Tang Jun academic door of perception low key life steadfast work

these days each big forum to discuss the hottest way of Tang Jun’s "degree", now we also say the truth of the incident geometry inconvenience, don’t know that Tang Jun is indeed in fact or Fang "fake", but always as a mentor to appear in the public eye of Tang Jun, a sudden burst of "false credentials" said for a moment, people really can not accept. No wonder the Xinhua website has been hacked, share prices have declined, although Tang Jun was trying to save, but the negative impact has been formed, and rescue is not easy.

Tang Jun, the degree of a door, the major forums for Tang Jun topic, in the Admin5 forum, the webmaster to this matter also more attention, about Tang Jun information also flow, human flesh search is really powerful. The life of a star in the spotlight, are paid more attention to every word and action, Tang Jun has always been a high-profile act, pocketed the eye rash and too much in haste, and pay attention to, cause is very influential. Tang Jun’s ability to be sure, evident to anyone from Microsoft, to the grand to Xinhua, there is no absolute level to write such business text. In the 2010 annual meeting of owners, Tang Jun is said to launch its "movie debut", will be invited to Li Kaifu, Ma Yun, Pan Shiyi and other celebrities to guest, is Taylor and attention, the movie is not the beginning has been very high expectations. Just, the higher the stand, the more heavy, this time fake education, one said, the public image of Tang Jun discount is very serious. We don’t know how Tang Jun will market the incident. We’ll see what happens.

said, shocked Tang Jun fake degree said, I am also very feeling. Although the true and false, false true should not be too seriously, so the society, only the old idols, suddenly not perfect imagination, will inevitably produce a gap. Tang Jun is not an idol to me, but his spirit has always inspired me. "Working emperor", "my success can be copied", these slogans are very exciting, people see hope. In stationmaster annual meeting, see Tang Jun is handsome on the stage, talk is admire more. Fake degree was suddenly stir, not be Chinese Weakness lends wings to rumours., saying, fire cannot be wrapped up in paper, the idol will be cast into the shade.

in a conversation with the king Wang, one of his views, I very much agree. Not repeat the words, the effect that people should do things, if you are concerned, is speculation, too much will not be seen. Although speculation makes you gain eye and attention, but it is not far from being exposed. From this Tang Jun’s fake education, to the moment, Tencent bought Kang Sheng hot news…… Many examples have proved that once you are held to a high level, you may benefit for some time, but it is destined to be difficult for a long time. So, still have to work steadily, waiting for opportunities. A5 forum, over the years is a step by step, only today’s achievements. Buried in the work, once the opportunity comes, will usher in take-off.

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