Talking can also improve store business

love to speak, sometimes actually received people’s character decision, some bosses very love to talk, and every customer can talk to, and some boss is a stuffy Temper, without a sound. Such a two boss, everyone in the shopping time will choose which boss? I am an introverted person, usually does not speak very much. Supermarkets have been operating for some time, but I have not been able to change the character. I always believe that the customer shopping is the quality and price of goods, I said no words do not matter.

Aunt Wang is an old customer in my supermarket. That day, not many customers, she and I talked a few words. Aunt Wang said: "small rock ah, I think you are a good person, so I have some words to tell you directly! I think you should be more enthusiastic about the customer, so you can make your supermarket more and more prosperous. Now people, more and more picky! Shopping, is also more than this, than that. If you are not enthusiastic, customers may not be happy. So, I suggest you greet your customers and chat with them!" Aunt Wang’s words made me aware of my problems, so I decided to change myself".

second days, there is a customer to open the door. In the past, customers choose customers. However, the day I smiled and said to the customer: "eldest brother, get up so early!" Before he left, I added: "walking, welcome again!" When I meet people who are familiar with me, I will say a few words about my clothes. I will remind them to walk slowly when I meet the old man…… After a period of adjustment, I found myself really changed a lot, and can always talk to customers all over the country.

said that although many people the character was born, but is also able to change, and once after the change, not only let the person’s image is not the same, do business, also can make the business of the shop is improved. So, let me surprise is that since I accepted the proposal to change Aunt Wang, my supermarket sales have climbed. It seems that love can also become a sign ah!

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