Guangxi to implement preferential tax policies for small and micro enterprises

is now in the whole society there are many Small and micro businesses, some Small and micro businesses that are receiving government policy support, at the same time, there are a lot of young entrepreneurs have also started business, set up some Small and micro businesses.

"we young people started soon, weak funds in the first half of this year, the tax department in a timely manner to our company shall be exempted from value-added tax of 154 thousand and 300 yuan, to solve the problem we venture capital turnover, enhance our confidence in entrepreneurship."   Guangxi Laibin City Pengda advertising limited company manager Shi Pengcheng said enjoy tax relief.

for tax exemption for speed efficiency, Guangxi IRS set   in the tax service hall; "Small and micro businesses consulting service post, provide preferential policy interpretation and tax assistance services to the taxpayers. The establishment of small and micro enterprises dynamic information files, in line with the enjoyment of small and micro enterprises preferential tax policies for enterprises, timely tax relief. To simplify the tax relief process Small and micro businesses, improve tax facilities through software, at the same time the taxpayer to declare the active prompt to enjoy preferential tax policies. At the same time, also will be small and micro enterprises preferential tax policies in the implementation of performance management assessment, conduct a quarterly tax preferential policies for the implementation of the inspection work, tracking performance, to ensure that Small and micro businesses preferential tax policies for air plant.

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