Whose fault is the mobile phone visiting yellow to the website CNNC dereliction of duty

Whose fault is the

mobile phone accessing the yellow website?


mobile phone access to the Yellow site, in the final analysis, is to run a yellow site, this person’s fault, and only their behavior is illegal. However, the media did not point their finger at them, but pointed to the site’s access provider, domain name registration agency:

"who is accessing these yellow sites?"

"registering a domain name is too simple."

tens of millions of businesses and individuals need to register the domain name, need to access the website, is easy to bad? Even if the domain name registration server hosting more difficult, more difficult, difficult to general enterprises and individuals do not have a website, the website to do the yellow people still have a way to open up the Yellow website. Thorough investigation of access and domain names, in addition to affecting the normal access of enterprises and personal normal sites, what’s the point?

if a man holding a kitchen knife to kill people, is not the media have questioned said: "who provided him with a knife?" "why is it so easy to buy him a knife?" is not to ban the sale of major shopping malls to buy kitchen knife? Beian, one month later by the Beian to buy this knife? There is no way to kill the murderer? People still have a way to kill, strict knife will let people live in trouble.

shutdown room, check the domain name, like strict kitchen knife as absurd, in addition to the normal site difficult, to curb illegal websites useless. This kind of thing happened in China, which shows that the media look at the superficial extent of the problem.

also need to BS the parents, the child with the mobile phone on pornographic websites, pornographic websites are wrong, parents also have the wrong, even if you can’t get on the Internet to mobile phone, even if you can let the media get the country does not have a website, you can still buy children yellow books and CDs, you don’t expect this is not a yellow thing in the world, since ancient times has never disappeared.

found the child on the yellow website, should timely report, said the discovery of pornographic websites (not reported to complain, where the police will know how?); then is the education of your child, the energy used to useful.

has a debt, a lord, not a stick to kill a group of people, have to get to the world, no website, only the Yellow site is willing to give up?

Where does

CNNIC fail,


CN domain name registration regulations clearly pointed out that domain name registration information must be filled with true, valid and accurate information, and CNNIC has the obligation to verify.

so, how exactly should CNNIC ensure the accuracy of domain name information,


to verify the information, accurate and backward approval domain name registration?

CN domain name is not released when it is so dry, must be registered units, and must submit business licenses, institutional code certificate and so on

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