How to run a car repair shop

now social car owners are increasing. At the same time, some auto repair service demand is also increasing, the market of the auto repair shop is very popular, here to introduce how to drive a car repair shop.

1, how to site

2, based on competition

(2) around the vehicle, yunguanchu;


(4) or more shops interbank interbank lots;

after all alone auto repair shop is difficult to attract too much attention to passing vehicles. But the number of automobile service enterprises can not be too many, too many, easy to cause the regional market saturation, easy to form a vicious price competition, it is difficult to improve the profitability of the repair shop.

location, to conduct investigation on the surrounding automobile service enterprises, market segmentation and reasonable positioning, determine the repair shops of the main business, the establishment of positive conflict early and avoid other automobile service enterprises. The contents of the investigation of the surrounding automobile service companies are as follows:

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