How to manage underwear store to make money

market underwear store is very much, people on the requirements of underwear is also very high, so open a lingerie store is a very promising market investment projects, then how to manage underwear store to make money? Let us follow the whole network Xiaobian look at.

But according to the

of women entrepreneurs is the most attractive underwear industry. Due to the number of well-known brands in the country, and most of the brands do not join the gold store requirements, starting point is low, many young women eager investors. It is understood that the majority of brand enterprises to join the underwear monopoly has not joined the requirements of gold. But are required to pay 1000 yuan deposit to 5000 yuan, in addition to the initial purchase amount has provided specific amounts for the franchised shops of different sizes and different, the general principle is to spread the goods. Luxury brands generally require the first purchase value of about 100 thousand yuan, mid-range brand at about $50 thousand, low-grade brand in about 15 thousand yuan.

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