Premier Wen’s happy four heart theory is also promoting the website user experience direction

this morning to 9 pm to 11 pm, Wen to with netizens as long as 2 hours of online communication, seldom have time on weekends, personal feel of the country through a network of civilian Prime Minister frank attitude, professionalism and feelings of the people’s livelihood. The prime minister used simple language, directed at the crux of the problem, and personally felt the benefits of being shallow. Especially in the answer "what is the standard of happiness? To enhance people’s sense of happiness, the government has to consider what?" the question, Wen Jiabao said: "the understanding of happiness and people may have different standard, and I have talked about how to make the human dignity and happiness, I do not want to repeat the past so, I just say how to let people live a comfortable and assured, confident about the future." A "four heart theory" tells the true meaning of happiness. We 0598 talent nets think, "four heart theory" is not what we pursue website user experience goal,


first of all, our web site will make users feel comfortable. To be comfortable is to be comfortable and happy. Think about what time we are most comfortable, such as tired one day, go home, the wife give you massage, it must be comfortable. What time is the most happy, for example, occasionally buy a lottery ticket winning, no matter how much, must be happy. Specific to our website construction, to allow users to feel comfortable, you have to work hard on the service. To continuously improve the website function, can let the user less of a mouse to find the target content, will strive to a fast; a second open home, is optimized for a day; first time to answer user consultation, at 24 hours QQ online. To make the users happy, we should try our best to provide useful information, but also try our best to give users some unexpected surprises. Such as shopping seckill activities, top stick money, random lottery and so on, spend a little money, to the user send red envelopes, Why not?


secondly, our website has to reassure users. Peace of mind is not stable mood, restless. To the website, it is to increase the stickiness of website or forum, raise user to turn round rate. There’s a lot of work to do. For example, the original content, continuous updates, features, professional orientation, industry rankings, rich information and so on, each of which requires us to make unremitting efforts. Material night think secretarial network that will let users feel at ease, the key is the webmaster or at ease, can not be complacent, hidebound, must have the courage to dare to try, enterprising. In fact, even Tencent, Baidu, Ali these chiefs are not reassuring. The acquisition of Tencent Comsenz and hope soso understand you more, Ali said we Taobao has search navigation, Baidu told you online shopping here is "ah", even they are trying to retain customers, expand the market, and our small station.

third is our website to make users feel at ease. Rest assured that there is no worries and worries. For the website, the crisis of confidence is the most terrible, like 3Q war, no one will admit to pry into the user’s privacy, even if it is necessary to make some difficult decisions. Therefore, it is necessary to enhance the reputation and credibility of the website as much as possible, and make the website professional, standardized, authoritative and credible

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