The Run Croatia platform is expanding day by day

first_imgThe initiative to join the project came from Berislav Sokač and his team from the Run Croatia project. The goal is to include students in as many high standard races as possible, but also to help in their organization.Less than two months have passed since Croatia received the first Run friendly hotel in Europe, and now there are new hotels on the Run Croatia list that can boast a special offer for millions of runners around the world. Namely, after the LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin, the first hotel in Zagreb, the Westin Zagreb hotel and the Falkensteiner park hotel Punat, joined the Run friendly hotel in Croatia. More importantly, the list of Run friendly hotels will soon increase by a couple of times.Positive energy, passion, vision and a great tourist story – these are the main elements of the team behind the Run Croatia concept, ie the Eco system that is expanding from month to month in Lijepa naša and includes more and more partners building a special and unique platform for runners. The essence of the Run friendly Eco system, ie the entire platform raised by the Run Croatia team with its partners, is that the system starts working for itself. To achieve this, good content and diverse partners are needed who offer a wide range of quality services and products for a specific target group, in this case for runners, said Berislav Sokač from Run Croatia recently in an interview for Croatia is a tourist country, the whole story includes various partners, from Run friendly hotels, health clinics, restaurants, gluten free and organic food producers to banking through eWallet or cashless payment through the blockchain 2.0 loyalty program.Edward Bernays College of Communication Management, Croatia airlines and Duh u Boci distillery – new partners of the Run Croatia platformIn the entire Run Croatia platform, which is expanding day by day, there is already the Bagatin Clinic, the mentioned hotels, Motion Travel – the first travel agency specializing in runners, family farms, the Zdravi Pinklec platform, and recently Edward Bernays Visoka school for communication management and distillery Duh in Boca.”We signed a Contract with the first Run Friendly Academic Institution. Among other things, students will have fieldwork volunteering in races to have a socially responsible activity, and will have a recommendation for employment in Run Friendly companies. ” Sokač points out, and adds that cooperation has also been agreed with the Duh u Boci Distillery, which has become the first Run Friendly Distillery. Old Pilots Gin is the first Croatian craft gin made exclusively from plants harvested in Croatia. “It is the connection with the Spirit in the Run Croatia bottle that wants to show that it is more than running, because running is a symbol of running”Emphasizes Sokač.Also, cooperation has already been established with various family farms that offer gluten free and organically grown food, as well as two cherry and chokeberry plantations. The whole eco system was joined by the Zdravi Pinklec platform, which delivers healthy, home-made, organically grown food, and to make the whole story self-sustainable, these family farms are directly connected to Run friendly hotels, where they distribute.In cooperation with Croatia Airlines, as the first airline in the world with an offer for runners, it will initially offer air tickets at a 20% discount on the routes they fly to encourage domestic runners to experience European races and foreign runners to come in large numbers. run to them. “ The idea is that together with Croatia Airlines we are working on the promotion of the country as a country moving away from car destinations. Our target group is 55 million active people that we want to bring in a faster and more comfortable way. I am already positive with the development of the project, but I will be completely satisfied when we paint at least one Croatia Airlines plane with the slogan: Fly to Run Croatia with Croatia Airlines. In my opinion it is the only real call to action for the development of our tourism and economy. The message is carried by two positive verbs, fly and run. Run has meaning and initiation, so even in a business context it is stimulating. Imagine using that message wisely in marketing and having a plane connect markets where 25% of the population runs on the Run?”Says Sokač.But this story is certainly not the end, because the plan is to include other health institutions, banks through the blockchain 2.0 loyalty program and many other services and products related to runners, because running is not just running, but a way of life. Win – Win and a unique example in Croatia, if not in the world. An example that, I am sure, in a couple of years will be presented at the UNWTO platform for sustainable tourism development and become one of the top Croatian export products.”Run Croatia platform open to all who with their positive energy want to start a better society as a whole and these economic processes”Concludes Sokač. Join the Run Croatia eco system and be part of a positive change. This is how strategic and sustainable tourism is developed.From one small but strong idea, Run Croatia has grown into a big project – a platform for the development and promotion of the entire destination (Croatia) through the concept of running or Run friendly destination. It has grown into a project of strategic importance for our entire tourism, at least it should have such a status. If you think I’m exaggerating, just wake up a little awake and imagine the possible future development and implications of this whole story.The whole concept includes destinations, better tourist spending and better guests, sports, healthy lifestyle, health clinics, gastronomy, family farms, healthy food, air transport, education, specialized travel agency, hotels, banks, clothing and footwear… continue series .In the end, let me conclude, such projects, heroes and ambassadors of Croatian tourism are our future and the direction of development of our tourism. This is how tourism develops strategically and sustainably, this is how it develops before and after the season, because runners avoid the “peak” of the season due to crowds and crowds, this is how tourism develops, and not that tourism continues to develop by inertia.Quality development is not accidental.It is the fruit of strategic thinking, synergy, creativity and proactivity of each individual, company, destination, State.It’s all up to us, whether we want quality growth and development or growth by inertia and the status quo. Individuals such as the team behind the Run Croatia project are struggling in the market and developing day by day, without synergy with tourism institutions, and the question is whether they will continue their “happiness” in Croatia or find it in other environments where their ideas, passion and energy to be recognized.last_img read more

Clarksons: Boxship Orderbook to Continue Diminishing

first_imgImage Courtesy: BSMThe containership orderbook has diminished by 30% in capacity terms since the start of 2016 and in the first half of 2017 it totalled less than 40,000 TEU, Clarksons Research said.However, there are several important aspects of the orderbook to consider, including the change in the overall size of the orderbook, the shape of the orderbook schedule and the size of the ordered ships.Getting SmallerWith the volume of capacity on order shrinking considerably over recent years, the orderbook stood at 396 units of 2.78 million TEU at the start of July 2017, plunging from 515 units of 3.97 million TEU seen at the start of 2016. While the volume of capacity on order is still not insignificant, as a percentage of fleet capacity, it is the lowest it has been on record, standing at 14% at the start of July.As a result, boxship fleet growth in the next few years is expected to be relatively moderate, and significantly lower than 8.1% in 2015. In full year 2017, the containership fleet is projected to expand by 3.0% y-o-y in TEU terms, and by 3.7% y-o-y in 2018.Checking The ScheduleWith the vast majority of boxship capacity currently on order scheduled for delivery either in the remainder of this year or next year, the containership orderbook looks very thin after 2018. Basis start July, just 22 boxships of over 12,000 TEU, including mega boxships, are scheduled for delivery from 2019 onwards, out of a total 108 vessels in this size range currently on order.In reality, some vessels currently expected to be delivered in 2017-18 may slip into 2019-20. Moreover, new orders for containerships of very large capacity could yet still emerge for delivery in that period, although “appetite for boxship ordering in general currently remains very subdued,” Clarksons said.Different SizesThe orderbook tells a very different story across the boxship sectors, remaining heavily weighted towards the larger sizes. Ships of 15,000+ TEU account for 40% of capacity on order, and represent the equivalent of 73% of 15,000+ TEU fleet capacity.Meanwhile, sub-3,000 TEU there are currently 213 ships of 0.39 million TEU on order, equivalent to 10% of fleet capacity in this size range, and expectations of limited deliveries mean that the sub-3,000 TEU fleet is expected to shrink in the short-term. Moreover, the orderbook in the 3-7,999 TEU size range is extremely limited, just 2% of fleet capacity.“The boxship orderbook has dwindled significantly, and against the current backdrop of a diminished appetite for contracting, it looks likely that it will continue to shrink,” Clarksons informed.The shape and size of the orderbook “does vary significantly across different vessel sizes but overall the schedule looks pretty thin after 2018.”last_img read more

Barca star sparks Arsenal links after watching Man Utd win

first_imgArsenal fans think Barcelona star Samuel Umtiti’s rumoured move is getting nearer as he watched the London side see off their rivals. Mike Arteta got his first win as Gunners boss after beating Manchester United 2-0. Read Also:EPL: Arteta claims first win as Arsenal thrash Man United A fifth suggested he would be a good fit, with: “North London DNA.” With a sixth simply writing: “Bring him in.” One man who enjoyed yesterday’s win was Ozil, who had a brilliant celebration in the tunnel . The Gunners will begin their FA Cup campaign on Monday against Championship side Leeds. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Another commented: “Welcome to Arsenal.” While a third suggested last night’s game could have boosted chances of a move. “Hopefully that amazing first half leaves an impression on him,” they said. And a fourth added: “Bring him in. “I’m too hyped right now.” Loading… center_img Nicolas Pepe opened the scoring before defender Sokratis Papastathopoulos smashed in. The defender had an impressive game alongside David Luiz but the north London side One star they were linked to earlier this year was Umtiti , who has fallen out of favour at the Nou Camp. The Frenchman has also attracted the attention of Premier League champions Manchester City. But the Barca man may have hinted at his preferred destination. Posting on his Instagram story, the defender was in the stands at the Emirates Stadium. Umtiti shares a snap of the game about to start between the Gunners and United. The image was soon shared on Reddit, where Arsenal fans think the defender was sending a message. “Sign him up,” one supporter said. Promoted Content10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoThe Models Of Paintings Whom The Artists Were Madly In Love WithYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of Anime7 Of The Wealthiest Universities In The WorldThe Highest Paid Football Players In The WorldWhat Happens To Your Brain When You Play Too Much Video Games?12 Movies That Almost Ended Their Stars’ Careers14 Hilarious Comics Made By Women You Need To Follow Right Now5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksThe Adorable Model For Simba In The Lion King RemakeEveryone Was Stunned To See How Little Anakin Looks TodayA Hurricane Can Be As Powerful As 10 Atomic Bombslast_img read more

A hit LA doesn’t want for its Dodgers: Dennis McCarthy

first_imgI’m sitting in a parking lot on the 101 freeway last Monday at 4 p.m. trying to keep the road rage demons at bay when the sweetest sound this side of Sinatra’s “Summer Wind” comes blowing in through my car radio.“Hi, everybody, and a very pleasant good afternoon to you, wherever you may be.”And all of a sudden that bumper-to-bumper freeway in front of me is a leisurely Sunday drive in the country. No rush, no sweat. I’ve got all the time in the world.Vin Scully’s back in the Dodger broadcast booth and he has some old baseball chestnuts he wants to talk about in between pitches. I’m all ears. And wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing to see.Sitting in traffic Monday, I figured I had three innings, about an hour, to get to a TV set before Vinny turned the mic over to Charley and the guys for the rest of the radio broadcast.Even crawling along, it should have been plenty of time to pick up my brother and find a quiet spot to grab dinner and watch the rest of the game.Ah, how naïve you are, McCarthy.In the old BC days – before cable – you could walk into any restaurant in town and find a spot at the bar or a lounge chair to watch the Dodgers on channels 5, 9, 11 or 13 – where they lived on and off from 1958 to 2005.We didn’t know how good we had it. Now, you walk into the same places and you’re watching seven guys sitting around a poker table or two guys beating each others brains out in a cage.We hit five places and none of them had the Dodger channel. We finally gave up on a quiet spot, and found a loud sports bar where you could barely hear a word Scully was saying.“Goodnight, everybody,” he said, as we sat down.Yeah, goodnight, Vin. Sorry we couldn’t see you on TV. Again.I’m not going off on a rant here about who’s to blame for this corporate money ball fight over who gets to see the Dodgers on TV and who doesn’t.Personally, I don’t care. A pox on all their profits.But I am really disappointed with the Dodgers, who took the money – estimated at $7 to $8 billion over 25 years – and ran. For three years, they’ve been tap dancing around the truth. They hung most of their fans out to dry.All the free bobble head dolls and rally towels in the world don’t make up for that.A guy at the next table when we sat down was wearing a Scully Dodger t-shirt. He started to brag, in a nice way, about how he had bought two loge seat tickets for opening day this Tuesday.They set him back $200 each, but he wasn’t complaining. From where he was sitting at the game, all he had to do was turn around, look up at the press box, and there would be Scully behind the mic.He couldn’t hear him, but he could see him, and that was worth the four hundred bucks, plus another $20 for parking and $50 for a couple of beers and two dogs.“That’s half a month’s rent,” his girlfriend reminded him.“Yeah, but it’s Scully’s last season,” he shot back. What’s that worth?More than half a month’s rent, he figured.So, Vinny, if this season is in fact the end of an incredible 67-year run, I just want to tell you thanks and God bless, because you did more for this city in chilling people out and combating road rage than all the public service announcements and police warnings ever did.You made it a very pleasant good afternoon and evening, wherever we may have been.Dennis McCarthy’s column runs on Friday. He can be reached at Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorcenter_img He’s been telling everyone this is his final season because he’s pushing the envelope at 88 and it’s time to step aside, but I’m not buying it.The pipes are still great and his memory is razor sharp as he rattles off those gems from the past. He’s still got plenty of game. Retire? Nah, this is the way it’s going to play out.Come next March they’ll be a knock on his door and old Father Time will be standing there with a new contract in his hand.“You have one more left in the tank, Vinny?” he’ll ask.“Sure,” Scully will say. “Let me go grab my mic.”last_img read more