40 people in Xiamen create a good business environment popular talent

in the whole social entrepreneurship environment, entrepreneurship has some talent is very important, at the same time for some social talents for the entrepreneurial activities of the government should also think of ways to give some recognition and help, so as to stimulate people to entrepreneurship.

24 on the morning of the second batch of Xiamen City Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship program certification ceremony held in the city of Xiamen people’s hall, 40 innovative young talents in glory. Xiamen Municipal Committee of Ministers of the organization Chen Qiuxiong with relevant departments of the leadership for the selected young talent certification, encourage the majority of young people striving to pioneer innovative enterprises.

"I do is the same brand style and the city of Xiamen humanities tonality, Xiamen region is small, but the market space is very large, this is a key opportunity. In the past 5 years, we have developed from a small shop to nearly the number of small and medium enterprises in, and now I have proved that entrepreneurship is the right choice for Xiamen." Xiamen outline clothing brand founder Zhu Lizhen was selected as a member of the young talent innovation and entrepreneurship, talking about the success of entrepreneurship, he believes that the key is the Xiamen market to the full of his innovative entrepreneurial space.

it is reported that the "Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program" Xiamen city "all rivers run into sea" talent plan is an important part of public entrepreneurship, innovation in order to adapt to the trend, Xiamen municipal Party Committee Organization Department and the municipal Party committee jointly organized the implementation of the second batch of Xiamen City Youth Innovation and industry personnel plan to declare the selection, create a good atmosphere for talent love, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

the selected every young people can apply for a maximum of 200 thousand yuan of scientific creation, startup and training funding subsidies, early entrepreneurs can also apply for and obtain the highest 500 thousand yuan free mortgage loan guarantees or a one-time $300 thousand discount support; youth entrepreneurship project product production, the review can also be not less than 2 million yuan the loan guarantee.

under today’s such a social entrepreneurial background, every entrepreneur should be recognized and rewarded, because their entrepreneurial courage is commendable, so as to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial footsteps.


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