The construction of Lianyuan’s first migrant workers training center

in life the majority of migrant workers from the beginning of reform and opening up, we began to set foot on the road of migrant workers, but with the development of the times, the construction of the home is the Time will not wait for me! In January 8th, after more than a year of intense construction, Xia Jinhui led by caring people around the caring people donated jointly funded Hunan’s first migrant workers training center and Castle Peak in Cultural Square successy completed in seven Jie Zhen Shi Zhuling village in Lianyuan city. Zhou Haibin, former political commissar of Shanghai armed police academy, major general Jiang Yong, vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial Federation of trade unions attended and spoke.

Loudi and Lianyuan relevant person in charge of the training center for the completion of the ribbon cutting. China Writers Association Tan Tan, former vice chairman of the CPPCC Hunan provincial deputy secretary general Wu Zhixian, deputy director of Hunan Provincial Department of culture, provincial association chairman Yan Fuchu, Hunan provincial Calligraphers Association vice chairman Liu Guangwen wrote for the project. The scene also held a rich content of the show, waist drum dance, square dance, dragon and lion dance and student fashion dance, brilliant. Show the beautiful scenery of the mountain village, sing the main theme of peace and well-being of the new rural life.

castle in migrant workers entrepreneurship training center and the Plaza is the Seven Star Street Town Party committee and government of Lianyuan city municipal government response call, and actively promote entrepreneurship training of farmers and rural cultural prosperity, and support the construction of a comprehensive training and cultural recreation projects. At the entrance of the park seven street town farmers Zhuling stone village. Started in August 2015, completed by the end of December 2016.

set up the migrant workers entrepreneurship training center, book reading room, fitness and entertainment area, stage tour area. The total construction area of more than 1 thousand and 300 square meters, with a total investment of nearly $3 million, for fitness, leisure, entertainment, reading, training in one of the public facilities. Since the self built facilities, has been Changsha Zhang Haibo, Liao Qiang, Luo Yuhong, Wang Quanchun, Tao Qun, Tang Xiao Bin, Yu Wenbin, Hu Changde sangdoo, Ningxiang Tan Zhiqiang, Lianyuan Li Yuefen, in the summer of equal support a person with breadth of vision.

The construction of

migrant workers training center is beneficial to call for more migrant workers to return to their native land, which is conducive to the construction and development of their hometown. Changsha city huaguxi Art Center, Lianyuan City, Hunan Art Institute responsible person LED inspection, organization performance highlights. Hunan publishing Holdings Group donated 3200 books. The completion of the opening of the new rural construction of Loudi, the spirit of the United States and the image of the United states. Sustenance of a number of caring people’s good feelings and ardent hope, will lead people into the depths of a charm of the humanities in the countryside, to perceive a healthy upward spiral of spirit.

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