What needs to be done to open hot pot franchise

open hot pot franchise needs to consider a lot of problems, you need to seriously think about the store positioning and characteristics of a series of problems, only thoughtful, ready to be able to start a better business. Small series to provide relevant business analysis, I hope you can guide the smooth development of.


from the above point of view, should be the specialty products business is the key to Hot pot shop through success. For example, open a hot pot restaurant, in general, the winter season is hot pot, then how to operate this feature products, making it more attractive to consumers in the peak season?

operator must be dispatched to make some consumer guide, for example by some TCM theory to explain what constitution of the people in the winter to eat or what meat is good Hot pot. Of course, it is necessary to use the media to promote, and must have a real basis. However, the promotion is not simply the use of promotional tools, such as how much to eat, how much to send, price discounts and the like, but to highlight what products can bring benefits to consumers.

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