Grab a ticket home for the new year in Ji’nan accounted for 90% of all nternet ticketing

2017 footsteps are getting closer and closer, a lot of people look forward to coming home for the new year, after the start of the votes, we are actively starting to grab votes. Today is the first day of the sale of train tickets during the Spring Festival, the reporter learned from the Ji’nan Railway Bureau, Ji’nan Railway Bureau today on the first day of Spring Festival train ticket pre-sale has reached 18 thousand, Internet tickets accounted for 90%, this also shows that from another aspect, the development of the Internet Society is coming, make our life more convenient.

in order to further facilitate the majority of passengers to grab votes, while ensuring that the majority of passengers in the process of buying more peace of mind, the Spring Festival train ticket and telephone channels first sale. JiNan Railway Station to increase the number of volunteers and the introduction of convenient guide card to facilitate passenger transfer. In the purchase link, the railway sector to cancel the 60% ticket verification code, while in the ticket window and self-service ticket vending machine introduced two-dimensional code scanning function, ticket buyers reflect good.

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