Hubei dragon profit model diversification proposed 5A plan strategy

for Shenlong Automobile, is the public are familiar with a domestic car prices. Faced with the development trend of the market, the dragon is also actively carry out self reform, put forward the "5A+ plan" strategy, then, on the specific situation of this strategy is like? See specific reports below!

deep Chinese 24 years, annual sales of 710 thousand vehicles in the domestic car prices – ten passenger car Citroen Automobile, from "automotive products" to "provide travel services, as soon as he heard the message will cause the fright, but also that enterprises are taking a" profit model diversification "development road.

yesterday, DPCA released the 2020 mid career "plan 5A+": "innovation, harmony, green, open and sharing" five development ideas for the lead, to better meet customer demand oriented travel, to travel for customers to provide an integrated solution to efficient automobile enterprises "as the future strategic positioning the development of the.

this also marks the Shenlong company will focus on "from the automotive products to provide travel services", "shift from the traditional service to diversified business model transformation, the initiative into the open sharing of travel service ecosystem, to achieve a strategic transformation has milepost sense.

The reporter found that in

, China car normalized micro growth "in the context of the proposed plan, DPCA is no longer simply the pursuit of production and sales growth, but the use of the Internet to create a new profit growth point," for you, change your customers thinking, become the most reliable car enterprise.

based on the quality of the sales target is no longer

conference site, DPCA "5A+ plan" established in the next five years, the scale of billions of top quality, excellent performance "three strategic goals, namely the quality level in 2018 before entering the industry in 2020 three, the pursuit of the first; in 2020 sales of more than 100 billion; pay more attention to enhance the efficiency, as of 2020 the cumulative increase of 30%, the pursuit of the development of sustainable profitability.

it is understood that the end of last year, won the highest honor of DPCA China quality – the "National Quality Award", has become one of the three most domestic car prices and excellent quality. The dragon company general manager Qiu Xiandong said, the car quality for the top three industry is not easy, but then climb the peak is the dragon people will never change until death in the pursuit of goals, "the most important thing is, this is our commitment to customers."

therefore, DPCA will "E" strategy of comprehensive upgrade, dual brand will enable the Pure Tech and the power level of the new logo, the "engine of the year" and the new gearbox, to reduce fuel consumption and bring more comfort, as recommended

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