Bozhou returned students to build libraries for left behind children

Bozhou as China’s economic development is relatively backward area, many young people have to step on the pace of migrant workers, their young children had to be placed in the home. For the left behind children in the town of Bozhou City Liu Liu Lou village, now they are the happiest thing is to have their own library". Jiang Qingbo returned home to his new home will be idle to create a dream study, open to the children left behind, we have a detailed understanding of the following.

"to see the hometown more and more beautiful, but the villagers at the spiritual level is not rich, especially in the village of left-behind children during the holidays have nowhere to go, and then use their own idle houses had founded the study idea." Jiang Qingbo told the author, the study area of about 200 square meters, there are more than 2000 books, mainly for young children’s books, including the "disciple", "why", "the story of the people" and so on. Every day, the children in the village study in the study, not only enrich the life, but also learned the knowledge. Especially for the parents of migrant workers left behind children, the study is a good place for them to read.

left behind children are mostly living with grandpa and grandma, there will be a generation gap. Build a platform for reading, so that they can draw nutrition from the book, and even a book in a sentence will have a positive impact on them." Jiang Qingbo said. This approach has been supported by everyone, Qiaocheng District propaganda department provides a new bookshelf, reading desks and chairs, the district library provides books, the town government installed air conditioning. In order to ensure that the dream study is open, the village specifically on the watch list, by the village cadres on duty.

"the book in the study, I like to see, a lot of extra curricular knowledge. Usually at home reading, a person feel very lonely. Here to share happiness with you, you can also discuss the problem together." City parent high school grade seven students Liu Wenhui said, dream of the study has become a local children flying dream place, welcomed by the children.

"we get up early to clean up, but also provide free tea." Jiang Qingbo said that during the holidays, the library open around the clock, study and enjoy the cool air heating device. "In the future, I will return to Bozhou to start a business. Now this era, the most entrepreneurial!" According to Jiang Qingbo introduction, the next study will install on the computer, the Internet, connection line, let left-behind children video conversations with parents working outside the QQ video, to narrow the distance from their parents, increase their affection.

Bozhou college students to create a library for children left behind, is a manifestation of love, so that more left behind children have a library, so that they can better receive some knowledge. At the same time, he is also ready to open a recommendation in the study

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