How to store the summer moistureproof dehumidification

although the summer temperatures are high, but there is also a lot of rain, do not pay attention to the possibility of a supermarket goods. In short, in many places, once into the summer, it will enter the rainy season, air humidity, a lot of things easy to damp mildew. Shop for more than 7 years, I have accumulated a number of moisture dehumidification experience, to share with you today.

It is far better than to

. In order to do a good job in the store moisture dehumidification, drainage system is very important in front of the house. Every year before the summer, I will be ahead of the renovation of the drainage system, the roof will be cleaned regularly to avoid outside the house or the roof of the water caused by indoor humidity.

moisture dehumidification, ventilation is very important. Summer rainy, store windows and doors should be open to ventilation, warehouse should be so. The goods placed, easy to water, heavy moisture, the lower house, the goods below should have two inches high wood base mat, do not use waste paper, waste paper is easier to damp mildew. Like carton packaging of goods, as far as possible on the shelves of high-level, high-rise ventilation, moisture is not so heavy.

summer is the most difficult to keep the bulk of food and condiments. Chili powder must be ventilated with a thin woven bag, do not use a film bag, accidentally moldy. While the bulk of the biscuit and melon seeds need to put the film bag, and tied the mouth. The dried spices because the lid mostly made of tin, easy to dust, clean the best with a dry towel or feather duster.

do not wipe with a wet towel, otherwise easy to rust, damage the image of goods. The edible salt needs to be sealed, because it will absorb the moisture in the air and become moist, it is best to put on the easy to absorb moisture material and then put on the shelf, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. As for my cigarette is placed in the ventilation room, turn the various brands of separate piled well shaped layers repeatedly.

In addition to these actions,

, in fact, for the summer of the shop moistureproof dehumidification work, in peacetime we can do some accumulation. At ordinary times, you can collect some customers throw away food desiccant, put on cigarettes, bulk food, such as the focus of the next side of the commodity. This can prevent the desiccant pollute the environment, and can effectively damp dampness, also do not have to spend a penny, is threefold.

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