How to adhere to the Feixi industrial county unswervingly

in our daily life, the rapid development of the economy can not only effectively change the face of a city, for the impact of a county is great. During 12th Five-Year, the county’s GDP increased from 27 billion 490 million yuan to $55 billion 180 million, an average annual growth of 12.4%, per capita GDP of more than $10 thousand. Revenue increased from 2 billion 900 million yuan to $6 billion 350 million, an average annual increase of 16.9%, tax revenue accounted for the proportion of revenue reached $92.6%.

total retail sales of social consumer goods increased from $8 billion 310 million to $3 billion 690 million, an average annual growth of 17.7%. Cumulative investment in fixed assets exceeded two hundred billion yuan, is the 11th Five-Year period of 2.8 times, significantly enhance the investment support. 2015, regional GDP and fiscal revenue ranked the forefront of the province’s county. This year’s economic and social development still maintained a steady growth trend, 2016 1-9 month, the county completed the regulation of industrial output value of 99 billion 420 million yuan, the regulation of industrial added value of 18 billion 980 million yuan, an increase of 10.3%; fiscal revenue 6 billion 90 million yuan, an increase of 21.6%; 46 billion 530 million yuan in fixed assets investment, growth of 11.5%.

insists on the strategy of innovation driven industrial county unswervingly

Feixi County efforts to break the institutional barriers, the vitality of the county development spurt. "12th Five-Year" at the end, the regulation of industrial output exceeded 100 billion yuan, the basic form of automobile, household appliances, equipment manufacturing, computer manufacturing four leading industries, the regulation of industrial enterprises by the total number of 286 to 423, billion yuan output value of enterprises reached 137. Adhere to the development of strategic emerging industries as the breakthrough point of structure adjustment to promote the upgrade and development of electronic information, bio medicine and other emerging industries to accelerate the strategic emerging industry output value accounted for the regulation of total industrial output value reached 28.4%.

science and technology innovation has become a new economic growth pole. 2015, Feixi County, the first to set up an angel fund in the province, invested 50 million yuan to expand the peach blossom Industrial Park Science and technology incubator, focusing on cultivating high-quality innovative enterprises. Optimize the industrial structure, the steady growth of economic strength. At present, Feixi County regulations on enterprise 422, billion yuan more than 136 enterprises, home appliances, automobile, equipment manufacturing, computer manufacturing four leading industries accounted for the proportion of above 75% county industrial economy, more than three large park regulations on industrial output accounted for 80% of the county.

recruit large cited strong savings County continued to develop power

sent in the town of Feixi Lake Chong Lake area, with a total investment of 7 billion 200 million yuan, covers an area of 9.7 square kilometers of Xiang Hua flower world project is orderly. It is reported that after the project is fully completed, will become a set of eco-tourism, leisure and entertainment in one of the modern service industry cluster, the annual total revenue of about 4 billion yuan – $6 billion 500 million, a direct solution to recommend

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