Exhibition Fair virtual form of content

no fluttering flags, not surrounded by flowers, no bright red carpet…… August 31st, the reporter in the extreme grass 2013 the first China · Qinghai international Cordyceps cum Tibetan medicine Fair opening ceremony of the scene will feel a strong sense of thrift will run on the breeze.

is located in the opening ceremony of the A Museum scene, decorated simple, simple, but decent, generous. Field staff told reporters that the exhibition is also a working permit from the previous exhibition, borrowed, but re printed the card face only…… Nuances, all passed out of the province will do, will improve the wind energy".

is understood as a "thrifty, pragmatic, pragmatic" trade fair, the Organizing Committee of the conference very careful in reckoning to spend every penny, try to reduce unnecessary spending, to do simple but not simple, refined and yet exciting. Deputy director of the Department of Commerce to wow said that the exhibition Fair booth, a carpet, etc. are borrowed from previous similar exhibition supplies, no re purchase configuration. Savings will not only save money, but also won the praise of the people, a surname surnamed foreign tourists said that this will be the level of this is a virtual form, the content of the real".

thrift will save the resources, is the time to win is efficiency, is the image. Everything from thrift, does not mean that everything is simple, people care about the content of the exhibition, the merchants are concerned about the government’s pragmatic style. I believe that the first exhibition will be to each of the participating exhibitors and visitors to visit the people impressed, for the future to provide a useful reference. (author: Sun Hailing)

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