Website analysis B2B website operation ideas and department settings


Business docking platform

industry B2B website is a simple understanding of the industry, to help companies find high-quality suppliers, help product manufacturers sell their products, mainly to solve the information asymmetry problem of the industry chain.

The operation core of

B2B website is how to let these member enterprise sell the product to make money, so member enterprise will be willing to buy website member. Web site, the entire operation is centered around this core, the above is a simple sector configuration, different enterprises can be refined according to the size of the department.

must first clear user of this site is only two kinds, one is the supplier, a purchaser, as different industrial chain suppliers sometimes will become buyers, charge site is mainly suppliers, the quantity and quality of buyers is the core point to attract suppliers to enter the site of the.

editorial office,

as the B2B platform, the most ideal supplier must be active up hair products, buyers to find suppliers, but this is not possible in the initial operation, so it must be need to edit the staff to assist suppliers to release, then when the initial payment for suppliers less editing also need to take the initiative to help suppliers to establish account for free at the same time the editor will release products, undertake a part of website promotion, because web content has a direct impact on the site in the search engine’s performance, so the editors should have some knowledge of SEO, concept when publishing content to have keywords, and try to find some of the Internet exclusive content, and regularly some of the original content, but also according to the different needs of the holiday season or an industry planning online Access to the thematic channel;

The main KPI indicators of the

editorial department include:

reprint industry news, establish vendor accounts, release products, original industry news, planning online topics

marketing department,

marketing department is mainly responsible for the site traffic promotion and brand promotion, B2B is currently used more is the search engine marketing (SEO, SEM), email marketing, public relations marketing, conference marketing, online exhibition, outdoor advertising, the traditional newspaper industry magazine ads, according to the different platform in accordance with the order of financial strength select the key way to promote the core target market should be to help the sales department to expand the business, brand marketing flow and the objective is to promote sales,

The main KPI indicators of the

marketing department include:

website traffic, brand awareness (according to the Baidu index, Baidu news search volume), the number of meetings (mainly sales promotion, customer oriented), to promote sales

Sales Department,

Sales Department’s assessment is the most simple sales volume, order quantity, in order to

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