Provincial Party school held in 2016 fall semester opening ceremony

9 1, the provincial Party school, the Provincial Institute of administration, the Provincial Institute of socialism in the fall semester opening ceremony held in the provincial Party School in 2016. Provincial Party committee, Minister of the organization Hu Changsheng around not forget the heart, to move forward, the theme of the speech, deputy governor of the provincial government, Secretary General Yang Fengchun attended.

Hu Changsheng stressed that we must always remember where we come from. The practice came from Marx’s China of Chinese, only socialism can save, only socialism can China characteristic development Chinese; coming from the masses, the masses of trust encourage us to continue to move forward, the wisdom of the masses to inspire us to continue to progress, the strength of the masses to support our growing; comes from Chinese civilization heritage in the tradition, zhonglide, established and meritorious service.

always remember where we go. To realize the lofty ideal of communism to the goal, always firm road confidence, theoretical confidence, confidence in the system, cultural self-confidence; to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream goal is to China, conscious dream, dream, dream of self confidence; to realize the people’s yearning for a better life goal, know the people, that people say, public opinion, grievances, improve people’s livelihood, promote the rich people.

always remember how we go. Go light of absolute loyalty, always loyal to the party, loyal to the people, loyal to the cause; for the way the courage to play, play, play the wisdom, the courage to play; go clean the road clean fingered self-discipline, law heart is oneself, careful self-control, strict to blame yourself.


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