Cosmetics stores have a whole of what should pay attention to in the management of time

cosmetics is a lot of people will use when out all the products in the current market demand is big, the kind of store products now consumers have been unable to obtain approval, now, people’s economic conditions improve for all kinds of consumer also gradually pay attention to quality, natural cosmetics industry is no exception, so it also promoted the development of the entire cosmetics franchise industry. In this context, the cosmetics store has passed the low-end era, has long been to high-end. The management mode will be adjusted and upgraded. In the process of adjustment and upgrading, management strategy must pay attention to.

one should pay attention to quality, avoid flicker. At the beginning, many of the bosses have introduced a discount special low, high profit clutter products, and then out of the price, the profit is frightening. There is a famous brand or better quality products are not the first to recommend to the customer, not on the best counter. Not to say that should not be put in the first place, but in order to flicker customer mentality, the product profit in the first place, this process will hurt customers. Now customers are already not in the past "ignorant" customers, consumer groups are many intellectuals. It can be assumed that the spread of the spread of bad reputation, you can imagine how far you can go.

two is appropriate to improve the internal management, avoid exposed fresh route. This is mainly related to many bosses are now very good at public relations, planning is particularly powerful, the activities are one after another, it can be said that the store’s popularity is relatively high. This is a good thing, but pay attention to the external image, ignoring the construction of internal management, will inevitably lead to a solid foundation.

three should be open-minded, not complacent. Some cosmetics stores after years of hard work, can be said to create a better performance. In a good format, many bosses began to stop thinking, lack of forward-looking basic considerations, complacent. Finally, on the way forward.

four is suitable to develop self, not others take care of. This means that the boss is only concerned about the opponent, forget their own development. In other words, live only for your opponent. For their own development direction and goals, there is no precise positioning, only staring at the opponent’s way, passive advance. Nature, do not take the initiative to develop, or to be beaten.

five should be positive, not jealous. There are too many examples of this, especially in china. As long as there is a little bit of small achievements, it is not proud of the enthusiasm of the early stage of entrepreneurship has been slowly fading away, and finally quiet down.

six is an orderly development, avoid blind expansion. Cosmetics stores must be bigger and stronger, but must pay attention to order, not blind expansion, and ultimately will cause internal injury, or even collapse.

In fact,

is not a simple business investment, I hope this recommendation

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