Amount of tea shop 3 site selection skills

choose a good address for your store to bring a steady stream of business opportunities, every entrepreneur must consider. Open a milk tea shop, but also to find some people flow places, so there is a more secure venture. Milk tea is the most popular young and casual people’s choice, we should try to think about these groups like places frequented by the main consideration of this place.

tea is fast beverage consumption, the largest consumer group of young people. So tea shop opened in the vicinity of the school is a good choice. School students, especially students at recess, all out of love to buy a drink, from lack of summer thirst, hot weather, all students love

Second, residential district. This lot of tea shop operators to be cautious. You have to start from your own community to have a niche.

Third, the bustling commercial street.


your tea shop opened in these places, you have to worry about consumer groups is not wide enough, Unlimited Business Opportunities, creating more secure.

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