Doping report: Corruption was ’embedded’ in IAAF

first_imgMUNICH (AP):Track and field’s governing body was corrupted from the inside by a “powerful rogue group” led by its president, and they conspired to extort athletes and allow doping Russians to continue competing, a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) probe reported yesterday.Other IAAF leaders were at fault, too, the WADA panel’s damning report said. They must have known of the nepotism that allowed Lamine Diack to turn the International Association of Athletics Federations into a personal fiefdom during his 16-year reign as president, it said.”It is increasingly clear that far more IAAF staff knew about the problems than has currently been acknowledged,” said the report, written by former WADA president Dick Pound and presented at a news conference in Munich.key questionA key question raised by the report is whether alleged corruption under Diack went beyond extorting doped athletes and infected other areas of IAAF business. WADA’s investigators called for a detailed follow-up probe of all world championships awarded by the ruling body for 2009-19, due to evidence they found of possible wrongdoing. That included an indication that Diack, a former IOC member, was prepared to sell his vote in the 2020 Olympic hosting contest won by Tokyo in exchange for sponsorship of IAAF events.The report made further uncomfortable reading for Sebastian Coe, the British middle-distance running great who took over from Diack in August. Coe was in the audience as Pound sifted through the grim findings and asserted that the IAAF remains an organisation in denial.”The corruption was embedded in the organisation. It cannot be ignored or dismissed as attributable to the odd renegade acting on its own,” the report said.Coe is not accused of corrupt wrongdoing. But, as an IAAF vice-president under Diack, he was part of its Council, its oversight body, that took a hammering from the investigators’ report. The Council “could not have been unaware of the extent of doping” and the breaking of anti-doping rules and “could not have been unaware of the level of nepotism” under Diack, it said.With a “close inner circle” including two of his sons, Papa Massata and Khalil, and his personal legal counsel, Habib Cisse, Diack led an “informal illegitimate” government that took over the handling of Russian doping cases, opening the door for athletes to then be blackmailed, the report said.Cisse, the lawyer, called the investigation “unfair”. Speaking to The Associated Press, he said the commission never questioned him or allowed him to contest any of its findings before publication.Lamine Diack was taken into custody by French authorities in November on corruption and money-laundering charges.A contrite Coe later thanked Pound for the hard-hitting findings.”The whole sorry saga is about cover-up,” Coe said. The WADA probe’s findings, he added, will help the IAAF with the “very complex, deeply painful process” of recovering.last_img read more

SA Airways to test tobacco biofuel in 2015

first_img10 December 2014South African farmers would soon harvest their first crop of energy-rich tobacco plants, an important step towards using the plants to make sustainable aviation biofuel, South African Airways (SAA) and American aeroplane maker Boeing announced yesterday.SAA and Boeing, along with partners SkyNRG and Sunchem SA, also officially launched Project Solaris, their collaborative effort to develop an aviation biofuel supply chain using a nicotine-free, GMO-free tobacco plant called Solaris.Company representatives and industry stakeholders visited commercial and community farms in Marble Hall, Limpopo Province, where 50 hectares of Solaris have been planted.The test crop will be harvested for the first time in December.Oil from the plant’s seeds may be converted into bio-jet fuel as early as 2015, with a test flight by SAA as soon as practicable.Sustainable“SAA continues to work towards becoming the most environmentally sustainable airline in the world and is committed to a better way of conducting business,” said Ian Cruickshank, the airline’s environmental affairs specialist.It planned to scale up its use of biofuels for its flights to 20-million litres in 2017, before reaching 400-million litres by 2023.“The impact that the biofuel programme will have on South Africans is astounding: thousands of jobs, mostly in rural areas; new skills and technology; energy security and stability; and macro-economic benefits to South Africa; and, of course, a massive reduction in the amount of CO2 that is emitted into our atmosphere.”Lower costsIt would also lower the fuel costs of SAA, which contributed between 39% and 41% of the state-owned airline’s total operating costs.“It is very exciting to see early progress in South Africa towards developing sustainable aviation biofuel from energy-producing tobacco plants,” said J Miguel Santos, the Boeing International managing director for Africa.“Boeing strongly believes that our aviation biofuel collaboration with South African Airways will benefit the environment and public health while providing new economic opportunities for South Africa’s small farmers.“This project also positions our valued airline customer to gain a long-term, viable domestic fuel supply and improve South Africa’s national balance of payments.”CollaborationThe farm visits followed the announcement in August that SAA, Boeing and SkyNRG, an international market leader for bio-jet fuel, based in the Netherlands, were collaborating to make aviation biofuel from the Solaris plant, which was developed and patented by Sunchem Holding, a research and development company based in Italy.If the test farming in Limpopo is successful, the project will be expanded in South Africa and potentially to other countries. In coming years, emerging technologies are expected to increase aviation biofuel production from the plant’s leaves and stems.Sustainable aviation biofuel made from Solaris plants can reduce lifecycle carbon emissions by 50% to 75%, ensuring it meets the sustainability threshold set by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB).Test flightsAirlines have conducted more than 1 600 passenger flights using aviation biofuel since the fuel was approved for commercial use in 2011.Boeing is an industry leader in global efforts to develop and commercialise sustainable aviation biofuel.Project Solaris began in 2012 with two hectares of crop, rising to 11 hectares in 2013, before expanding to the current 50 hectares. The partners aim to expand the project to 30 000 hectares by 2020, leading to the production of 140 000 t of jet fuel, the creation of 50 000 direct jobs and a reduction of 267 kt of CO2 emissions.They envisage 250 000 hectares by 2025, according to SkyNRG chief technology officer Maarten van Dijk.SAinfo reporter and Boeinglast_img read more

Lowe’s Halts Sales of Some Laminate Flooring

first_imgLowe’s has stopped selling a type of laminate flooring following claims that it contains levels of formaldehyde that are too high, a published report said.Excess formaldehyde in Chinese-made laminate flooring was the basis of a damning report about Lumber Liquidators that aired on 60 Minutes earlier this year. The allegations, denied by the company, prompted an ongoing federal inquiry and a sharp decline in Lumber Liquidators’ stock price.Now, the same Chinese hedge fund analyst who helped launch the 60 Minutes investigation says that laminates sold at Lowe’s may have had the same problem, according to the article posted at MarketWatch.Xuhua Zhou cited industry sources as saying that Lowe’s had purchased flooring which did not meet requirements of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for formaldehyde emissions. He said that laboratory tests of wood sold by Lowe’s found it had formaldehyde levels 10 times above the accepted limit.The story was originally reported at the Seeking Alpha web site. The flooring is not a regularly stocked itemAccording to the report, Lowe’s has stopped selling the Tecsun brand of laminate flooring and will conduct its own tests. The flooring was available as a special order but was not kept in stock at the company’s retail outlets, Lowe’s spokeswoman Karen Cobb told MarketWatch.She said that the company has been told by Tecsun that its flooring is indeed CARB-compliant. She said that the company was focused on customer concerns.But Zhou wasn’t especially forgiving and suggested the company should have been tipped to the problem after the 60 Minutes report aired.“Lowe’s had to have known what it was doing given the publicity surrounding the issue,” he wrote. “You don’t get to that size by ‘being duped.’ Lowe’s is a sophisticated and savvy buyer. Moreover, Lowe’s misrepresented these products in its retail outlets and on its web site as being CARB-compliant.“Perhaps Lumber Liquidators was negligent, but after what I learned about Lowe’s quality control it seems to me that Lowe’s may have similar issues in its purchase of non-compliant [high density fiberboard cores]. Where else does Lowe’s cut corners?”It wasn’t clear from the reports published so far how much of the Tecsun flooring has been sold, and which retail stores may have distributed it. GBA is seeking comment from Lowe’s.last_img read more

Smart Traveling Without A Smartphone

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#web#Web Culture Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting adam popescu Related Posts center_img My friend Matteo thinks I’m crazy for what I’m not carrying. “Deficiente,” the 31-year-old engineer from Parma, Italy, says. “Man, how can you not have a phone? You must be the only person in Italy without one.”I’m traveling overseas without a phone, smart or otherwise. Many would say it’s not smart. Maybe even dumb. I say it’s one of the best ways to truly get to know a country, despite the inherent communication challenges.I’m not saying it’s easy, and I’m most certainly not an anti-tech snob. It can be hard to forage through a new culture by yourself and rendezvous with your local host laterwithout the advantage of a phone. And exchanging email addresses at a club usually isn’t as sexy in analog mode as it is with digital. But try harder. Forget getting the number. Take her home. Tonight. Being “disconnected” makes you more connected to your environment and the people around you.No mobile to use to check Google Maps, decipher a word or check the rating of a hotel.Which means … what?Which means you have to think fast, be creative and inquisitive, and talk to people—sometimes in their language.It’s hard. Almost blasphemous for most Americans. But try learning a few basic phrases. Better yet, listen to the way the words roll off the tongues of native speakers. Now you try. When you sit down to order dinner, do as they do. Watch eyes light up and smiles beam. You’re no longer the ugly American, now you’re the American not the like others. Gee, thanks guys ….You’re saying, Adam, how will I get from point A to point B? And how do I figure out the exchange rate and how much to tip? Simple. Pick up a map. And. Read. It. Forget the exchange rate. If you’re in Europe the dollar’s under water, and if you’re in the developing world, the dollar is king.And there is no tipping anywhere besides the United States, Canada, and sometimes Britain. So bugger all that. When you’re forced out of your comfort zone, things get interesting. You have to make an attempt, because if you don’t, you’re going to be stuck in your room. Alone. It’s not always easy throwing technology to the wind. You may recall a time when people didn’t have mobile capabilities. How did they survive travel back then (how did we survive anything, you may wonder)?They did it by putting one foot in front of the other, deciding what to do, pulling out a travel guide or phrase book when things got tough, and maybe even sticking out a hand.“Hi, my name is Adam, and I’m American.”Trust me, people won’t flail or flinch. Here’s your chance to dispel the myths the rest of the world has learned watching “Jersey Shore” and “Jackass”. It’s your chance to be you; to share, to take a chance, to not feel compelled to look down every 15 seconds for a status update and to tweet. It’s worth the effort. Besides, pretty soon you’ll be back home and able to fill every waking moment with texting and mobile surfing.Eh. F*****g Americans. Tell me your experiences outside your country in the comments. Did mobiles save or shrink your vacation? Do you have any useful anecdotes for others? Share them! Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Ingrown toenail

first_imgAn ingrown toenail is a condition in which the edge of the toenail grows into the skin of the toe. The big toe is most commonly affected. Symptoms include pain, redness, and swelling around the toenail.Review Date:4/16/2013Reviewed By:C. Benjamin Ma, MD, Assistant Professor, Chief, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service, UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Bethanne Black, and the A.D.A.M. Editorial team.last_img