Which is more space for independent shops and Taobao stores

online on the guest articles a lot, there are a lot of friends around the Taobao shop, for some people, earning thousands or even million yuan is not what a miracle.

              at the end of last year, I resigned from the foreign trade work, intends to do their own SOHO, ha ha, but the big environment, the economic downturn, so much more is the time, depressed ING! Also in support of a classmate accidentally suggested and her boyfriend, opened his own shop, always feel that more and more people open the Taobao store, should not be like before so easy to do, so built a simple Taobao http://s.shop34070430.taobao.com/ station, and an independent shop, Helen clothing www.511758.com two. The shop is open at the same time, but Helen clothing store is also good, very feel shy to say, my Taobao store has not opened yet, probably because just opened, no drilling, also means zero credibility, feel very difficult to do, but my friend said, although some sellers drill a number, but there are a lot of false, so that in an unfair situation, so integrated, decided to put more effort in 511758.com, in the station to provide the same service to Buyers, quality services and credit guarantee, but also not so much malicious competition, think it is a GOOD IDEA, but the most important time to spend is to increase the intensity of promotion.

            from this seeing so many veteran some gains, but the wise remark of an experienced person, how to summarize to personally experience,

my opinion is that the independent station has more room for development than the Taobao store. Although all aspects of Taobao’s shop are well established, it is believed that the prospect of an independent online store will be even better. GO GO, come on!

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