Teach you how to operate the ice cream Stores

entrepreneurship shop, shop construction is only the appearance of the existence of the necessity of the real essence of things still depends on the effectiveness of the entity to highlight. Take the food and beverage industry, in the food and beverage industry, ice cream stores are more profitable items, and entrepreneurial operability, as long as a small store can do business. Although the ice cream business is very hot, but if poor management, your ice cream stores still can not survive, the key is to know how to open.

according to industry analysis, ice cream consumption season has arrived, the prospects for the sale of ice cream so that merchants tempted. The owner of an ice cream store in the city revealed that an ice cream store had a turnover of more than $3000 a day, of course. In recent years, the production of ice cream increased steadily. Over the past three years, China’s ice cream production remained at about 1 million 200 thousand tons, is expected to be completed this year, ice cream production capacity of 1 million 400 thousand tons. According to statistics, this year from 1 to April, the production of ice cream over the same period last year, an average increase of more than 30%, up to 50%, good market momentum. Chinese ice cream consumption has turned from the cooling season less leisure.

ice cream store profits considerable how to open the key exchange

how to open an ice cream store? How to sell well? The taste of ice cream is the key to the key:

1, how to open an ice cream store? Delicious flavor, tempting ice cream will be very popular, so that people will buy more.

2, ice cream to attract customers for young people, mainly to meet the needs of such people.

3, ice cream store atmosphere is also very important, the owner should be combined with their own atmosphere and the atmosphere of customers like to decorate their ice cream shop.

4, the choice of ice cream store location is to be considered. It’s best to be in a crowded place. If the capital is limited, can be opened in the obvious places, such as schools next to the park next to the road, the edge of the cinema, such as easy to be noticed.

how to open an ice cream store? How to sell? The most important thing is the site.

is generally suitable for open ice cream shops include commercial street, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools nearby (distance school less than 1000 meters), the campus, bars, office buildings, gas station, airport, train station, subway stations and other places. 2 location

market positioning and target customer groups age, gender, ice cream flavors, consumer psychology and cultural background.

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