Tourism Council members discuss impact of coronavirus pandemic on domestic and international tourism sector

first_imgThe Government of the Republic of Croatia provided four thousand kunas for the preservation of each job and released 93 percent of the company’s tax liabilities, while for the rest of the measures, deferred payment and installment payments for up to 24 months are without interest. In addition to the already presented credit lines intended for maintaining liquidity, the Ministry of Tourism subsidizes additional through HBOR for working capital and liquidity increase with subsidized interest intended for micro, small and medium enterprises in tourism and catering in the amount of HRK 600 million, which will be able to use and tourist boards for three years without interest” pointed out the Minister of Tourism and President of the Croatian Tourist Board Gari Cappelli. The Chinese market has slowly begun to stabilize and in the last ten days we have conducted several online activities with partners such as Ctrip, Mafengwo, Tuniu and Tongcheng. Although it is still uncertain at what point the tourist traffic in the country will start, every crisis ends at some point, and when the conditions are created we will turn to active promotion towards the domestic market, as well as the available markets in the area., he said CNTB Director Kristjan Staničić, adding that it supports Government measures aimed at the tourism sector. “The measures arrived at a crucial time to preserve jobs and ensure liquidity. At this point, that is crucial. The measures cover all stakeholders in the tourism industry, hoteliers, private renters, campers, travel agencies, caterers, as well as the system of tourist boards. “, he concluded Stanicic. We are in daily communication with all our representative offices in the world and on a daily basis we receive reports on the situation in the emitting markets, he said. CNTB Director Kristjan Staničić, and added: “We maintain our presence and visibility on the world tourist map primarily through activities on social networks, where we currently record an above-average range of publications, especially in the Italian and American markets. People are in their homes, and we try to show them lesser-known stories from Croatian destinations in an interesting way with a lot of useful information. We have 18 Facebook pages, each content is carefully selected and adapted to the current situation in each important market, and we strive to continue to promote ourselves as a close and safe market and evoke emotions with photos and soothing messages. Today, the 64th session of the Tourist Board of the Croatian National Tourist Board was held via video call, where the council members discussed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Croatian and world tourism, previous measures of the Croatian Government intended for the tourism system and measures in various emitting markets. On that occasion, Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli referred to the current measures of the Ministry of Tourism and the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the new package of measures that is currently in the parliamentary procedure. “The measures taken so far are aimed at maintaining the liquidity of tourist entities and preserving jobs. Our main goal is to keep the tourism system stable until the preconditions are created for the continuation of normal business so that we are ready to better position ourselves in the market after the end of this current situation. Through only some of the previous measures, we have relieved the system of about 180 million kuna on the basis of the tourist tax and concession fee. Also, Cappelli added that at this moment the most important is the health of the citizens of the Republic of Croatia and guests currently in Croatia and that the Government will continuously implement various measures to minimize the economic consequences of the coronavirus situation and to make the tourism system ready. for the period after the epidemic. The session discussed the situation in other countries, the measures taken and the general situation of tourism companies in Europe and the world, emphasizing the importance of continuous communication with many partners so that cooperation can be intensified after the current situation and thus enable faster recovery. and stabilization of the tourism market.last_img read more

There’s no day like draft day

first_imgThere used to be a time in American history when the word draft sent a shiver down the spine of Americans. These days, thanks to the brilliant minds of the NFL only Charger fans still respond as such.This is when a nation of professional football fans renew their annual vows as die-hards, when the NFL Draft hits the airwaves, causing millions of butts to sit in recliners for up to 26 hours over two days.It’s a testament to the NFL and its stellar marketing that they have turned it into a highly anticipated event — what is in reality little more than a more sophisticated version of a dodgeball draft (indeed if it were a draft for dodgeball, you’d have to think of who the Texans would take …).It’s a wonder that the NFL Draft isn’t sponsored by Fritos, Doritos, Tostitos or Cheetos because it damn well should be, as not a soul on Earth can make it through an entire draft without some chips or cheese puffs. The low probability of a pick so exciting that you jump out of your chair in excitement, anger or joy, and thus risk spilling finger foods or drinks, makes the NFL Draft the quintessential couch/futon sport. Lazy Boy might want to consider hopping in on that Cheetos sponsorship.In theory, the Draft should have about as much drama and excitement as a Terry Bradshaw barbershop appointment (Bradshaw: I’m feeling WILD today, Lou. Take a little more off the top than usual …), yet it has become probably the third most exciting day in the NFL, behind Opening Day and the opening weekend of the playoffs. To be fair, the Super Bowl is entertaining and anticipated, but I believe it is only truly exhilarating if you have a horse in the race, which is precisely where the Draft’s major appeal lies: Not only is every team involved, but the worst team on the field are the top dogs on Draft day (of course with the exception of The San Diego Chargers trading up and bombing two Drafts to pick up Ryan Leaf, who incidentally will be involved in the NFL Network’s draft day coverage).But there is some drama in the NFL Draft; it just is usually pretty well hidden. Some examples of drama this year will be: will the Texans find a way to elude success yet again? (This one is pretty much annual), will Raiders owner Al Davis fire Art Shell if he goes against the boss’s selection? And did the Minnesota Vikings remember to change their clocks off of daylight savings and thus be able to get in their pick on time?Such drama makes for good television and allows sportswriters like myself a wealth of topics to work with when discussing the NFL Draft, however for the teams themselves, drama is definitely a bad thing.Surprises are not something you want to see on Draft day, as they are seldom a good thing. Let’s look at the evidence. Exhibit A: The surprise the Minnesota Vikings had in 2003 after making a deal with the Baltimore Ravens, but running out of time, thus allowing two teams to draft ahead of them.Exhibit B: It’s never good to flummox NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper Jr., the man who taught Jimmy Johnson about the importance of good hair. Now, don’t get me wrong, Kiper is hardly a genius, he picks wrong all the time, just look at his Draft board from 2004, when the NFL Draft Czar had Ben Roethlisberger going third overall (he went 11th) and correctly guessed nine out of 96 picks correctly on day one. The truth is Kiper is like the guy in your NCAA basketball tourney pool who submits 15 different brackets. This method ensures he should get a fair amount of picks correct, just not on the same sheet. However, should you make a pick that Kiper simply didn’t see coming … beware, it’s usually bad news. Some examples include ghastly Rick Mirer going second overall in 1993 (Mel had him third) and the Colt’s picking Jeff George No. 1 overall in 1990.Even if the pick pans out in the end, like the Colt’s selecting Edgerrin James early in the 1999 Draft, the day is not a good day for the team that chose to catch Kiper off-guard, as his legion of draftniks will continue to tear your pick apart leaving the team more second guessed than Custer.Every pro-football fan has a reason for watching the Draft. Whether hoping their team will turn their franchise around, get the final piece for a championship run or retool enough talent to repeat/shoot for a repeat, there is something for everyone.However, this year in Madison there is something else too … the Mifflin Street Block Party. What is a fan to do?Answer: Find a house with a TV on Mifflin. Watch your pick. Then either A: toast your cup to celebrate, B: drink away your sorrows or C: Do your best Reggie Bush out in the street.As for me? I will be front and center come Saturday afternoon ready to watch my Dolphins make the picks that will have them playing in their own stadium this January.And with the 16th pick of the 2006 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Virginia Tech Quarterback Marcus Vick.Damn it. Where’s the beer pong table?last_img read more

Zack Greinke gives up more than 2 runs in a start since June 13

first_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke, who’s shutout streak of 45 2/3 innings was halted on July 25, gave up five runs to the Philadelphia Phillies in the first inning of Thursday’s game in Philadelphia.This was the first time he had given up more than two runs in a start since June 13, when he gave up two runs to the Padres in a 2-1 loss. Greinke, who entered the game with a 10-2 record, saw his ERA climb from 1.41 to 1.72— the highest it’s been since June 23.At the end of the second inning, Dodgers are leading the Phillies 6-5.last_img read more