After 80 female doctors resigned to return home by planting herbs rich

For many people

entrepreneurship is not only a slogan, in reality, there are a lot of people have put in to practice social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship at the same time, also has not a same thing, is another way to start.

2005, after graduating from college, she was the city’s first people’s hospital to hire, become a medical worker. Just as parents are happy to train such a fine daughter, Yang Xuemei has made a surprising decision to resign!

2007 years, Yang Xuemei planted 30 acres of dry pinellia. However, in September when the rain fell, so that nearly 80% of the Pinellia rot in the ground, when the loss of nearly $100 thousand.

2008 years, Yang Xuemei set up a "mountain agricultural development Co., Ltd.," engage in agricultural products, Chinese herbal medicine cultivation, development, processing, marketing through-train, and has its own brand. That year, Yang Xuemei harvest honeysuckle, chuanmingshen, chrysanthemum, Hang Baiju created the value of 6 million 200 thousand yuan. In 2010, the company was declared as Yunyang County farmers million increase in the leading enterprises. The next 3 years, the economic benefits of the enterprise will reach more than 8000 yuan, driven by more than 10000 yuan to achieve more than 3000 farmers.

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