Only to have the difference to make the website ranking steadily rising

second: the use of the current hot spots to create web content difference

(2) when we click into the category, the system will provide what search >

: first improve the overall tone of the site, let the web interface with the differences in

The overall tone of

content is king, believe that every webmaster do not have any objections. The content is the soul of the website, the world can have people but not as like as two peas, may have thought and soul are the same person. It also shows that the content of the difference in the website rankings also play a great role. But to create high quality original content is not so easy, after all, not every station is a great writer, so I recommend you to build web content with the fact that hot fresh baked good. Specific can do: read more

How to better please Google search engine

as everyone knows, noble baby more than Baidu no "human nature", as long as you can follow the reasonable operation rules of noble baby, not "human nature", your website will achieve the ideal ranking and weight, the baby and the nobility of Shanghai Longfeng share how to please the noble baby search engine.

third, "king of the wind" website needs to the throne and worship, which ranked the weight and flow, and bring the important way of ranking weight and flow is the chain. How to find a good platform for the chain, Shanghai dragon baby nobility do webmaster should know that not all of the chain are defined as the noble baby outside the chain, the chain may be all you do is noble baby included, but when you Link in the noble baby will find Link the little baby and many of the nobles of Shanghai Longfeng chain calculation methods are based on the Yahoo chain for the quasi. Noble baby chain included only some of the weight of the chain high. The main form of noble baby Chain Forum, blog, micro-blog, Links, but is not a baby is not the chain of work is not necessary to do, of course not, as long as the noble baby have included, this work is effective; but by the chain as the chain is the chain weight high it is necessary to sum up experience, to do some more, please the baby weight effect are better ranking website to you. read more

How to build the chain outside the chain of high quality is what kind of high quality

to make the high quality the chain is soft, the form of publishing, written text, text relevance. The author thinks that the effect of the chain, according to the rank, can be divided into the following 3 points:

Since the


1. keywords description text outside the chain

explained: the author thinks that in the soft, can not add description text case, key words and the text of the chain form is second important, because the love of spiders in Shanghai can read your article content with what, so in the website search engine you can master what you add keywords and web site. read more

How to use micro blog WeChat for the website to import traffic

is that your website can provide a basis for users to obtain information on micro-blog or WeChat on a more extensive and depth information for users, and these information to users and to understand the relevant information, can attract users than users want to know more information.

of course you don’t have to like the above do directly, can also be mildly to the user also to your website, make it easier for users to accept. And these by micro-blog, WeChat active query detailed user must be accurate users of your site. Of course, you have to do is how to let them pay attention to your micro-blog or WeChat, micro-blog and WeChat, more attention is paid on you, for your website to introduce more traffic, how to introduce the remaining flow is very simple. read more

Why are people obsessed with listing 8 year old driver told you after the listing even huge losses s


since ancient times, are in order of arrival said, I think there should be a good first published rankings, but the Internet is not poor. You learn SEO, good optimization. The Internet is cruel.

the company listed 7 years, has been transformed from the original financial electronic products and service providers to focus on the courier easy project as the core of the courier company, this has not Suntech suntech.

put the satellite with the bath solution Santai holding

Yantai is a stalwart of what company? It is mainly through its "golden Baoming", "love car net" sites such as commercial insurance and life insurance products Internet promotion, access to relevant service fee income. But this company has only one customer – China Ping An, a serious single client read more

Webmaster friend please note that malicious brush advertising how to doJinshan on the 23 day 24 al

has also been in the post after his mother, ID ABCD, A station: integrity, this is his post address: club.alimama/viewthread.php? Tid=136869, is not difficult to find that this person is to cheat for a living.


not >

with the development of the Internet, a large number of personal webmasters have emerged. And these individual stationmaster also has a lot of rely on to do alliance advertisement to exist.

More information on ?

if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback read more

Optimization of Enterprise Station Station blog details

Hello, I am a rock. I have a customer advisory station how to optimize the enterprise blog recently, as far as I know: most of the enterprises have not established a station station two level domain name or directory in the form of blog, there are no established enterprise blog meaning? Only by thinking of optimization perspective, enterprises established within the blog for the ranking and do but from the enterprise stand optimization, function and marketing level analysis: in fact, the general corporate website is not necessary to set up a blog, news and information technology products or a business website, this is enough. Not much gossip at the station, if the enterprise set up a blog, how to optimize the details of read more

Love Shanghai bidding without V account will be to improve the promotion cost

you know, for the account of V need business account information, as well as the customer’s business license. For without V account increase promotion costs, will force the "high-risk households" for the love of Shanghai to pay a higher price. The potential meaning of love for Shanghai: the greater the risk, the greater the pay.

Related reading:

here is love Shanghai sent to the customer service information:

the self love Shanghai learning net original bidding bidding www.zixuesem贵族宝贝 reproduced please specify the address. read more

Non normal hyperlink chain has what kind of value for Shanghai Dragon

link to the CSS file of the link is temporarily unable to confirm whether the value of external links. HTML > < a code; href= 贵族宝贝 >

like you in other website to your website pictures, HTML code is < img; src= 贵族宝贝 > "贵族宝贝/pic.jpg" domain name

Type 贵族宝贝/a.css "domain name The link

2, JS link

others site of your website or CSS CSS notes in URL for your web site to help can not determine

pictures and video files in meta URL as the chain. read more

Love Shanghai remediation spam who moved the cake

is not on the Internet, or below the line entity enterprise, as an enterprise to a certain degree, there will be many small enterprises and individuals parasitic to rely on its profit, thus forming a micro ecosystem benefits. Our society is the one of the interests of the ecological system of cross complementary, there is a common place in the micro ecosystem: is there a host. These parasitic enterprises or individuals to pay close attention to the host, because of a small host policy might then have to let them go bankrupt. read more

A5 marketing software easy shortcut keyword ranking brush off end is faster

features: 1, free software. Hook points can be free to use, no money worries. 2, click on the realistic. Like many real click, hang up automatically click, click on the distributed, different circumstances, click on the vivid and real, visible effect! 3, supports all major search engines. Hang up will see, comprehensive, powerful! 4, intelligent automatic page, support the search results before five pages……

, of course, for now the webmaster, want to quickly put the keywords line up, especially not a chain and content you can easily make the ranking method. So, this part of the webmaster tend to be attracted by the rapid ranking software, especially the function of software in the stamp ranking webmaster pain points and needs, let the webmaster see deeply attracted effect of software’s overall function and commitment will eventually let the webmaster, using the software to brush keywords in Shanghai love ranking. Then, miserable things happened. In addition, for the current ranking software provided for webmaster function, A5 search marketing several top three websites in the search engine, which has a website is so introduces the function, characteristics and advantages of brush ranking software: read more

Reading comprehension the long tail after sharing

in the long tail theory. The long tail is not sales or visits, Chen Nian think it refers to the product. >

can be seen from the definition of the long tail theory, when the commodity storage circulation demonstration site and channel wide enough, a sharp decline in the cost of production of goods that individuals can make the production and sales of goods, the cost decreases sharply when the demand is very low before seemingly almost any product.

long tail theory


do not know if you have not read Chris · Anderson; the "long tail theory" this book. A few years ago is the fire of a book. In Chen Nian began to involve analysis of website optimization and data, and then accumulated a certain website operation and data statistics, again took out the "long tail theory" read, found a lot of problems will click into place. According to some thoughts on this book is written out to share with you. (will continue to add on read more

The eight basic principles of the construction of the website chain

there are many such sites, in the search engine performance is very bad, these sites also have a common characteristic, that is a single chain, almost all from the blog comments, or forum signature etc.. So we form the chain must be diversified, not only confined to the blog, BBS signature. Should be the development of some blog "

Correlation between the chain called

said the chain wide, you might think, just to see a website to send the chain. Do you want to have the wrong, extensive, it is necessary to understand how these sites influence in the industry, users are not concerned about the high degree of website, if it is such a web site, for example there are dozens, each giving you 1 outbound links, this is equivalent to there are dozens of people say hello. There is a website with dozens of pages to do outbound links for example, the two what do you think is better? No doubt, of course is the first, more website for your outbound links, will make you a good website ranking, and a small number of sites is to give you outside it has little effect chain. read more

Analysis of website promotion the role and value of the construction of Shanghai Encyclopedia of lov

(1) love Shanghai encyclopedia can bring traffic to your website

said so much, love the Shanghai encyclopedia is so good, so what can promote the construction of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love and what are the benefits for our network? This is to share the following three points:

network there are a lot of network marketing channel and platform also has a lot of, there is a common platform for the promotion of the blog, forums, quizzes, classified information, B2B, SNS, micro-blog, etc.. Each platform has its own characteristics, each platform has its own special value and function. Today and share with you the role and significance of the Wikipedia building. read more

Share English enterprise stand optimization method

as above, the degree of competition, you can view the keywords by noble baby Adwords keyword tool search volume, the need to pay attention to is set search conditions, to obtain more reliable data. This tool is similar with the love of Shanghai index, a key difficulty mainly depends on three factors: the search volume, the first three pages of competitors, keyword search results. When having sex with the same basic optimization in Shanghai, the most important aspect is the analysis of rivals, to analysis from which aspects? Since keywords is selected, you can only make your web site more than competitors do, received such a English enterprise standing orders, do some basic Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis. To see which areas need to modify. The unreasonable place is best rectification, some enterprise stand content also have problems, not related to the news out of order too much, these contents need to be removed. read more

Pomegranate algorithm under you and me the where to where

algorithm and a pomegranate within a period of time, also have webmaster joked: pomegranate and watermelon algorithm after the algorithm, although it is a joke, but also remind the webmaster to do a station, not asking for the moon.

three: from the team operation scale, personal website is most spam sites.

? The

from the network environment, there are more and more websites of low quality, and all aspects of spam is the large number of sites, greatly affected the normal user’s browsing experience. If you are a customer, you can open a website, popping an advertisement, you can not see the contents of your interest, you will continue to view it? In fact, inadvertently when we do the room will also create spam pages, such as many pages consulting business website, will open the website jump come out, this also gives the user a good experience, some owners more niubable, consulting the page can’t be closed off. Haha, believe that you must have seen. read more

Shanghai dragon Links exchange skills and how to exchange


when I asked what Links understand when people will say: is your link exchange, or with someone else’s address to exchange each other’s address, but the other address directly to our address, this is called friendship cross links. In fact, that is, very direct and straightforward, but that is too general, the real meaning did not explain it, now I give you what is Links, Links as is said in a friendly way to exchange, what is friendship? Is the voluntary exchange connection form, and everyone all know that the weight of each website is a high, so if our website weight is relatively low, when a high weight website can pull us back then, so we do in Shanghai Longfeng work will save a lot of effort, of course, if our website weight is relatively high, the other the weight is relatively low, so on our website is not what effect, so now the exchange form is basically the same weight or similar circumstances and exchange. When we exchange Links should also note that there are a lot of friends said that if we exchange the Links is not good, or be punished if it could hurt their own website, the website ranking may also decline, a waste metal recycling station h958贵族宝贝 the author will encounter this situation, even if we exchange the weight low website links, may our website will be right down, and when exchange links to exchange links with the industry, strong correlation, we will strengthen the influence of website, there are a lot of these claims. read more

Shanghai Longfeng professional website data analysis

three, keyword analysis



I usually do in a Shanghai Longfeng professional website, although do not long, but the flow of ascension is very fast, I think this and I usually look at some data of the website, according to the data analysis of some improved methods are related, so today I come and share my data analysis method, although it is relatively simple, but also their own practical experience, welcome to

from the above chart we can see that this web traffic is relatively high three times: read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization you know how important the chain

And with the

we can provide on behalf of the chain, the chain of so-called, I can give you a simple example that is easy to understand you, if you are a seller of electricity specialized website, and the other one is a specialized Home Furnishing goods website, we can build a website for you links on its Web site, like many people, when shopping in Home Furnishing items, as the family decoration what kind of reason, he needs to buy household appliances, if he read the site of Home Furnishing, he saw your link to the site, I think he will point to your site without thinking because of this, he not only let him search more efficiency, so that your website is not by the increase of traffic, the most important. read more

Shanghai Longfeng employees don’t tiger

the Shanghai dragon industry development up to now already is not a personal hero of the era, personal webmaster website from Shanghai dragon or the website user experience has been a qualitative development, not to mention the development of large web sites. Then the development and achievement in the future how the Shanghai dragon in this industry? The answer is Shanghai Longfeng practitioners do not explain "tiger", see below.

B. to use the resources of others

tiger with the people do not have the physical strength and the minions, tiger cannibalism is normal. But the tiger but rarely eat people, but people often tiger hunting and the fur for sitting supplies. Because the tiger is on its own strength and conditions, no one’s wisdom, but wisdom is available with weapons, so the power can be 100 times than the tiger. Came to the conclusion that "the world force without wisdom, and use instead of people who are also like a tiger." Shanghai Longfeng employees according to the development of the Internet now is not the consideration of what? That is, Shanghai Longfeng employees don’t tiger". read more