Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau from five aspects to do a good job of creating a ci

Xining City Environmental Protection Bureau to take effective measures, in accordance with the division of responsibilities of the city headquarters, go all out to do a good job in the city


Xining City Environmental Protection Bureau to take effective measures, in accordance with the division of responsibilities of the city headquarters, go all out to do a good job in the city.
is to strengthen a leadership, clear responsibility. bureau Party attaches great importance to the unity of thinking, to create a civilized city assessment work carried out a special arrangement. To set up the bureau is mainly responsible for human head, team members, deputy head of the offices and units responsible for human members of the leading group to create a civilized city assessment work, responsible for the unified command, deployment, coordination to create work. Will I take a city of the implementation of the objectives and tasks to specific offices responsible person, create clear responsibilities, clear person responsible for improving the work efficiency to create evaluation.
two is the control index, strengthening measures. in accordance with the "national civilized city evaluation system (2011)" requirements, I assume the city’s water environment functional area water quality, hazardous waste disposal. Seven indicators of industrial enterprises in pollution control, city air quality, regional environmental noise and the satisfaction of the public, the city environmental pollution reduction work done a careful combing, to further increase the work intensity and measures.
three is helping the contact point, and actively carry out volunteer service. A command of the city in accordance with the arrangements and requirements of the organization of environmental protection volunteer service to the Yin Street Office City District East Street community civilization volunteer service activities. To help the East Street community on the door closed 58 residents of the hospital for illegal construction demolition and garbage cleaning, in the East Street Street to carry out the traffic grooming voluntary service activities. At the same time, actively participate in the work of the West District Office of the organization of the tiger volunteer.
four is to strengthen environmental law enforcement, to ensure environmental safety. continue to increase the state control, provincial control of key pollution sources of environmental protection facilities operation of law enforcement supervision, efforts to solve key enterprises, industry, regional environmental problems, environmental security. Further improve the city’s environmental emergency management, standardize enterprise emergency plans, the establishment of pollution accident disposal linkage mechanism. Increase efforts to investigate and deal with cases of environmental complaints and environmental petition cases, and earnestly safeguard the rights and interests of the masses.    

five is to carry out health cleaning, improve civilized etiquette. to the organs and units of the office of health improvement, adhere to the daily cleaning and cleaning, to create a good environment. Require all staff to carry out civilized etiquette I first activities to improve the quality of environmental protection services. At the same time, in the Bureau of the screen display propaganda city, increase environmental protection propaganda, to create a civilized city, a good atmosphere of common care for the environment.


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