The orientation of new era stationmaster’s profit direction

as a webmaster, you should often hear this saying that GG was blocked, Ali’s mother was sealed, and the Baidu union was sealed. The day is GG. Threatening. Stationmaster always so hard, this advertisement cannot, the advertisement cannot at the same time, this advertisement is not every day not landing in the background into another machine, what time will allow us to have these grassroots webmaster ease a little, I think this is the most webmaster wish.

for advertising, in fact, my own small joke net and most owners do advertising, what time all day watching GG always on tenterhooks income can reach the number of issued time, worried that their GG is K, the total will be hit and friends chatted. One time I asked a webmaster friend who had done GG from the end, and that’s what he said to me: read more

The necessary conditions for successful website management

the necessary conditions for successful website management

email marketing is one of the oldest forms of Internet marketing. E-mail marketing can be said to be older than most web marketing and marketing practices. In contrast, search engine optimization is the younger generation.

licensing email marketing

email marketing here is by no means spam, and it has nothing to do with spam.

what I introduced and recommended is the so-called licensed email marketing, that is, the recipient volunteered to ask you to e-mail him. read more

Personal cognition of independent blog and third party blog

with the rapid development of the Internet, blog in network marketing is not what happens, blog marketing is the most simple and free way of marketing in a variety of network marketing, blog and independent blog and the third party blog, here I talk about my own understanding of independence and the third party blog blog.

from the cost point of view, independent blog and third party blog

want to own independent blog must buy space, domain name registration, but also to build a blog, if you want to use your own blog to make money, then, first you should know what is your theme, you want what customers need to blog content, choose their familiar build blog system, and the third party blog. The basic cost is 0, as long as the registration to the third party blog registered account can publish articles; read more

Why is Baidu only included in the home page

this situation is a bundle of Rao many webmaster problems. Look at your website pages by search engine slowly shrink is very headache, at this time must first check from the external factors, see the website links if there was a station to be search engine punishment, whether the station relates to yellow, poison, gambling and disrupt public order or harm to society, then come back to check on you when the content of the website itself, for a period of time after the site to see.

if this is further reduced, add the corresponding content or external links. read more

My website construction log

local website how to profit has been discussed many times the topic, but I still want to come to say. One is to share their experiences and we also hope that the webmaster, two experienced give me some valuable advice to the point:


, I recently made a local website, and the web site’s themes are cosmetics and something about female themes.

was supposed to be nationally based on this topic, selling ads or making GG money. But I think there are too many websites of the same type in China, so I can’t compete with them. Rather do Zito do Plumosa, and turned to the local station. read more

King Kaka webmaster how to find the material to write soft Wen

my blog now has some more than 50 articles, while also for the company to write some soft Wen, I remember the first time I write soft 2009-05-12, had not sent his blog on A5, although it doesn’t really look like, but at the time of the first step of the webmaster. As far as I know, the webmaster general science and engineering is, to write this not very skilled and loved, but I feel that I write in your own words your experience and views, as we all know the look of it. Some owners sometimes can not find a written material, I also as for writing this worry, but now I guarantee a month wrote a dozen, said the following about my own experience, I hope to help you! read more

Developing the mentality of building a website system

as a technician, I firmly believe that technology can change life.

when I graduated 04 years ago, I went to an Internet company. Technology executives interviewed a lot of people finally hired me, because I only write asp database connection string! Because the company has just started, the business is relatively simple, and most of the information technology company, website building, domain name, Baidu promotion etc.. The company also had a small computer, and at first I was given a display smaller than 15 inches. The new monitor I bought at school was 15 inches. The supervisor put me in the corner of the wall and asked the other technician to do it when the company was in business. He made me pay attention to other people’s website code and seemed to train me. I admired the technician very much. People had work to do every day. read more

7 thoughts on doing web site

number 1: please don’t do "URL station"". No matter how you are now and how confident your website is, it has personality and characteristics. Anyway, Baidu won’t give you any confidence. If you don’t have the money to give it to Mr. Li, please give it up at once.

second: please don’t be a porn station. These are just short-sighted people who will do it.

third: private website. There are many such young people, to this end to experience the "prison break" life. I hope you don’t join their team,. read more

nternet business success eight Google Adsense apply for actual combat

after the website obtains the flow through the promotion, the profit is next may consider the topic. The website has what profit mode, how to choose the profit method that suits one’s own site, it is the problem that this chapter needs to discuss thoroughly.

a, divergent thinking, so that the site profit maximization

two, advertising alliance to choose carefully,

three, large advertising alliance introduced

four, is the site good for an advertising alliance,

?More than

content details can be read the article "Internet business success" (eight): large advertising alliance introduced in reading. read more

Grassroots webmaster do SNS station the future of a dark

1, first met, fell in love with her,

1 months ago, the group of friends of the SNS website, which can log, upload photos, better is also friends, playing many WEB games. I watched the thought I did such a website, can fire.

I find at the bottom of the copyright is UCH DZ, I immediately go to the official website to download the installation program, started as a website to domain name, then I registered the domain name (, to a website named "happy net 90Tom".

2, full of information, and strive to promote read more

Health domain name case analysis select domain name focus on have road


domain name market at home and abroad has been very active, domain name trading at high prices and enable a lot of cases, the major share of overseas market transactions in the words and phrases domain name still dominate the market, China is still the dominant Pinyin and digital domain, recently the author found that the overseas market trading cases, health related industry domain is very popular.

overseas market, many investors pay attention to the health of the domain name, trading at high prices and enabled many cases, such as health domain for $55537 in overseas successful sale of about 380 thousand yuan, the Worldwide Media Inc Michael Berkens to $40000 successfully competing English word group domain name launched health website, the amount of about 270 thousand yuan, sold to 22337 domain name dollars, about 150 thousand yuan, the domain name $20000 for sale, etc.. read more

3366 small game site operation skills secret see Tencent skills

let my friends witness my achievements, and let my friends share my happiness!


is a rookie webmaster, a fully understand the webmaster, an inexperienced webmaster, a poor webmaster, that is me.

remember when I bought the domain name, the original made a small game station of a friend told me that this domain name is garbage domain name, said useless, when I just play, and used to build a station. I didn’t expect this game station to operate for two months, so I feel very good. read more

Let Baidu K stand off reincluding of extreme method

is going to work tomorrow. Taking advantage of the afternoon, write out what you’ve done before. Study with everyone.

used to get a red wine website with his friends. It’s on behalf of selling all kinds of red wine. It’s closed now, because it sells only a few, but to tell the truth, the profit is very high. Feel shy, said the money I digress.

that wine station starts to include, not bad. Rank is general, just a few long tail everyday can let a person come in slip. I didn’t do anything to optimize it, because there were other stations at that time. I just noticed the brand and model of the red wine when I wrote the title of the product page. In this way, without any changes, Baidu gave the station to K. I still hope to wait for the Baidu period to be included again, after all, this site does not intend to take up its own time to do it. But second months have passed, and I am very unhappy. My station keeps Baidu K on one page. read more

Experience in the operation of discount websites 1

is the discounted net more and more on the market, both successful and unsuccessful I began planning meet the eye everywhere, a discount website from the University (then the idea that I was the first one until now ^ ^), the real operating discount nets, has accumulated some experience, so here to share with you under the.

, first of all, say the site’s location:

1 based positioning, of course is to discount information, so there needs to be a problem to consider is to do what kind of discount information, general discount nets are located in the people’s daily consumption, including catering, entertainment and other information, you can continue to refine the classification, positioning in the catering or entertainment or what other categories, this is a very important point, is directly related to the user location under your. read more

How to build a website that can quickly overtake others

new station, how to do well step by step, optimize and surpass others. For we cannot exceed the previous station, the site is a test of one’s mind. I believe that if you can do a website well, then you must be mature and steady. For a new station, how to let him optimize step by step,


: first of all, after deciding to make a website, you must have reviewed the profitability and competitiveness of this keyword. At the beginning of the site, these must be considered first. It is very important to analyze the heat of keyword and the conversion rate of key words and competitors’ websites. If Baidu’s home page is not very competitive, or if your competitors haven’t updated it for a long time, you’re hoping to outdo others. The only thing you have to do is to do more than others and stick to it longer. Believe yourself, after the test of time, is a test beyond others. So, let’s start with a description of our website from the beginning to the end of the optimization. read more

How to write a medical article

we must first determine the article is written on the website, this is reflected in the form of a web page, then the three elements, "title: keyword: discretion title, keywords, description, we must first clear. Such as

red box in this page: title is: Guangzhou Huadu Armed Police Hospital [Huadu public health hospital] Huadu best gynecological hospital

Description: Guangzhou Huadu Huadu Armed Police Hospital, the best gynecological hospital andrology, attention to the male prostate, the foreskin phimosis, impotence and premature ejaculation and female painless abortion, infertility, gynecological inflammation and other treatment, and is provided with features of read more

A 18 year old webmaster’s experience

first. I declare that I am not a shooter. 18 years old is 18 years old. August 8th this year, the 18 birthday. Absolutely not to attract everyone according to this title. It’s not a tech sticker. If it’s for study, please turn it off. I just want to say a little bit about what I’ve been doing online for so many years.

not so much as I’m a station master. As I am a geek. Childhood conditions are not very good. But early contact with the network. Now miss creaking cat online. Now go to school in the field. Of course, there is no network. There is not much living expenses for the family every month. But the station gets 100200 subsidy. Fair enough to go. Man’s desire for money is limitless. So let yourself be frugal. Every day life is a lesson. Go to the Internet bar after class. Update your website, go backward, see the post. Day after day. Is also more substantial. Sometimes just thinking. Why do I have to be on the Internet? I can only answer now. Interesting. If you give me one more chance to choose. I might not choose the internet. Because a lot of people do. Giving and getting out of proportion. read more

How to effectively carry out mail marketing

A5 before, published two articles, called "how to effectively carry out the promotion of forum" and "how to effectively carry out marketing blog", many people see the gave high evaluation, so many webmaster exchange with me QQ, by communicating with them, let me learn a lot their experience, of course, there are worse than I learned from my experience, I want to continue to write an article on how to conduct effective email marketing articles, I hope to help some poor people than I, master can bypass, but also welcome criticism. read more

Airbnb founder how do you incorporate social elements into your web design

, author of an interview with Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia, talks about how the site will focus its attention on social services.

also describes the magic code tools used by Airbnb, which may be more important than you might think.

there is no better time for Joe Gebbia than it is now. 5 years ago, Gebbia’s friend Brian Chesky (from Rhodes Island School of design) came to his house and wanted to rent a room in his attic. That weekend, a group of designers were looking for hotel accommodation for a forthcoming design conference. The conference was held in the city where Gebbia was held, but the local hotel rooms were already full. Chesky didn’t work at the time, so he and Gebbia decided to provide weekend accommodation for some of the designers who came to the area, and they soon earned $1000, so Airbnb was born. read more