Million people in the city on foot green travel

it is understood that the activities of the project for the 27.3 km race group and the experience of the group of 10 km, divided into men and women of the two groups of two. The competition team is 18 years of age to the age of 50 years; the age of the participating team is from the age of 12 to the age of 60. The two groups are from the Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, respectively, according to the results of the men’s and women’s top 40 and the admission of the 200. The international hiking Festival is different from the previous year, this year a special addition to the race team to complete the whole Memorial Award, in order to encourage contestants.

low carbon road

nobody is absent in the morning of the 9, south of Qinghai International Exhibition Center Hall C crowded, hiking enthusiasts waving their flags on foot, wearing two colors of clothing, in order to each end point for, then a familiar figure appeared in the crowd, Wang Yubo dressed in a green sportswear, holding a towel, a vigorous walk in the crowd, and people together to enjoy the green, low carbon and environmental protection to bring the fun of hiking……

in the process of walking, the reporters found that most hikers holding an empty bottle and a plastic bag, some people also occasionally bent on the road to the garbage and water bottles picked up into their own plastic bags ready in advance. "Have been accustomed to, do not feel that will pick up the garbage is sorry for myself, feels like a missed what good stuff like, pick up is not much trouble, originally hiking is a green, low carbon and environmental protection movement." Hiking enthusiasts, said ms..

foot ages highlight the charm from the International Federation of off-road walking chairman ADI · Kerry Tara is involved in the game experience group, went to 80 countries, Adidas · Kerry Tara told reporters that this is the first time he came to Qinghai, where not only the scenery, and the people of all ethnic groups are very hospitable. ·, a Tara, says hiking is a sport that anyone can take part in, a love sport. He also said he would invite more foreign friends to participate in the future.

race group is a 52 year old lovers walking Mr. Liu in an interview with reporters, said: "this is my second time to participate in this event, the scale is still great, also saw a dozen international friends to participate in the tournament, let more;

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