Do small business big business success

said to do business to make money, a lot of people think of is a big business, for small business is often a dismissive attitude. In fact, as long as doing well, small business can still accomplish great cause. Is it a button? But Zhejiang businessman Wang Yongzheng has made the button industry, the annual output value of 4 billion yuan.

my shop is very small, the customer is basically a bit by bit buy small items, I earn money is hard, it is very expensive to rent in the downtown section, is unthinkable, but many customers prefer to go a few steps, but also to my shop to buy things.

took the cigarette in terms of it, we all know, the higher the grade of cigarette, earn more profit, a 51 package cigarette retail price, with interest on so little money. In the past, we basically do not sell this street retail price of 20 yuan / pack of cigarettes, and I am here is the most homogeneous varieties of tobacco, tobacco is mainly dominated by low-grade. Some people say that I am stupid, earn enough money to pay utilities.

but I’ve been holding on. Why? Because many low-income customers need these cigarettes. That humble, but I come here every day to buy cigarettes but a lot of customers, they are basically around the farmers, doing business for a long time, have gradually made a name, want to buy cheap cigarettes, a few miles range consumers know here to buy.

these years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, cigarette consumption level has been greatly improved, my store scale is constantly expanding, now, in my shop, there are not only simple dress and farmers, well-dressed white-collar workers, it has also become a unique scenery in my shop.

but no matter how the business is doing, I always provide them with good service, sometimes, although it is a low-grade smoke, the customer has something to do at home, a phone, I still send the past. Now, my home shop to reach hundreds of cigarette specifications, which is not to ignore the small business brought me great gains. I believe that only do not ignore the small business, in order to achieve great cause.

small business although earn much, but can return the wealth of days and months multiplying, as well, the key is to get consumer recognition, has won recognition, which are of great help to shape the shop popularity. So, if you want to make a big career, may wish to do some small business in place.

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