Sell single T shirt powu digits monthly income

after falling out of love, Yang Rui depressed for a long time, the previous love to stay a variety of five mixed, especially lovers clothing, jewelry, he saw a sad one, just take away. Later thought, why so many couples on the market products, there is no single product? Do their own single men and women’s clothing, the summer comes, it is not "Bachelor T-shirt" sales of gold season?

no venture capital how to do? No technology how to do? This problem is difficult to fall Yang Rui. He said his entrepreneurial intention in the middle students, and illustrate the necessity of College Students’ Entrepreneurship: "in the United States, 30% of the students choose entrepreneurship, and we Chinese is less than 3%, so we need to use college students start to change their life trajectory."

Yang Rui "cliques" quickly, there are 8 students to join the team, they give their team name "bachelor party". Yang Rui for the head, they are responsible for the financial, the other responsible for the design and sales. Soon, a single white T-shirt design, the chest of the end of the bachelor four words are particularly eye-catching, the location of the upper left chest printed with DSP, the three letters, which is a single group of Pinyin abbreviations.

2009 in March, "singles T-shirt printed, although this season wearing a t-shirt t-shirt is cold, but the" single member more be inopportune or inappropriate, "wearing it walking in the campus, and even go to the street," words and deeds "advertising. Immediately, they attracted a large number of students onlookers, one surprise: "bachelor, or the end of the bachelor, where there is no grass! That’s interesting. It’s a lot of imagination!" Viva bachelor!" More and more students have to inquire where can I buy this distinctive "singles T-shirt", after all, the majority of college students are single family, they also love, the pursuit of fashion offbeat new in order to be different, the ridicule and revealed the happy "singles T-shirt" is favorable for college students.

one of the sales staff feedback from the message that the time is ripe, Yang Rui, who delivered the deposit, and immediately commissioned the production of the factory 1000 single T-shirt t-shirt. "Bachelor party" has its own mode of operation, the team for the distributor, is responsible for the development, design and production of products, and sell products to those college students part-time agent, for example, the cost of making a "single T-shirt" in 15 yuan, the price is $25, "single" team the profit of 5 yuan, the remaining 5 yuan is the labor income of the agents.

is precisely because of the strong returns, part-time college students but "Gexianshentong The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea," a "single T-shirt" sell to exhaust all the skills, 1000 in a week or so sold. They ordered Strike while the iron’s hot. Yang Rui, the second batch of T-shirts immediately >

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