Network coding basic operation specifications you have done a few

talking about network editing work, for a web site, that is the survival of this, but in reality, there are too many webmaster to this attention, especially enterprise station, too much attention to the home page ranking. In fact, the article do good, so you can achieve a lot of long tail keywords ranking, but also promote ZhengZhan weight.

Speaking of

network, we must first talk about the key vocabulary, I this is not beside the point, because as a network, if you have no a lexicon ready-made, every day all rely on imagination to send the article, it is tantamount to losing the lighthouse ship, not the goal of football.


I started in 2008 to operate the site, the early start, a lot of crooked road, there is no need to tell the key vocabulary, the net every day, what are you what today, one day does not explain, network Xiaobian don’t know what to do. If you have the key word library, the daily work of the network is based on keywords to build articles, you can live every day, work efficiency and quality of the article also greatly improved.

how should the key thesaurus be built and how to collect keywords at maximum levels?. If you don’t know where to just over the site of the industry, the best way is to pick out a key to know the Baidu search, view the user question title, this is the most objective, you can collect a lot of keywords from, especially long tail key words; in addition, there are a lot of mining keywords tool.

on the collection of key thesaurus is a long-term project, sometimes, even if you run several years of industry website, there will be a blind, the blind there are a large number of Related words, even the search index is very high, and the competition coefficient is very low, as long as you send an article will get good rankings.

is the key that is to write a thesaurus, the qualified title and the formation of the content on the page, the title of the article, suggestions title title and H1 title to write separately, title titles in a reasonable length and smooth conditions as much as possible to contain keywords and expansion words, and H1 as formal title.

For example,

has the following key words: "millet mobile phone, mobile phone, please do millet millet mobile phone is good, use it, how mobile phone millet, millet mobile phone millet mobile phone in the end how quality", they are talking about one thing – millet mobile phone can do, how to put so much into a keyword a title in the


here we must learn to split – tick weight – – the combined, all words are keywords in accordance with the minimum resolution, then in ensuring the re combination of sentence case, if it is not, can give up some key words, such as the title can be written as "what good quality millet mobile phone is good", and H1 this article is written the title is not right, then H1 can be written as titles like "millet mobile phone.

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