was still finishing flood damage repairs from when Hurricane Matthew hit last October. The new storm pushed 2 feet (0.6 meters) of water into Spalding’s house at high tide. He waded into waist-deep floodwaters in the street.Spalding says new drywall, insulation and flooring installed after Matthew is now ruined and needs to be replaced.Tybee Island Mayor Jason Buelterman says Irma caused worse flooding on the island than Matthew. He estimates roughly 200 homes got flooded by both storms. Storm surge and heavy rain from Irma caused flooding all along the Georgia coast.___1:00 p.m.Gov. Roy Cooper said forestry crews equipped with chain saws and some National Guard soldiers are helping clear roads in parts of western North Carolina affected by the remnants of Hurricane Irma.Cooper said Tuesday that the crews were working mostly in Buncombe, Jackson and Macon counties. Buncombe County includes Asheville.The governor said the state had five emergency shelters open Monday night and they had about 80 people in them at midnight.Cooper said two rescue teams have been sent to Florida to help with recovery there.___12:55 p.m.A third death in South Carolina has been attributed to Hurricane Irma.Sumter County Coroner Robert Baker Jr. says 54-year-old William McBride was pronounced dead Tuesday of carbon monoxide poisoning.Baker says McBride had been running a generator inside his mobile home for at least several hours, with only a single window cracked for ventilation.Baker says power was knocked out in some parts of the county at around 8:30 p.m. Monday.Baker says McBride’s sons found him Tuesday morning and called authorities.___12:45 p.m.Emergency response aircraft have places to land in the Florida Keys.Monroe County officials said Tuesday that airports in Key West and Marathon, as well as the Navy base in Key West, were operational — but only emergency response flights were allowed.Authorities were working to reopen three hospitals in the Keys. Mariners Hospital in Tavernier, in the Upper Keys, was found to have water damage that delayed reopening.Three air ambulances that rode out the storm in Alabama will be returning to the Keys and begin flying for medical emergencies.The county said two 300-foot stretches of road that were washed out by Irma at the 75 and 38 mile markers were expected to be repaired Tuesday.Shelters are being opened where food and water would be distributed. The locations include at a Key West shopping plaza, a school near the point of landfall on Cudjoe Key, the high school in Marathon and along the Overseas Highway in the Florida Key Deer Refuge.___12:10 p.m.Florida’s largest utility says much of the state’s east coast could have power back by Sunday, but other areas could take 10 days or more.Rob Gould, vice president and chief communications officer for Florida Power & Light, said Tuesday that the utility expects to have power on for most customers along the state’s eastern coast by the end of this weekend.Gould said it would take until the end of Sept. 22 to restore power along the state’s western coast where the damage was much more severe. He did say that some areas hit by tornadoes or flooding may take longer.FPL says that 2.8 million homes and businesses are without power throughout its service area as of Tuesday.Utility officials say they have nearly 20,000 workers helping with the restoration effort. FPL says it has gotten crews from as far away as Canada to California.___11:55 a.m.A convoy of federal emergency management trucks was preparing to head to Florida from an Alabama staging area to help with Irma recovery.The Federal Emergency Management Agency has scheduled 180 trucks to depart Alabama for Florida on Tuesday. That’s according to Richard Brewer, the director of external affairs for FEMA’s Center for Domestic Preparedness.FEMA had staged 930 tractor-trailer trucks at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery ahead of the storm’s arrival.FEMA maintains large stores of food, bottled water, medical supplies, cots and blankets that are pre-packed and strategically placed at locations throughout the United States. Those supplies were pre-staged on semi-trucks so they can be driven into the disaster zone after the storm passes.__11:35 a.m.Beyond the luxurious mansions and beachfront resorts are thousands of Florida Keys residents living on the brink of poverty. Advocates say these are the people facing massive hurdles as hurricane clean up begins.Stephanie Kaple runs the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition for the Homeless. She says many people who work in hotels and restaurants are already living paycheck to paycheck.The string of tropical islands that stretch south from Florida, connected by bridges, are home to about 70,000 people, with about 13 percent living in poverty.In addition to providing shelter and recovery service, Kaple said her organization helps prevent homelessness by paying emergency rent, air conditioner repairs and medical bills for community members in need.She said that despite support from the United Way and Monroe County, those funds, post hurricane, will soon be running out.___11:30 a.m.The remnants of Irma toppled trees and power lines in Alabama, leaving thousands without electricity, but didn’t appear to cause major damage.Alabama Power Co., the state’s largest provider of electricity, reported that on Tuesday morning that 20,000 households and businesses were without power. The power outages were concentrated in the eastern portion of the state.Irma, at tropical storm status, pelted the state with cold rain and wind gusts as high as 45 mph on Monday. Rains and wind began to dissipate on Tuesday.Several school systems remained closed on Tuesday after official announced two days of closures ahead of the storm’s approach.___11:25 a.m.Miami Beach’s mayor said hospitals, police and fire stations were getting power restored first.But Mayor Philip Levine also said he sympathized with residents who lacked relief from the heat in the barrier island city across the water from downtown Miami.Levine said in an emailed statement Tuesday that he would exert what pressure he could on Florida Power and Light to do repairs as fast as possible for residents.Levine said: “I promise you that I will use the full force of my office to continue to put pressure on FPL to get our community’s power restored so we can return to normalcy.”___11:20 a.m.The remnants of Hurricane Irma blew down trees and caused power outages in southeastern Tennessee, causing some school districts to close or delay classes.Crews were out Tuesday morning clearing trees off some roadways, and a local electric company was working to restore power to homes. No injuries have been reported.Meanwhile, officials in Nashville deactivated the city’s emergency operations center around 1 a.m. Tuesday, about five hours after partially activating it.The National Weather Service in Nashville called Irma’s impact “underwhelming” and said while the next couple of days will be rainy and breezy, warmer temperatures are expected to return on Friday, when the high is projected to reach the mid-80s.___11:15 a.m.Police across Florida are warning of scams in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.Boynton Beach police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater said in a news release that two men posing as power company workers stole nearly $13,000 in jewelry from a 95-year-old woman.Slater says the woman was sitting in her living room with the front door open Monday afternoon when the men walked in. They told the woman they were checking switches to restore power. She told police one man remained in the living room while she escorted the other man through the house, flipping light switches.According to a police report, the men told the woman her power would come on shortly. She later discovered that her jewelry and some cash had been stolen.Police say there is no reason for anyone with a power company to enter individual homes at this time. Any power company officials will be credentialed and most will be driving vehicles marked with company signage.___11:05 a.m.South Carolina officials say a man was killed in a wreck on a wet and windy interstate as Irma moved past.Public Safety Director Leroy Smith said 21-year-old Zhen Tain died in the crash on Interstate 77 east of Columbia around 3:15 p.m. Monday.Troopers say Tain crashed into another car and his Ford Mustang flipped, trapping him inside. Authorities say the second driver was taken to the hospital. Her condition was not known.Troopers say the wreck is still under investigation.The National Weather Service says there was heavy rain in Columbia with wind gusts around 40 mph when the wreck happened.Tain is the second person killed in South Carolina during Irma. Authorities say a man was hit by a falling limb while clearing debris near his home Monday afternoon in Calhoun Falls.Smith says Tain was driving too fast for conditions losing control on the wet road, hitting the other vehicle before flipping over on its roof, trapping Tain inside.___10:50 a.m.Florida’s governor says that bridges linking the Florida Keys appeared to escape serious damage from Hurricane Irma, but more time is needed to finish inspections.Gov. Rick Scott said Tuesday that officials continue to check the 42 Overseas Highway bridges that link the Florida Keys together. He said none appear seriously damaged but that “we’re not sure that on the bridges we should be putting on significant weight.”Residents were allowed to return Tuesday to some islands in the Upper Keys. But there was a roadblock preventing people from accessing islands further away while repairs and inspections continue.__10:25 a.m.NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida remains closed, but appears to have weathered Hurricane Irma well.The same holds true at adjoining Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.Inspection crews were out in full force Tuesday.Power has been restored to NASA and Air Force facilities but water service is out. Until that’s restored, Kennedy will stay closed to non-essential personnel.Over at Kennedy’s tourist area, life-size replicas of the space shuttle fuel tank and booster rockets were still standing outside the home of shuttle Atlantis. No major damage has been reported at the visitor complex.Brigadier General Wayne Monteith, who’s in charge of Air Force operations says, “We dodged another bullet.” Last October, Hurricane Matthew stayed safely off shore. On Monday, Irma remained well to the west of Cape Canaveral.___9:55 a.m.Officials in Miami Beach allowed residents to return to their homes Tuesday morning after Hurricane Irma pounded Florida with wind and rain.A long line of cars amassed on Interstate 195 at 6:55 a.m. Tuesday, waiting for the road blocks to be taken down.The entryways have been blocked since Sunday night so crews could remove numerous downed branches from main arteries and clear debris.To re-enter the beach, residents must show a state ID or other proof of residency.___9:55 a.m.The Public Prosecutor’s office in Dutch St. Maarten says police and soldiers there have put an end to what it calls “large-scale robberies and looting” in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.The office released a statement saying it doesn’t know how many people have been arrested but that some accused of minor offenses have been released and some have been assigned to help the Caribbean island clean up from the ravages of the storm.The government only has enough space to detain only those accused of the most serious offenses.The statement released Tuesday says authorities there have photos and videos of suspects involved in looting and robbery and will be working with the public to identify them in the coming days.___9 a.m.Jacksonville sheriff’s officials said on Twitter that 356 people were rescued from flooding on Monday as Hurricane Irma moved over Florida.And they tweeted some advice for them: “We hope the 356 people who had their lives saved yesterday will take evacuation orders seriously in the future.”Sheriff’s officials also said that all bridges leading into downtown Jacksonville have re-opened.They noted that many roads are still blocked or flooded Tuesday morning and motorist are urged to treat intersections without working red lights as four-way stops.___9 a.m.French President Emmanuel Macron said the government’s “top priority” is to help the populations return to normal life in French Caribbean territories that have been hit by Hurricane Irma.Macron said in a news conference in Pointe-a-Pitre airport, in Guadeloupe, that a major air bridge is bringing emergency aid and rescuers to St. Martin and St. Barts islands.He added that about 1,900 police and troops are now on the ground to ensure security in St. Martin, one of the hardest-hit islands where 11 people were killed.Macron said power was restored in about 50 percent of homes in St. Martin. He also hoped some schools will be able to open as soon as next week. All of the island’s schools have been damaged or destroyed.Macron is now heading to St. Martin to meet with residents. He’ll then go to St. Barts.___9 a.m.FEMA Administrator Brock Long says the Florida Keys “took the brunt of the hit” from Hurricane Irma and it will take time to survey the damage there before residents there can return.In a news conference Tuesday, Long says of Monroe County: “A majority of the homes there have been impacted in some way” with homes destroyed or damaged.Long says Irma damage is more complex than Hurricane Harvey, affecting the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Florida’s Seminole Tribe, which relies on the federal government for disaster relief.___8:30 a.m.Federal officials are warning of possible fuel shortages in the Southeast because of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.Last week, the Homeland Security Department issued a week-long waiver on federal restrictions of foreign vessels so they could help distribute fuel. Officials noted this action should help, but urged patience.Christopher Krebs, head of infrastructure protection for the Homeland Security Department, told reporters Tuesday that Harvey took a “significant amount” of the nation’s refining capacity offline and affected distribution. “As a result,” he said, “there may be some fuel supply shortages throughout the Southeast.”___8:30 a.m.Millions of people across Florida remain without power in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.Florida’s Division of Emergency Management reported Tuesday morning that more than 5 million customers didn’t have electricity. That’s more than half of the state.The number of actual people affected is likely much higher since utilities are reporting the number of accounts affected by outages.Some areas such as Collier County, the location of the storm’s second landfall, report more that more than 90 percent of homes and businesses are without electricity.___7:55 a.m.The mayor of Jacksonville, Florida, says his city has the money it needs to begin rebuilding after Hurricane Irma.Mayor Lenny Curry tells NBC’s “Today” that his city is on firm financial ground. He says it can begin rebuilding as it works with the federal and state governments to secure additional funding.Curry says he doesn’t have an estimate for what it will cost to repair the damage.In Washington, Brock Long, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, says officials are keeping an eye on flooding in Jacksonville from the St. John River.Long says authorities are still conducting “life-safety” missions in Jacksonville due to the severe flooding.Mayor Curry says the flooding could take weeks to subside.___7:55 a.m.Federal officials say their focus Tuesday in storm-ravaged Florida will be on deploying aircraft to survey the damage and orchestrate any needed rescues.They’re warning residents not to return home until local authorities declare their area safe.Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke told reporters in Washington “our No. 1 concern today is with saving lives.”Duke says weather is cooperating, and the Defense Department and other federal agencies are contributing resources. She says: “We are working to get as many aircraft in the air as possible.”Brock Long, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, says of Irma damage: “This is going to be a frustrating event” and it will likely be “some time” before people are allowed back into their homes.___7:55 a.m.A 55-year-old Florida man died when the chain saw he was using to clear trees in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma became entangled in a branch, causing it to kick up and cut his carotid artery.Hillsborough County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Cristal Nunez said in a news release that Wilfredo Hernandez was clearing trees in Tampa on Monday afternoon when the accident occurred.Nunez said deputies used a harness to lower the man from the tree, but he died at the scene.___7:35 a.m.Officials in the upper Florida Keys are allowing residents and business owners to return after Hurricane Irma.People were able to return to Monroe County as of 7 a.m. EDT Tuesday.In a Facebook posting, Monroe County officials said a yellow re-entry sticker or proof of residency or business ownership will be required.County officials said a roadblock will be put around mile marker 74, where part of U.S. 1 was washed out by Hurricane Irma, which slammed into the state Sunday as a Category 4 storm. A road crew is expected to begin repairs Tuesday.Officials warned returning residents that there are limited services available. Most areas are still without power and water and cellphone service is limited. Most gas stations in the Key Largo area are still closed.Crews are working to clear U.S. 1, the only road that runs north/south through the Florida Keys.County officials also said Mariners Hospital in Tavernier was expected to reopen Tuesday morning.___7:35 a.m.More than 1.2 million customers in Georgia are without power after Irma swirled into the state.Georgia Power will be starting to assess damages on Tuesday. The utility company says much of the state including coastal Georgia and metro Atlanta experienced the most outages after parts of the state received widespread damage caused by high winds and heavy rainfall.Georgia Power says Fulton County currently has the most outages with 105,390.By early Tuesday, Georgia Power has nearly 800,000 outages and EMC has around 466,000 customers without power.The Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority has resumed service Tuesday, but limited routes. The transportation company will have rail service running in 20-minute intervals.___7:35 a.m.Tropical Storm Irma no longer exists but she left plenty of problems in South Carolina.More than 220,000 customers were without electricity early Tuesday. Duke Energy reported the biggest problems with 100,000 customers without service. The biggest problems were in Anderson and Greenville counties.The South Carolina Electric Cooperatives report that about 63,000 customers are without service. The biggest problems are in Oconee and Charleston counties.South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. had 58,000 customers without service early Tuesday. The major problems were in Charleston and Beaufort counties.Many schools in South Carolina are closed or opening on a delayed schedule Tuesday.At least one person died. Fifty-seven-year-old Charles Saxon was killed Monday afternoon by a tree limb while clearing debris outside his home in Calhoun Falls.___7:15 a.m.The 600 monkeys, birds and other animals at Miami’s Jungle Island made it through Hurricane Irma just fine. But the park sustained a lot of tree damage.The park’s managing director Christopher Gould tells the Miami Herald the tree damage was worse than in Hurricane Andrew. “We have weeks of work ahead of us to overcome this type of damage,” he said.Gould said he’s not sure when the park will reopen. He says workers are still estimating the damage.After Hurricane Andrew, the park — which was then called Parrot Jungle — suffered nearly $5 million in damage and was closed for three weeks.The animals rode out the storm secured in hurricane-proof enclosures. Gould says there were specialists on hand to help the animals deal with the stress. All of the animals were back in their habitats by Monday.___6:45 a.m.French President Emmanuel Macron has arrived in Guadeloupe, the first step of his visit to French Caribbean islands hammered by Hurricane Irma.Macron is meeting in Pointe-a-Pitre airport with rescuers and local authorities officials to discuss the support and aid they can bring to nearby St. Martin and St. Barts islands, the hardest-hit by the storm.He’ll then be heading to St. Martin to meet with residents, and then to St. Barts.Macron’s plane is bringing water, food and tons of medicines and emergency equipment. The president is also being accompanied by doctors and experts who will be in charge of evaluating the damage.___5:55 a.m.The airport for Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has re-opened Tuesday morning after closing as Hurricane Irma pounded the state.Operations at the airport resumed at 4 a.m. EDT, but a check of the airport’s website Tuesday morning showed many flights still canceled.Meanwhile, the Miami International Airport said in a tweet that it will resume operations on a limited basis Tuesday. But the airport said passengers should contact their airlines to check on flight status before coming.Six deaths in Florida have been blamed on Irma, which first hit the state Sunday as a powerful Category 4 hurricane.___2:15 a.m.Florida residents have begun to dig out in hurricane-scarred Florida and officials are slowly piecing together the scope of Irma’s vicious path of destruction across the peninsula.The fate of the Florida Keys, where Irma rumbled through with Category 4 muscle, remains largely a question mark. Communication and access were cut and authorities dangled only vague assessments of ruinous impact.Florida Gov. Rick Scott called the storm “devastating” after emerging from a Monday fly-over of the Keys.A Navy aircraft carrier was due to anchor off Key West to help in search-and-rescue efforts.The governor described overturned mobile homes, washed-ashore boats and rampant flood damage.Six deaths in Florida have been blamed on Irma, along with three in Georgia and one in South Carolina. At least 35 people were killed in the Caribbean.last_img read more

Houston Housing Officials Draw Ire For Evicting Elderly Residents

first_imgBrandon FormbySheila Anderson criticizes Houston Housing Authority officials on Sept. 21, 2017, after the entity issued eviction notices to elderly residents in a building flooded by Hurricane Harvey’s rains.The elderly residents of 2100 Memorial, a publicly subsidized high rise along Buffalo Bayou, unleashed a torrent of criticism Thursday against public housing officials who issued them eviction notices this week. And since the building’s first floor is still unusable after Hurricane Harvey’s historic rains flooded it, the Houstonians had to pack the second floor of their parking garage to vent their mounting frustrations.Commissioners of the Houston Housing Authority listened and took notes as the residents, some of whom sat with canes in hand or on the seats of their walkers, blasted leaders of the agency charged with protecting and finding housing for some of the city’s most vulnerable residents.“You can’t expect respect from people who have been trampled,” said Sheila Anderson, one of more than 180 residents who received eviction notices Monday.Most of 2100 Memorial’s residents stayed through Harvey’s epic rains, even when they lost power and running water. For weeks after the storm, they remained in units many said were unharmed by the flooding.But the building operator, which is an affiliate of the housing authority, gave tenants notice Monday that damage to the fire control, water and electrical systems rendered the structure unsafe. V.J. Memorial Corp. vice president Tory Gunsolley, who is also the housing authority’s president and CEO, told residents they had until Saturday to move out.Gunsolley said inspectors told him that a transformer on the first floor of the 2100 Memorial parking garage sat under water for so long during the nation’s worst-ever rain event that it could stop working at any time.“It was primarily done for the health and safety of the residents,” he said. “I don’t know when this transformer and this electrical system is going to fail.”Gunsolley told The Texas Tribune that it took weeks for inspectors to determine the property was uninhabitable because the authority, which serves more than 58,000 low-income area residents, has had to check several buildings it owns as well as help affordable housing voucher holders find new places to live.Government entities and housing advocacy groups have scrambled in the weeks after Harvey to determine the extent of the storm’s impact on Houston-area residents who have public housing vouchers or live in buildings, like 2100 Memorial, whose developers received tax incentives in exchange for offering discounted rents to low-income people. On Thursday, Gunsolley sat at a folding table in the parking garage of 2100 Memorial and said no deadline for move-outs will be imposed even though the building still needs to be vacated.“We’re in a dangerous situation,” Gunsolley told residents. “We need people to move as quickly as they can in an orderly fashion.”Residents criticized the housing authority, which administers federal affordable housing programs, for offering no help in paying for moving expenses. The day after the notices were distributed, the housing authority issued a press release that said it had given residents a list of other publicly subsidized housing units they “can explore as an option for relocation.”That list was the subject of many residents’ outrage Thursday. They said many apartments on the list are located in suburbs far from Houston’s urban core or no longer have any vacancies.“It was basically useless,” said Jerry Dohalick, a cancer patient and longtime resident who teared up as he spoke Thursday.Gunsolley said he thought he had found 500 available units.“So, we need to work on that list and with landlords and owners and find a better process,” he told The Texas Tribune on Thursday.That admission and vows to not impose a deadline for move-outs came after swift and fierce criticism from residents — and assurances from Mayor Sylvester Turner this week that elderly Houstonians would not be tossed on the street. The housing authority is an independent entity and not part of City Hall. But city officials stepped in and said they will make sure “residents have the information and resources they need.” Amid pressure, the authority is also now planning to help pay for residents’ moves.Authority officials had Federal Emergency Management Agency workers take residents’ applications for federal assistance. But many 2100 Memorial residents worry that their requests for financial aid so long after the hurricane will mean they will have to wait longer to hear back on if they qualify for help.“We were disrespected from the start,” Anderson said.After the meeting, Gunsolley vowed to work with residents and help them find new places to live.“I would say we had a false start,” he said. Sharelast_img read more

Texas Gambling Rules Explained You Can Play Bingo Or The Lottery But

first_imgBy Todd WisemanHey, Texplainer: Why do I have to go to other states to gamble?When Texans want to spin a roulette wheel, pull the arm of a slot machine or try their hand at scooping up the pot in the center of a poker table, many pack their bags and head for Louisiana, Oklahoma or Las Vegas. That’s because in most cases, it’s illegal in the state to gamble.For the past several decades, Texas legislators have largely frowned on the idea of relaxing the state’s gambling laws out of concern for morals and negative social effects. But Texas’ gambling laws aren’t by any means the strictest in the nation, and there are some forms of legal gambling that do take place.Texans may buy lottery tickets or place bets on horse races and greyhound dog races. The state’s also more lax on “social gambling,” or gambling that takes place in private places. Bingo games or charity auctions are usually allowed, so long as the organizer doesn’t take any portion of the profit.But what about casinos?Some of the three federally recognized Native American tribes in the state can own and run casinos on their lands. Right now, there are two casinos operating on reservations located near Livingston and Eagle Pass.The Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino near Eagle Pass is a fully functioning casino, complete with a poker room and gaming machines. It’s as close as Texans can get to Las Vegas-style casinos without leaving the state.Meanwhile, Naskila Gaming, a casino-like facility near Livingston, is the focus of an ongoing legal battle between the state and the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says the facility is subject to state laws. The tribe says it has federal authority to allow certain kinds of gambling. Right now, the venue is operating, but the state is trying to shut it down. There are also new forms of gambling-oriented businesses popping up throughout the state, such as the Post Oak Poker Club in Houston. Texas law maintains that an “organizer” can’t take money from the pot in games of chance. Instead, the poker club charges patrons a series of rental fees.Poker clubs like the one in Houston are in a legal gray zone, according to Greg Gladden, a lawyer who practices gambling law in Houston. He said the gaming laws aren’t clearly written and are enforced in different ways throughout the state. Gaming laws could changeFor years there has been a debate over whether the state should expand, clarify or get rid of its gaming laws.Some Texas legislators, such as state Rep. Carol Alvarado, D-Houston, say it’s time to leave some gaming laws up to the voters. She filed a bill in 2011 with the intent to do just that.“I know some of my colleagues get heartburn about allowing Texans to decide,” Alvarado said. “But Texans like to gamble, and if we do it smart, we could create economic development in the state.”Letting voters decide might lead to destination casino gambling – or casinos like those in Louisiana that have hotels – being legalized, she said. In 2011, a University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll found 56 percent of Texans supported allowing full casino gambling in the state. Alvarado said she thinks a law that allows for destination-type casinos would cut down on the amount of illegal gambling and could help generate additional revenue. She said she’ll file a similar bill in the next legislative session.“I’m going to continue to propose it until we pass it,” Alvarado said.Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court could rule as soon as Tuesday on whether individual states should have the right to decide whether they want to allow gambling on sports. Right now, legal sports gambling is essentially confined to Nevada. But even if the Supreme Court opens the option to other states, Texas might not jump at the chance to legalize the practice. In 2015, Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, told the Texas Lottery Commission that he “wholeheartedly” supports the current state restrictions on gambling. The bottom line: Texas gambling laws are complex, but Texans don’t necessarily have to leave the state in order to gamble. Sharelast_img read more

WhatsApp Was Hacked Heres How You Can Protect Your Phone Information

first_imgStay on target Bad news for WhatsApp users: The Facebook subsidiary, which currently has 1.5 billion users, was hacked and attackers were reportedly able to install spyware on some users’ smartphones.Earlier this month, WhatsApp reportedly found that “an advanced cyber actor” was behind the security dilemma, which infected an unknown number of people’s smartphones, Business Insider reported. On Monday, WhatsApp said it fixed the vulnerability, which enabled attackers to add code to users’ smartphones by calling them on WhatsApp, and unfortunately, some smartphones might have been infected even if calls were not answered, CNN Business noted.Those targeted by WhatsApp Spyware:-Journalists-Activists-Political opponents-Human Rights-Lawyers— Amnesty Int. Nigeria (@AmnestyNigeria) May 14, 2019AdChoices广告“The attack has all the hallmarks of a private company reportedly that works with governments to deliver spyware that takes over the functions of mobile phone operating systems,” a WhatsApp spokesperson said in a statement to CNN Business.WhatsApp did not name the private company responsible for the breach, however, it’s believed that many WhatsApp users, including a London-based human rights lawyer, were impacted by the incident. WhatsApp contacted Citizen Lab and other groups that collaborate with human rights defenders before it publicly announced the breach. By working with Citizen Lab, WhatsApp was able to help discover the attempted attack on the lawyer.Here’s what WhatsApp users can do following the breach: Even though WhatsApp said it remedied the vulnerability, it’s urging users to update their smartphones with the latest version of the WhatsApp app. With an iPhone, open the App Store, hit updates, select “WhatsApp,” and Update. On an Android device, open the Play Store, tap on the three lines in the upper left corner, choose “My apps & games” from the menu, hit “WhatsApp,” and click Update.<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>&nbsp;</p><p>More on Now Lets You Block People From Adding You to Group ChatsCreepy ‘Momo Challenge’ Reappears on WhatsAppWhatsApp Limits Message Forwarding to 5 Individuals, Groups Sri Lanka Temporarly Blocks Social Media Following Terror AttacksWhatsApp Now Lets You Block People From Adding You to Group Chats last_img read more

Cong names new heads for minority departments in 12 states

first_imgEffecting a major reshuffle, Congress on Friday appointed new heads for its minority departments in 12 states including key states of Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat.An AICC release issued by party general secretary Janardan Dwivedi said that the Congress president Sonia Gandhi has approved the names of MM Shaikh as chairman of the minority department of Maharashtra, Gulab Khan Raima for Gujarat, Siraj Mehandi for Uttar Pradesh, Amjad Khan Pathan for Punjab, Manzoor Ahmed Beg for Uttarakhand, Nizamuddin Qureshi for Rajasthan and Sharik Raees Khan for Chhattisgarh. Also Read – Need to understand why law graduate’s natural choice is not legal profession: CJIAhmed Ali Khan has been made the chairman of the minority department for Andhra Pradesh, Wajed Ali Choudhary for Assam, Billal Mia for Tripura and Bahauddin Beg for Daman and Diu.Sources said that changes will follow in other states soon as they were long due. It has been found that the department was not at all functional in a number of new states and hence a decision to thoroughly revamp the minority department in all states have been taken. In October last year, the party had appointed Khurshid Ahmed Saiyed, a minority leader from Gujarat as chairman of the AICC minority department replacing Imran Ur Rahman Kidwai, who held the post for more than 8 years. He is considered a Rahul Gandhi pick.last_img read more