The process of structuring a web page i e the process of retaining valuable information

to introduce a web page structured, structured process is the site of valuable process information is preserved, and today is with such a title to write an article, in fact, there is a purpose, to remind the site SEO optimization personnel again, the working principle of search engine is to do a good job based website optimization.

now than a few years ago, "said SEO Optimization Website optimization, change of title, discription, keyword, send the chain, will have the effect of" ranking. But now only hope this doesn’t work, all things, you take it out as its own advantages, is actually behind, plus the black hat SEO is rampant, according to Baidu’s optimization, for the optimization of Google search engine does not emerge in an endless stream, fault adjustment algorithm. To do SEO optimization of the vanguard fighters, according to changes in the development of the Internet, always keep a clear head, absorb new knowledge, the only way to optimize the effect of the site may be in your control.

go back to the topic and explain briefly the process of structuring a web page, that is, the process of retaining valuable information. To understand the structure of the web goal, it should be understood that the 5 properties reflect the value and the content of the page itself is extracted, i.e., the title (title), anchor text (anchor text), title (content title), the body (content) and forward link (link). For search engines, these 5 attributes are valuable information (and, of course, valuable to the user).

, let’s take a concrete look at how web pages are structured,

The process of

"structured firstly by analyzing the text label for the tree corresponding to the label, then the web page data in the text and pictures only from the HTML tag cannot be judged determined by voting algorithm. The following is a professional summary of the two step:

HTML tag tree

1. Building the HTML tag tree (tag-tree).

Most of the static web pages on the

World Wide Web exist in the form of HTML pages, and HTML is a Language (Markup) that stores all the content it describes in the tag according to the HTML syntax. In order to describe the organization structure of web page content more clearly, the labels in the web page are sorted out in order of order and recorded with proper structure. Because of the nested relationship between tags, the result is naturally a tree structure, and we call the tree structure of the label in a web page the "tag tree" of the page".

it’s clear that the users who view the page see fairly friendly information. The HTML tags in the actual source file, such as, and (can be understood to help IE browsers understand web pages), do not

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