Glasses store profit

everyone said that the glasses store profits, however, we usually look at the glasses shop simply no guests, such shops can also earn big profits? Glasses store profit? Let’s get to know each other.

we all know, an industry in the end do not make money, can not look at the price, the key is to see the profits, while the glasses store inside the sale of goods not only high prices, higher profits! Don’t believe us.

a lot of people the impression of an optical shop store, the rent is high, but the traffic is not large, if the traffic is not, then why glasses shop at such a high rent pressure can also do so well? This is the power of profit.

shop profit is generally 5-10 times the purchase price, a price of 1000 yuan of glasses, only 100 yuan from manufacturersnahuo. Some of the goods in 50 percent off after playing a profit of sixty or seventy points. Imagine how much money to open an optical shop!

money to earn money, but not simple shop. Open an optical shop you need to master the location method, purchase channels, management experience, operating technology, including the overall quality. What is not, how to shop?

short, glasses shop profit is very large, many other industries and it has no way compared, however, want to open a shop, nature is not easy, but also involves a lot of work, so as to give managers greater profits in return.

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