17 key tasks of health care reform in our province

February 21st, the province’s health and family planning work conference held in 2014. Vice governor, provincial health reform leading group leader Ma Shunqing attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Reporters learned from the meeting, the province this year to determine the 17 key tasks of health care reform.

– perfect classification treatment system.

the province began the implementation of grading treatment system in the country to explore from October 1st last year. Through the implementation of this system in October last year, -11 months, three provincial hospitals and primary health care institutions in hospital, the health insurance fund spending to achieve the "two or two down:" the basic medical and health institutions inpatients increased 12%, inpatient medical insurance fund expenditure accounted for an average increase of 11%; the provincial hospital inpatients decreased 18% inpatient medical insurance fund expenditure accounted for an average decline of 14%, the first primary diagnosis, grading clinics, two-way referral, rational treatment initially formed. The next step is to further improve the system. The provincial government has issued policies to further improve the classification system. This year the implementation of grading clinics around the system to carry out assessment and evaluation of rewards and punishments.

– to deepen the reform of the medical insurance payment.

– to accelerate the improvement of overall policy of outpatient.

– further increase the participation rate and the per capita financing standard.

to continue to expand the number of insured residents in urban and rural areas, to improve the NCMS, urban residents and urban workers insured rate, and the expansion of urban and rural health insurance coverage and benefits. Improve the province’s urban and rural residents medical insurance financing standards.

– Optimization of medical insurance system.

– accelerate health care reform project information.

to reform provincial comprehensive information platform construction, to promote the construction of network system administration and drug, health insurance, illness insurance, medical assistance in five aspects. As soon as possible to complete the production of urban workers in Qinghai (residents) health insurance card and Qinghai rural residents health card. Ensure the trial run in May, June officially run.

– strengthen drug bidding and distribution work.

– promotion of non government run medical institutions, the implementation of national essential drug system.

in the city of Xining, Haidong, Golmud City, Delingha city and the province of all states,;

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