Where is the way out for the small and medium station owners

is the two way to do the station:

1. makes new websites. (originality)

2. integrates existing web sites. (resource integration)

large websites such as integrated supermarkets, which have everything; a variety of complete, courteous service, so much profit is inevitable.

small websites are like boutiques or specialty stores that sell just the same.

small and medium-sized Adsense do is actually boutique, to do boutique, we should pay attention to the difference between boutique and comprehensive supermarket.

do boutique:

1. focus. Buy a thing will only sell this one, not because the other high price to sell together.

2. complete. Think about it. You don’t have this type of stuff in the supermarket. How’s that?.

3. fine. Needless to say, what we are doing is boutique.

4. fine. In fact, boutique is doing large supermarkets do not have things, we classify more fine.

so: small and medium-sized Adsense don’t and large Adsense competition all, Qi, we have to do is to concentrate, to fine.

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