80 after the guy Liang Ronghua online selling LED lamps to create 60 million performance

online selling lights, which is not surprising, after all, in the current electricity supplier market, but what can be sold. However, the sale of light, although more than a year to create 60 million performance is not much, Liang Ronghua can be said to be a representative. As a product of Foshan Lighting Co., Ltd., chairman, Liang Ronghua is a start from scratch. 2007, Liang Ronghua entered the production and sales of lighting industry, prior to the experience in the IT sector so that he saw the opportunity to bring electricity supplier in the traditional industry earlier.

Liang Ronghua, a rural guy after 80, in 2013 led the electricity supplier team through the sales of LED lights, creating a performance of 60 million yuan. At the same time, through the official website, Baidu and other Internet marketing platform, nearly 40 million yuan of orders, online directly or indirectly brings the product sales of nearly billion yuan, accounting for more than 95% of total sales, the company has thus embarked on a close to "zero inventory" sales mode. And he did electricity supplier is how successful? What magic weapon?

online selling product inventory close to zero

, the first half of the year, I was a person on the Internet to bring about 8000000 yuan sales performance." Liang Ronghua said, when the company is only 300 square meters of workshop type factory, but the company was founded on the establishment of a corporate Web site, and in Baidu do PPC promotion.

was doing promotion is also very small, put a few thousand dollars will have a good effect." Liang Ronghua said that six months later, the company moved into a two thousand square meters factory. In 2011, Liang Ronghua realized that the online sale of products is the trend, and decided to let the center of marketing to sell products directly from the Internet to attract business online, thus forming a close to the "zero inventory" model.

platform promotion, not only for the company to bring large orders, but also to the internationalization of the company.

killer 1: explosion is the best advertising

now, more than 95% of the company’s business are related to the , of which about 70 people in the team responsible for Taobao, Tmall’s product sales, the team of about 20 people engaged in online business orders to follow up the line.

for a lighting company, the entry into the Taobao Tmall is not too early, even a little late. 2011, the company began to enter Taobao, but did not go well, due to the wrong way, two years in Taobao’s sales have been hovering around one million yuan.

marketing development is too fast, we do not learn will fall behind others." Under reflection, Liang Ronghua realized that Internet marketing, only to make great efforts to do a professional to survive, so go to a training institution to learn. 2013 recommendation

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