The rest is conducive to the operation of shops

Spring Festival has just ended, the owners may wish to think about themselves, in this busy Spring Festival period, they have no conflicts with the customer? Do you have too busy to lead to bad mood, the customer service is not too detailed? Because busy, many shopkeepers are very easy to produce a contradiction with the customer, in fact, only work and rest, this will be conducive to the operation of the store.

a lot of peers will speak, what season, what business conditions, we have the basic heart. For the operation of the stock, promotion, service, we have been able to do a good job. However, we have not overlooked a problem, that is their own emotional management.

many shopkeepers, especially before and after the Spring Festival, due to a large number of daily purchase, moving goods, put goods work, physical and mental will have a negative impact, causing some negative emotions. A person’s mood can cause a lot of problems. For example, a quarrel with the customer, hurt the customer, it will reduce the flow of passengers, the impact of sales of goods; long lost his temper, his body is also harmful to the hundred.

says that every holiday is a good time to make money in a retail store. However, if you are too busy to neglect the customer, it will be very detrimental to the development of the business. Therefore, holiday sales is important, but must work and rest, reasonable arrangements for the time, not to make money without the bottom line to spend their body and energy. Because, when the body and energy are scarce, not only will affect the operation, but also affect the body, make more money is useless. I hope everyone in the busy time, must be reasonable arrangements for their time, do any work, easy operation.

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