Green project started to let love settled on campus

In July 4th, our province "green love project" start ceremony started in Xining City Board of education, the China Charity Federation, 1+1 heart liaison office, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Planning Commission, the Provincial Department of education and the leading Xining, Yushu education system and the person in charge of the headmasters participating in the ceremony, the "green love project" chief expert Chen Yiyun launched the "green love education, the foundation of a happy life" seminar.

at the launch ceremony, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Hu Weizhong pointed out that all localities should create a new model for the situation and the condition of the school’s "green love project"; to combine practical and scientific teaching, creating a new situation of moral education in schools in our province; to actively explore and standardize the operation, in an orderly way, create a new mechanism of family, school and social education. It is reported that the "green love project" (AIDS prevention education project China youth) is a mainly for college youth AIDS prevention and sexual health, mental health and education charity, charity and aid education project on AIDS orphans gulao. The project started since 2006, has been the major in 18 provinces and cities nationwide more than and 400 primary school kindergarten built "green love house" or "heart of the house", "green love project" from the AIDS prevention education to the "big love" education, comprehensive coverage of the love and care of adolescent health life, psychological harmony, happy learning personality growth, life safety, moral achievements and other rich content. It is understood that since 2010, the implementation of the province, 1+1 heart action, has built 2 workstations and the heart of the house of the 47, for the reconstruction of the spirit of the circle played an irreplaceable role.


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