The student boss’s 3D print dream

technology is the cradle of the progress of mankind and the advent of each technology will have incomparable influence, innovation is also one of the essential basic qualities of entrepreneurs, do what others can do, it will attract people’s attention, here’s a look at the entrepreneur story.

A is composed of metal and line machine slowly spit silk, 6 hours later, a height of about 10 cm, pink Android stereo storage box "diameter of about 7 cm birth". Recently, the reporter saw the inventor of this 3D printer – Yanshan University, power systems and automation professional junior Li Yuchao.

"with enough time, you want to 3D printer can print out any stereo model." Li Yuchao said that although many people are not familiar with 3D printing, but the technology is very optimistic about the prospects.

What is the

the establishment of the company for almost 6 months, the staff has increased to more than and 10 from 3, a storage box, a lot of customers to print DIY models, vases and other products, the average price of 100 yuan. But in Li Yuchao ready to do a great recommendation

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