How to make effective operation plan

no matter which industry decision makers have played an important role, in addition to three Zhu Geliang by virtue of their wisdom strategizing, winning thousands of miles, is rare among the three kingdoms. Catering business success is the same, the key is to look at your business plan if set correctly, only starting strategy for, in order to ensure the future operation of the road Everything is going smoothly.

is now very rapid development of the western food industry, in such a good market prospects, the investment is not impossible to open a shop to make money. But as the leader of the western restaurant, how to make the operation plan of the western restaurant?

1. job assignment

will arrange some work or task, assigned to the staff, so that it is within the scope of their own work (outside) to complete the task of the manager. This responsibility is very important, you can test the store manager’s ability to organize.

Improvement of

2. operation method

constantly thinking about how to improve the existing restaurant operating methods, to make it more efficient, save unnecessary time and energy and achieve goals.

western restaurant operations

3. staff assessment and education training

constantly training staff, is the concept of the existing western restaurant, because talent is the largest asset. The duties and responsibilities of western restaurant managers should include how to go to

training staff. In addition to the staff training headquarters arrangement, restaurant management should also shop according to the characteristics, job characteristics, the implementation of a series of planned in-service training (OJT), let employees not be afraid because of beginning work, unskilled, influencing the willingness to work; or because they did not understand due to poor service caused customer complaints, influence of restaurant image and business. In addition, the manager should observe the staff’s work ability and work attitude at any time, and make timely and accurate evaluation, as a reference for staff promotion and salary adjustment. This can also prevent unnecessary distress – such as employees due to bad mood caused by injury or customer complaints and other issues.

4. personnel management

western restaurant managers in addition to the performance of the organization in the above assignments, in terms of personnel management can also be reflected. Management is also an important responsibility of the store manager.

effective management of staff rather than control staff, can improve the overall efficiency. In a restaurant employee turnover rate high situation, how to effectively manage the staff, how to let the staff have efficient working hours, how does not cause employees "resentment everywhere by control, from time to time by monitoring", how to.

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