Exclusive secret business needs to master several major rules

everything has its own rules of operation, all walks of life have their own operating standards, and often tend to favor those who know the rules, good at applying the rules of the people. At the moment is to encourage people to start their own business, the rules do not have to grasp the business. Below, several rules of the network to do business need to know the exclusive secret.

A, the guests to be more rules! Do business is a man of business, less people, and then good products are vain, people should be more, one is the location of the store is better; the two is to have advertising.

two, marketable products to rule! This is the root of the shop! The same purchase channels, the same market, some people, some people fail, the product is a key, the baby is a relatively narrow consumption industry, if the product is not suitable for most consumers, will run very tired! The question is: what kind of product is suitable for most consumers? A lot of people think that a little cheaper is suitable for most, not so!

if unable to do this, the salesperson is not a cooperative business, there may be many reasons can be difficult, let you find the salesperson this question is: This is the baby store game rules! The only thing you have to do is, no matter what you used to be, but you have to let her be what you want.

four, timely replenishment rules! Variety of baby supplies, pre purchase are: less variety and more! It is easy to appear out of stock, the timely replenishment is the key to the problem is to retain customers: replenishment is very fragmented, if your supplier is not relative complete varieties, replenishment basically became the shop after the biggest headache!

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