Personal website construction you want to put long term or run short

is talking about the website design plan of Beijing today.

if you are your own idea, want to operate personally, and make up your mind to set foot on the road of website operation, you’d better prepare adequate funds for testing. Do not want to say a few words, or dozens of small, try a small station, and so on, such as sufficient funds, or get some feedback, then slowly to invest inside. This is undoubtedly a money throwing move.

no matter how much you say Beijing website construction fee is low, it only takes a few hundred. It’s OK to pay for it. In fact, because the initial capital is tight, you’ll be the province of the province, the natural site built is not what you want to do, or is the art almost no matter, my plan is good, no traffic does not matter, I like the mode is good, not afraid of deep alley, write a wild plan book to set, venture capital, or is more and more ideas, more and more websites when you run over your dead arms, is undoubtedly a dream act of killing your own internet. First of all, the site is less investment, natural station is very rubbish, or buy an online source is everywhere, or a parasite like program source code, in operation. This is a plan to open a full street is selling popsicles stall ideas, such as the bird before leave sparsely in the forest.

I am not against these dreams, no financial strength, but want to cut corners, and their minds very conceited. I hope you calm down. In fact, the younger brother considered a super conceited people, there are a few operators, and do business with the money can also buy 2, 3, two, QQ car. Calm down, listen to my little brother and talk about experience,


1. How much do you plan to invest?

this is to be calculated according to your web site function and design to the page, recommend you to here website construction budget system calculation.

two, long line or short run?

if you want to do long-term, suggest you engage in day after is very dependent on the network planning, such as making friends, information websites. The core competitiveness of these sites is the amount of resources, years of accumulated users, or the amount of information. If your site does not have any resources, such sites will suffer a great loss, you must not plan to accumulate resources in a short time. This kind of website only slowly raises, practices 2-3 years to be able to become the climate, even if the skill is good. Outside the exercise muscles and bones (open site entrance, that is, the site of various promotion, such as search optimization, Ali mother advertising, offline promotion, etc.), a breath (Beijing site production of its own resources, viscosity, etc.).

, if you plan to do short-term, I suggest you do B2C, or directly do online publicity, offline business demonstration sites, such sites as long as the promotion is good, and soon will be able to come to the money. Do short-term attention should be paid to promotion, or promotion?. There is also the overall image of the site, if you give others such as paper towels like brand-name, >

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