Xiamen network about the local car needs to do it

with the rising standard of living, people communicate more frequently, go out because of increased demand, the demand for motor vehicles is increasing, the taxi market has obviously in short supply, so the network about the car began to debut! "Xiamen network booking taxi business service management rules" (hereinafter referred to as the "rules") officially landing implementation. This is the morning of the City Traffic Management Bureau of the briefing.

for the implementation of national and Fujian Province on regulating and promoting the development of network booking taxi policy spirit, according to the city for the passengers, classification regulation, balanced and dislocation development principle, the superior policy and Xiamen’s actual combination, study and formulate the "rules", the municipal government executive meeting in October 27 by. From October 27th to November 2nd by the Municipal Transportation Bureau website to the public comments, revise and improve, recently issued a formal implementation.

it is reported that about three car network platform, vehicles and drivers will be stationed in the city administrative services center. It is reported that the city road transport management office and public security departments docking system, since December 5th, with the intention of staff through the city road transport management office official declaration examination, the original with the city tour taxi driver qualification, can directly hold the relevant materials to the administrative service center window to apply for the transportation license.

network about car platform, vehicle license application is also planned to be carried out in December 5th. It is reported that the application in the network about the car platform company license, must first obtain the legal person of enterprises registered in the provincial transportation departments of the online service ability identification, identified by then by determination results for the license to the municipal.

at the same time, the vehicle license, according to the "rules" provisions, the vehicle owner should first and get my license, net about car platform company signed access protocol, before the platform without a license, the vehicle can not apply for the license.

, may be concerned about the city road transport management office website, the website contains the guidelines, accepting online content, with the intention to enter the city network about the car industry platform company, the owner of the vehicle and the driver to the website and download.

problem 1

what kind of car can do net about car?


network logo is slightly higher than the quasi cruise vehicle, the vehicle must be min D license, hybrid models were incorporated into the vehicle license conditions

it is reported that, in the details of the consultation period, a total of 879 valid opinions collected to reflect the content of the vehicle and the driver in terms of licensing conditions.

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