Franchise industry can not say that the secret

want to rely on "large numbers" to start a business, not in the business market alone, in fact the chain industry has its own laws, entrepreneurs are hard to break, the only thing you can do is to know the secret.

Secret 1: popular brands the opportunity to join

first, waiting to join too many people, you think it is a good project, there are also many Chinese all have such thoughts, so you will have to wait in line, if local investors have negotiated cooperation before you, then you can only say "good-bye" project.

Third, "stopper" fee, the success rate is not high. Due to queuing too many people, some brands will have the intention to join the "delayed" charge fees, which can advance approval franchisee information. However, as previously mentioned, the other audit strictly, afraid pay "delayed" fee may not be able to pass, but the cost is not refundable.

(comment: KFC and McDonald’s franchisee requirements for this brand is very high, not suitable for grassroots entrepreneurs)

Secret 2: corporate secrets

because Swindlers Company corporate information is not true. Of course, this is not true to say, does not mean that the legal person is fabricated, business license fraud. But in two cases:

A, spend ten yuan to buy "false information". Sales of personal information is now too many traffickers, Swindlers Company only need to be in the hands of the traffickers, spend more than a dozen yuan to buy a set of detailed information, when the crooks took such information to apply for business license

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