Qinhuai District of Nanjing City actively carry out the whole games

a lot of people know that the game is to carry forward the spirit of the athletes, it is worth more people optimistic about the natural advantages will be doubled. The first movement in Nanjing District of Qinhuai will be opened in Nanjing Xingzhi experimental school. Reporters learned that this is since March 28, 2013, Nanjing city since the original Baixia District, Qinhuai District merged into the new Qinhuai District, a comprehensive sports in this area will be held for the first time.

9 30 points, the official opening ceremony. Reporters on the scene, in the passionate majestic national anthem of People’s Republic of China, after the first sports flag and Qinhuai district will flag admission, including the Ministry of youth, and characteristics of the school team, Nanjing City, Nanjing City, the speed skating team trampoline team, Nanjing City, Qinhuai District Worker archery team Ministry, street group, Department staff of enterprises enterprise group, enterprise system, belonged to the team, four functional blocks of team a total of 87 teams square followed by admission.

opening ceremony arrangements for the athletes, referees oath on behalf of Qinhuai from 2013 to 2016; recognition of mass sports advanced collectives and individuals; women’s volleyball Olympic champion and Jiangsu women’s volleyball team to three women volleyball link signature gift.

Qinhuai party secretary Cao Lubao said in his speech, since the founding of Qinhuai, mass sports in popularity in the rapid development of popular fitness awareness and fitness activities throughout the region, the number of years to participate in physical exercise to reach 400 thousand people, per capita public sports facilities area of 2.9 square meters.

based sports facilities continue to improve, four years accumulative total investment of nearly 10 million yuan of public sports facilities, to build the city community "ten minutes fitness circle" the successful completion of the task of public sports service demonstration area to build the people’s physical quality and health level of residents continue to improve, and continuously enhance the sense of sports and fitness gain.

Cao Lubao wants the team to strictly abide by the discipline competition, fair competition, respect for the referee, respect the opponent, race out of style, match the level, the force of success, through the games, the "faster, higher and stronger" Olympic spirit "to protect the urban renewal, development and construction of Metro ‘career, to make a greater contribution to accelerate the construction of the new Qinhuai Metro strong rich", with outstanding achievements to greet the convening of nineteen party.

players in the major units, we see the positive side of young people, to bring more positive energy. The Sports Bureau of Nanjing Qinhuai District, responsible person, the first district will be divided into the Ministry of youth and sports department staff and Social Department of the Ministry of the three teams, set up track and field, table tennis, badminton, gymnastics, tug of war, climbing competitions in 15 projects, total 203 units of nearly 3000 athletes will learn skills, show the wind the color in the sports arena.

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