Today’s PR value a few gold and sell links to the site’s influence

remembers once. When their station PR up to one or two or three, he is so happy, ah, is really rare, only a few months to update the PR, with PR, finally prove their stand on the Internet with her worth is


once again, SEOer found that by buying high PR links, you can make your station can also quickly enhance the PR value and ranking. A link transaction is born. Many grassroots Adsense earn the first ocean, not on the station advertising, but to sell links to make money. It really makes me happy. Like "call" link, the market is getting more and more fire.

sadly, prices are getting lower and lower. Probably in the first half of the year or the year before. Your PR2 or PR3 link can sell for 20-40 blocks at different prices. Now, even if you PR3, people also want to see your Baidu included amount, Baidu snapshot. Look at you. PR3 sells you 8 pieces each. You have to be polite to others. People happy, also 10 dollars a.

in view of this, most of the webmaster PR began their crazy move to sell links. A station I’ve seen. The links sold above should be around 150. Very depressed, so many links, but also some people to buy, do what to do with it? Do you really do not understand the calculation of the PR value? This can go to IM286 or 51.LA, such as the station to learn.

sure, many owners rely on selling the chain can solve the problem of food and clothing every month. But know that the attendant problem is what impact on their own site, it is better to talk about the younger brother’s own about the sale of links to their own web site impact, are all personal experience.

one, so that their original rankings dropped by

one of my points, ranking have been pretty good, whether Baidu or GG, are good for me. The number included (optimization) shot up less than two months, hey, PR to 3. Cool! It really made me happy for some time. One day, QQ hits me and says, "dude, do you sell links? I didn’t know that at all.". So call. In 30 dollars for two months and attacking each other under the honesty. I sold the first link and earned a little of it myself. In order to earn more. I started selling them at the big forums.

about a week or so, I sold around 30 links, sold for 10 to 15 dollars. And in my own observation. Baidu snapshot began to become more and more abnormal. Sometimes it’s 15 days apart from the snapshot of the day. My three keywords are on the first page, and the flow is good. In half a month, it all falls to page second or page N. And the GOOGLE side, the amount dropped from 5000+ to about 1100. You can check my station.


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